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MOSFET RF power amplifier design

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  • How are you feeling sir? Is everything good?
    You said a few weeks ago that you were sick. Are you OK now?
    You may want to look for and download Mr. Stephen Harrod Buhner's books, Plant Antivirals and Plant Antibiotics. They are a life saver in these hard times. Many other books are good.
    Let us not forget about Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Medicine.
    I hope you are fine now. The Dispensatory of The United States of America from 1907 is the best one in my humble opinion. You can look for it on
    Just don't sit idle while a disease or a virus is affecting you. Take action. Natural medication not alopathic.


    • it seems as if it is a mold infection in addition to a virus for a while, hard to get rid of the mold, but I am working on it.
      thank you for the book,

      I need to make a page holder to send you the rest of the book I was emailing you.
      am working on it.