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Cannot upload picture - Limit ??

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  • Cannot upload picture - Limit ??

    Hello. I seem not being able to upload anymore pictures. I only have 3.4 megs of picture and do not allow me to upload anymore.
    1) How do I upload more pictures
    2) Can I extend my limit ?


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    deleteing existing images

    Hi lerameur,

    I hope you will receive an answer as to whether you can get a higher limit for uploading more pictures.

    However, in the meantime you can:
    Find old postings of yours which contain pictures.
    Go to one of those postings.
    Click "Edit", as if you wanted to edit that post.
    On the editing page click "manage attachments"
    then you can remove the image(s) that you had attached to that old post.
    In this way you create free space.
    If my description of the process is not clear, let me know.
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