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Tesla Amplifier Coil Winding Method

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  • Tesla Amplifier Coil Winding Method

    Hi folks, I don't know how many of you might know about Tesla's amplifying coils but, that said, he sometimes wound his coils and antennas not with wires but with cables.

    After winding the coil he would then choose a wire on one cable end and he would mark that wire as "Input" then, using an ohmmeter, he would check the other cable end to identify the end of the Input wire and he would label this "Do not use for Output".

    The next step would be to pick any other wire and label it as "Output".

    Now you have an "Input", an "Output", and a bunch of unconnected wires. At this point you can discard the "Do not use for Output" label. Next take one unlabeled wire from one end and solder it to one unlabeled wire on the other end. Continue this process until all that is left are the unconnected "Input" and "Output" wires.

    You have just completed an amplifying coil and here's how it works: The current enters the Input, goes through that wire, comes out and is rerouted back through the Input end. This rerouting continues until the current finally comes out of the Output wire.

    So, with this multiconductor cable method, the current goes through the coil multiple times before coming out and that process has the effect of reinforcing the magnetic field up to many thousands of times compared to using the same amount of wire using the conventional method of winding a coil or antenna.

    Let me know if this is something new to you...

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