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  • New type electromagnet

    A new configuration for a electromagnet a electromagnet with a rod magnet surrounded by a soft iron shell .it puts out 4 times in put
    There's the set up a rod magnet or stack of button magnets neos .then a iron structure around that a tube then copper windings around the iron shell or tube .when not powered up the flux field is flowing though the iron shell bascily shorting out the power .but when turned on and the iron she'll becomes a magnet and all the magnet domains are used up and it match's the polarity of the neos there's noware for the neos flux field to go so its added to the electro magnets flux field .making a out put 4 times input . very simple and could change everything .I've seen something similar in the guys that put neos under a bedini coil .some have thought its a type of reset for the core but this is showing a different action .a motor set up should go over unity easy. And cheap.

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    Think of a bedini wheel with two wheels next to each other one north the other south and a bedini coil in a horse shoe shape .that's double mechanical power now add this neo button surrounded iron shell...washers or pipe ect .then rap a bedini coil around it .that's double mechanical times four . I think your into over unity there and harvest the h spike and back emf with a DC to DC converter to raise the back emf to a level it will charge a battery bank .that's huge.


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      same format as a standard audio speaker but with a larger magnetic coil ?


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        I don't think so there's no iron channel for the flux pathway