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    I like this one

    Keep your mind on the aether

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    I like this one too. And I'm happy to see that you can be touched even when it's "simply" spoken about God (I'm reffering to your thread about K.C., which never seemed right to me, since I can feel that her tears are acting, but that's my point only) (2: please, forgive me in avance for my english is never sure, because I'm a native french; and I don't master English at all. Just doing my best).

    Just to say that I'm firmly believing that God is The only One to be thought about, even when He has so many Saints. Because He once was alone, before He made the whole rest of us all alive. Let me tell you (all) what I think I know (that's, at least, a nice story).

    His wisdom made everything right when he created us : beacause if He could give us life, it's been with the duty for a major law among His greatests : we had to always have the choice.

    That's where we are sinners : because He's so brightly a shining being (in terms of light and Love as well), He first made a second one, a companion, to who He gave as much of Himself as He could : "Lucifer" ("the carrier of the Light", very bad translation, sorry). But He couldn't make Lucifer to see Him without making him endangered (He could create no one with the ability to see Him... Just the ability to "feel" Him. For everyone's safety reason, because He's the Wisdom that makes everything "just" exist, even speaking about "simple" hard moments in life, since suffering is maturing, then growing in Love because we then can "understand" the others, with an acquired ability to judge no more ).

    Everyone else that came after Lucifer (although with his help, and it's been a grace he was given from the Lord's will) could see Lucifer, but could only feel the Father, whose Love was only already felt through the heart.

    But later, Lucifer having become the only visible star so far, and because he had great powers too, he once decided to claim he was everyone's creator. And we are sinners since we are the ones who chose to follow him here (we're not the whole creation, thank you God...), in the material world, thought we then knew of the Father but never could have seen Him (we could only feel Him, with our heart, but weren't sure).

    But even God knows that we had to make a choice for that bad, uncomfortable situation, with a toss, since our love was equal for both of them, as well as it was equal for everyone else out there. In a sense, we mainly chose to not let Lucifer alone, despite we've been very sad to have to leave the Father. But we had then felt the need for a choice, since we had been urged (by Lucifer) to make it. Since then, He makes evrything he can to keep us on his side, though he already deceived us so many times...

    But, because we moved (there) in the name of Love, the Father is just patiently wainting for us to return to Him (sorry: this is an extreme short, but this short seems valid enough to me). We left Him for our love for another as well, but He gave us this Love that made us have to choose. Then He knows the power of His Love. He just knows what compassion is, and why we couldn't leave Lucifer alone just because of that.

    But not only has Lucifer been the first jealous guy about the supreme power from the Father (as the first born one), he then too decided to continue to deny the Father's power, and greedily made everything to not let us feel the influence from His Love (that's where we denied the right for our heart to be our first guide, for the sake of our "intelligent brain"). Hence our manipulation for becoming capitalists and greedy persons, what makes our material World a purgatory where we have to wait until we realize that...we really don't have the ability to take anything material with us to the beyond, an that immaterial Love is everything. Since our life's materials here are our helps from above for our staying here (not so much for everyone, but thats another question...).

    All this is just my own conviction : because the more I've been reading, the more I could gather the texts that are going in this same direction, though they never asked for any material fee. And the more, I am touched by their clarity about what we are really [see at least : testimonies about Maître Philippe's life (France, very end of 19th century); Bertha DUDDE's writings (20th Century) (in German, lots of English translations) , and so many more before them, and certainly after them as well... I'm just trying to give hints that I know... God can everything, even what seems impossible from our "intelligent" point of view]

    Our life is short. That's where terrestrial resurrection is an help to continue to grow our souls back to purity and Love. That's where our resurrection in the Heaven may mean the end of our course. But then, as the "warriors" for love and compassion for the others that will have drove us there, we may decide to come back and lend our hand again until the last one here has been offered a chance. And the last will certainly be... Lucifer himself, when, having no more supporters left, he'll be obliged to recognise the Father's Love and supremacy. And even he will be forgiven.

    Nothing is meant to stay forever. But a "thing" is material. Our souls are something else. Charity and compassion are the only path to up.

    Sorry for my long speech. I just felt an urge to say it with these words. To all, please think what you can/want about it (or not...). I don't consider myself as best than anyone else. Would I lose my life for any of You? I yet am not sure (though I'm sure that I'd do my best to listen to my heart, which I know is God's voice...)... But at this stage, at least do I stuggle what I can for never making to anyone what I'd dislike being done to myself.

    I just have the hope that being here must always be a short but instructive journey. Eternity and God are my greatest hope. Yet, I don't visit any other Church than my heart.

    And, FuturePather : thanks for your constant search for the truth (for it appears to me, as well as it seems to me that it is the only way "out"). But we all have tons of unanswered questions, and so do I too, until we can reach the Father's wisdom again (for we purposely have been misguided since long).

    And, God : please leave us not on our own, but help us anytime, knocking at our heart's door as strong as you can. We have the deep desire to let you in.
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      Greatest gift to all of us

      here. We are welcome, whenever we want.
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