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  • An Introduction

    Firstly - The boring background part!

    I have been an electronics engineer for 27 years. I have no formally recognized qualifications, which has thankfully left me open minded to new phenomena and ideas, and has not left me stifled by academic colleagues. I have worked in various fields, at consultancy levels, predominantly in digital satellite communications. I started building electronic circuits at age 7, having no parental influence, guidance, expertise or tuition, but I was inspired my uncle who electrocuted me at age 5 (with my permission) with a small battery and a mains transformer for Christmas family entertainment! He also bought me a crystal set, which he helped me build (and required no expensive batteries) so he wasn’t really that bad?

    If you are still reading my first post now, I am pleasantly surprised!

    I genuinely believe that we are on the cusp of new discoveries which can only be achieved by sharing information, to eliminate current paradigmatic views, ‘governmental’ control and a fossil fuel led economy. Science is desperate need of an update?

    I am familiar with the work of pioneers such as Tesla, Moray, Gray, Bearden, Bedini and Kapanadze, to name only very few via this post. I also attempt to keep a healthy level of scepticism but retain an open mind, as not everything on the internet is true!...

    I am sincerely looking forward to correspondence from likeminded people via this forum. I have recently watched some fascinating lectures by Dr. Peter Lindemann and Paul Babcock, and I am especially intrigued by Dr. Stiffler’s work and lidmotor’s replications and experiments presently.

    My main interests are solid state, as I do not have any expertise in machining, although I have mechanical design skills, the production of one off mechanical parts is beyond my budget!

    Thank you for reading my first post in its entirety.

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    Hello to all

    I've finally been activated! Thanks mods.

    I am here to refine ideas and eventually know.

    I look forward to swapping interesting questions with anyone.

    Perhaps I may even build something.

    Thanks in advance.