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A New Global Currency

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  • A New Global Currency

    It is beginning. You must watch this video released today:

    A New Global Economic Restructuring - YouTube
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    Interesting video

    It is an interesting idea. But, not sure how it's implementation can be achieved. There is a certain global currency already in use - gold.
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      Interesting video!!! New global currency w'd likely to replace Dollar.
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        Forgive me for being skeptical but I smell a rat here and there is also a problem of credibility.

        1 The rat, We are being asked to trust the a small group of the same people that promoted and profited from the system that is bankrupting the world and do it without really knowing who they are. We are asked to believe that a leopard can change its spots. We are offered a global currency, the same solution that we know the banksters want, the solution part of the problem reaction solution.

        2 Credibility. It does not take into consideration the differences in the different parts of the world and the causes of the problems we have today. If this really was genuine why release a statement from such a small outlet as there are much bigger independent outlets etc etc. If this is genuine and the people involved are genuine then we will here more about it in the coming days and weeks but it does seem to lack credibility to me. Remember a group of oligarchs made a similar offer via a British MP to parliament or the house of lords, I cannot remember which, in the UK a year or so ago, surely a more credible way to make such an offer. This offer was turned down.

        It does seem to be a bit of a pie in the sky way of doing things to me or maybe a Soros funded thing.

        I think when the real solution comes, it won't be global. In some countries it will be like Iceland or Gandhi in India and others a bloody revolution. There is going to be war, famine, treachery, revolution and everything else before things start to stabilize. I am not advocating these courses of action but I do think it is inevitable. It will take many years and the cost to humanity will be high.

        The solution will include not only the Banking system but also the dismantling of corporations, the medical industry and the agricultural industry to name just a few. Until we see a solution that contains all these then it isn't a real solution. The currency itself will probably be similar to a gold standard but with a basket of commodities.

        I sincerely hope that this can be done as peacefully as possible.


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          Rothschild calls for global currency A Rothschild Speaks - Listen Closely - YouTube


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            When the actual remedy comes, it won't be international. In some nations it will be like Iceland or Gandhi in Indian and others a weakling trend. There is going to be war, starvation, treachery, trend and everything else before elements begin to secure. I am not suggesting these considerations but I do think it is unavoidable. It will take many decades and the price to humankind will be great.
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