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Journal of Environmental Protection -Table of Contents(Vol.02 No.04, Jun. 2011)

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  • Journal of Environmental Protection -Table of Contents(Vol.02 No.04, Jun. 2011)

    Journal of Environmental Protection
    ISSN: 2152-2197 (Print) 2152-2219 (Online).
    JEP free online access:
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    Table of Contents(Vol.02 No.04, Jun. 2011):

    Protection of Environment from Damaged Nuclear Station and Transparent Inflatable Blanket for Cities—Protection from Radioactive Dust and Chemical, Biological Weapons
    Alexander Bolonkin
    Land Use Impact on Bioavailable Phosphorus in the Bronx River, New York
    Jingyu Wang, Hari Pant
    Basement data of the Terrestrial Radionuclide Level of Abuja Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Nigeria
    Ayodeji Awodugba, Adetayo Abioye, Dauda Adekunle, Omowumi Ologun, et al.
    Planning of Recreation Parks in the University Campus
    Anthopoulos K. Petros, George Costa
    Education on Sustainable Development based on Local Agenda 21
    Constantina Skanavis, Polytimi Zacharaki, Christos Giannoulis, Vasiliki Petreniti
    Preliminary Risk Assessment Posed by Formaldehyde Residues in Clothing to Vietnamese Consumers
    Van Nam Thai, Akihiro Tokai
    Phytoplankton Index of Biological Integrity (P-IBI) in Several Marshes, Southern IRAQ
    Bahram K. Maulood, Abdul Hameed M. Jawad Alobaidy, Azhar Alsaboonchi, Haider S. Abid, et al.
    The Constitutional Transformation and a Threat of the Environment in Poland
    Krzysztof R. Mazurski
    Assessment of Methane Flux from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill Areas of Delhi, India
    Manju Rawat, AL Ramanathan
    Regional Distribution of Soil Phosphorus Across Congregation-Grazing Zones of Forage-Based Pastures with Cow-Calf Operations in Florida
    Gilbert C. Sigua, Robert O. Myer, Samuel W. Coleman, Cheryl Mackowiak, et al.
    Natural Radionuclide Concentrations and Radiological Impact Assessment of River Sediments of the Coastal Areas of Nigeria
    Olatunde Michael Oni, Idowu Peter Farai, Ayodeji Oladiran Awodugba
    Harvest Residue Study of Fungicide Tebuconazole Ec Formulation in Groundnut and Paddy
    Chiranjit Kundu, Arnab Goon, Anjan Bhattacharyya
    Groundwater Pollution Due to Pesticides and Heavy Metals in North West Bank
    Marwan Ghanem, Subhi Samhan, Erick Carlier, Wasim Ali
    Ground Water in Certain Sites in Egypt and Its Treatments Using a New Modified Ion Exchange Resin—Characterization of Water and Modified Ion Exchange
    Nariman. H. Kamel, AlSaid M. Sayyah, Ahmed. A. Abdel-aal
    High-Precision GC-MS Analysis of Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Isomer Ratios from Biomass Burning Emissions
    Prashant Rajput, Manmohan Sarin, Ramabadran Rengarajan
    A Comparative Study of Thumba Seed Bio Diesel
    Shiv Lal, V. K Gorana, N. L Panwar
    Radioactivity in Surface Soils Around the Proposed Sites for Titanium Mining Project in Kenya
    M. K Osoro, I. V. S. Rathore, M. J Mangala, A. O Mustapha
    Urban Heat Island Effect over National Capital Region of India: A Study using the Temperature Trends
    Manju Mohan, Anurag Kandya, Arunachalam Battiprolu
    Classification Method fo Urban Solid Waste Disposal Sites
    Adriana Soares de Schueler, Claudio Fernando Mahler
    Distribution Behaviour of Dimethoate in Tea Leaf
    Shivani Jaggi, Bikram singh, Adarsh Shanker

    More Issues
    Vol.2 No.3, May 2011 Vol.2 No.2, Apr. 2011 Vol.2 No.1, Mar. 2011
    JEP is an OPEN ACCESS journal dedicated to the latest advancement of environmental protection.

    • Air Pollution Monitoring and Modeling
    • Air Quality Measurement and Management
    • Ecosystem Restoration
    • Environmental Degradable Materials
    • Environmental Policy
    • Food and Drug Safety Control
    • Global Climate Changes and Human Health
    • Ground Water Pollution Control
    • Hydrobiology and Water Pollution
    • Land Pollution and Its Effects on Health
    • Modeling and Measuring of Water Pollution
    • New Water Purification Technologies
    • Radiation Safety in Atomic Industry
    • Risk Assessment of Contaminated Environments
    • Solid Waste Management
    • Sources of Air Pollution
    • Treatment, Disposal and Discharge of Wastewater
    • Water Resource Protection and Sustainable Use
    • Air Pollution Prevention and Control
    • Chemical Pollutants and Its Effects on Health
    • Effects of Air Pollution on Public Health
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental Toxicology
    • Global Climate Change and Air Pollution
    • Greenhouse Gas Emission Monitoring and Solutions
    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Interdisciplinary Environmental Issues
    • Methods of Monitoring Water Quality
    • New Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    • Purification of Drinking-water Supplies
    • Remediation of Contaminated Environments (Polluted Soils)
    • Soil and Water Conservation
    • Source Apportionment of Air Pollutants
    • Sustainable Development of Environment and Ecosystem
    • Urban/Indoor Air Pollution and Control
    • Water Resources and Quality Assessment


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