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    We are looking at producing straw logs. We have wheaten, barley and oil seed rape straw and there is little sale for it so this is why we are looking for an alternative. Would anyone have any idea on how to approach this ?any help would be appreciated.

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    What is your interest or what would you like to be able to do with straw logs? I would be able to help you with some knowledge on pelleting, and some briquetting. I have pelleted camelina straw which is similar to flax or soybean straw. I have also done wheat and barley straw. Anyway I can help let me know


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      Hi David. We want to produce straw briquettes to sell. We want to add value to straw we produce. What I have been told is that straw briquettes need to be hollow in the middle so that when burning the flame burns in the inside as well as the outside. If burning only on the outside the briquette can increase in size and fall out of a fire. What we want to find out is the best way to make a briquette, and should we be mixing different straws to give better burning ? any help appreciated.