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    Energetic Forum highly values the privacy of its members. At no time will the moderators of Energetic Forum ever violate a member's privacy.

    Please be aware that as a standard part of the administration panel for the VBulletin Forum software, there is certain information that we do not even have access to for security purposes. The programmers encrypted all of this in the databases to make it impossible for moderators to access this information.

    For example, when we are contacted by a member who forgot their password, it is impossible to look it up as the password field is BLANK and it is encrypted in the database. The only thing we can do is request that they reset the password on their own or we can enter a generic password for them (replacing their own password in the blank field), which they can change after they login with that generic password.

    As far as people's personal names - unless you personally post your own name in your profile, signature, etc... we do not have this information in our records.

    Keep in mind that if you have posted your own personal name, email, address, or other information that you deem to be private outside of this forum in Google, Facebook, other forums, etc., ANYONE is free to search the search engines for your username, keywords that are specific to your posts, etc. and if search engine results appear that connect an anonymous username that you are using here to your personal information elsewhere on the Internet and this is reposted in this forum, this is not a violation of your privacy and cannot be considered as such because you are the one who publicly posted your own private information and are therefore responsible for revealing your own identity.

    If you wish to remain anonymous, it is recommended to never post your private information online together with content that is similar in nature to the content you post while trying to be anonymous. It defeats the purpose and makes it easy for anyone to discover your identity by doing a simple keyword and/or username search in Google or other search engines online.

    If you are anonymous and post things that are considered libelous (especially libel per se) against the moderators or members of Energetic Forum, keep in mind that any moderator or member can file a civil suit at their local courthouse for defamation of character. A subpoena can then be served to your internet service provider (Comcast, Earthlink, etc.) and they will be legally required to provide your account information to the court. Therefore, please think twice before defaming and harassing the moderators or members of Energetic Forum. It is also against the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when joining this forum and the Terms and Conditions are legally enforceable.

    Energetic Forum is a FREE service provided to you by A & P Electronic Media and there are no obligations on your part other than to abide by the rules of conduct. The books and videos sold through this website are what pays for the costs associated with hosting and running this forum. However, we do appreciate your support by purchasing the books or videos advertised in this forum or by using the voluntary PayPal subscription option at the bottom of this page.
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    Thank you for the statement. That's what I needed to know.