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    hi! I am very interested in building a motor that uses magnets as the power source. I wondered for years why nobody could use a magnet in a newtons cradle to pull one of the end balls a little extra and get it to run forever... I told a friend about that and one day he gave me some small magnets.

    I had one in my hand, and went to pick another up off the counter and the one on the counter jumped towards my hand, smashed into my fingers, and tried to keep going to get to the one in my hand. From there I was HOOKED! I said to my friend, HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT RECOGNIZE THIS POTENTIAL!?

    I could go on for a long time but for now, I just wanted to share that story. I hope to find a good place on this forum to post some of my experiences and get some feedback from people with similar interests. Happy hunting (for YOUR Holy Grail) everyone!

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    Hi, my name is Sammy from Sydney, Australia.
    Like you I was and still hooked on Magnets and I have some at home, at work and in my car. I have build a "Magnetic healing machine" very successful in helpting the immune syste, and blood circulation. Ever since I read "Ezakiel" (oldest UFO sighting on record.
    Ezakiel saw the UFO and saw 4 beings flying yet connected to some sort of wheel in which he was clear that the beings were using as power source. He describes it as "wheel within a wheel" I honestly believe this to be the secret of magnetic motor. Immagine all that energy stored in a magnets for practically indefinite period.
    I would love to hear from u


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