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  • From Russia with love

    Hi! I'm from Russia. I'm new in the free energy subject but find it very interesting. Have some ideas (may be already invented by anyone else).

    The first idea is generator (of course free of Back EMF).

    Rotor magnets rotate, coming between stator magnets, changing flows through the winding of the stator magnets.
    On one side of the rotor magnet are attracted, repelled on the other side. Compensating magnetic forces.
    Magnetic flow changing - on the one side winding resist flow increase, on the other side winding resist weakening flows.
    In short, if the identity of the shoulders (and loads of them), we obtain a purely mechanical costs of rotation.
    One can rectify the voltage in the windings and drain all in one load.

    Forgive me my poor english.
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    to the forum...

    I don't know about your design... all I can say is build it, document what you do, and then post it... I'm just learning about these sorts of things myself, but I find it all intriguing!

    -Pastor Gordon