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I am new here and I need some help

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  • I am new here and I need some help

    Hello everbody!

    I am new to this forum. I am 34 years old woman. I have been having big problems with myself and my life. I have been diagnosed borderline personality disorder and was healed in psychiatric hospital for 6 times for the last 12 years. Some of this treatments were very short -14 days. I suffer a lot because of stigmatization. People have wrong and strange perceptions about psychiatric hospitals and treatment in them and people in them. This is why theirr behaviour to me is unappropriate. They treat you as a crazy person. They are rude, insolent and unfair-these are my experience. I am very sensitive to the environment stimulus, energies around me and I feel other people's moods a lot. I am also very sensitive soul. All this makes me really mad (I have never been psychotic), this is not part of me (I mean other people's behaviour), and I cannot be focused on "separating" (in my thoughts) me from others and their problems all the time. I hope you understand what I would like to say. I would like to LIVE. All this suffering brought me to thinking that maybe changing the past in my head would make situation better. I have just read posts here on this forum about changing the past. I am in constant stress and affriad of other people and their behaviour to me, I am affriad of those who know about me and my past. I am affraid that anyone would ask me about my past. This makes me confused about who I am and what I am like. I hope you understand me, partly at least. What is your thinking? What could be of help?
    I tried to accept my past as it was, but then I was constantly thinking of what other think of me and I start to think about hospital, analizing all the time....and start to stigmatize myself, shortly, i can't liive like that anymore. Help mee!!! Thank you in advance!!!
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    There are certainly many talented people here that could help but please
    understand that "medical advice" cannot be given on this forum.

    If you can find a therapist or counciler in your local area that can help
    you with Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique,
    or other similar modalities, you may get some relief from much of the
    stress you are under and that is a good starting point.

    There are multiple concepts about changing the past from physics to
    psychology and the bare bones concept that really helps to free people from
    their past is to simply change the perception of the past.

    This is not some mind game to pretend that things did not happen as they
    did but quite honestly, most people's experiences are almost always seen
    or perceived in a way other than what really happened.

    You can try this free theater presentation to help lift your spirits, it
    actually works quite well but not as well as the paid modules:

    Also, try the Pink Noise Schumann Resonance binaural beat soundtrack:
    Energetic Science Ministries™ | Resource Library
    You MUST use headphones for it to work, it is relaxing.
    Just use it once a day whenever you have time for yourself to sit back
    and relax.

    For relaxation, I like to use a magnesium citrate drink called Natural Calm
    and you can find it in most health food stores. I would drink it daily - it
    is a powder you can mix with boiling water, let it cool a bit - the people
    at your local health food store can tell you all you need to know about it.

    If they start recommending all kinds of herbs, or 5htp, etc... forget about
    it - just try the MINERALS first as they are more important than any herb.

    Also, try taking some epsom salt baths as they are relaxing.

    You should get the hint that you need to focus on de-stressing yourself.
    Basically - focus on relaxing and calming your entire system.
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO


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      You're not alone in your perception that mental health institutions can be very inhumane places. I'm sorry if you feel you've suffered, and I respect that only you can say if you have or haven't.

      You might not be able to get medical advice here, but you can get a internet hug, hope it helps

      “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.”


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        thank you both
        can I discuss this also...
        I have a problem in my head with my neighbour and her projections regarding me...untill 2007 when I was in hospital for the last time I had lived in an illusion that noone knows for me and my psyche I never took myself as an ill person, but after 2007, when the news about my troubles became familiar to wider circle of people (at work,...) I have a problem mantioned in the 1st post and that I have to take my past as something real, somthing that was really happening, as I was hiding this in front of people and myself (betterly said I had never been thinking about my troubles from close but from distance and I thought this is only mine, acctually I had never been thinking about how others see me....which becaame my constant occupation - obssession for the last 3 years....I dono how to help myself----what could be of help..anyone....I think i am really becoming to stop my mind form this thoughts...?!?


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          Sounds as if you are projecting your insecurities onto others & it then reflects back at you through the lens of your perception.

          Most people are wrapped up in their own affairs and may focus on the flaws of others to promulgate separation (that's a WHOLE other conversation), and so perceiving flaws in others is par for the course. Meaning, if they find fault with you they are finding faults with others as well and who among us lacks personal foibles?

          I'd say the best thing you can do for yourself is to not focus on what you think people may or may not be thinking. Rather, focus on your well-being and your own affairs. The rest of it will take care of itself.

          My $.02


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            This too shall pass

            I have been through some dark times at one point or another and sometimes the only thing that kept me going was knowing that things would change or be better in the future. And eventually things did get better. Hope this notion
            might help you.



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              how are you now?

              I'm also new to this forum. It's now a few months later since your last post, so I want to know how you are now. I hope you have been recovered since then because I know your illness is a real burden.


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                Some sugestion for you


                Here is a documentary that will teach you how to act with yourself...
                The Secret Film Trailer :: Official Web Site of The Secret and The Power

                If you will google it,the movie can be found for free....

                Also try to read about Anthony Robins work and books ;His teachings will teach how to work with yourself to change your thoughts and attitude an feelings etc to have a better life...he is one of the best in his business in the world...


                I know from you, in a topic you mentioned about some John Bedini devices that have the property to healing people...his device,from my understanding using radiant energy ...

                I thought ,maybe his device will help people to currying mental diseases too .

                Maybe somebody close with john Bedini will suggest him to reveal some details about that healing device ...