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What is the difference please, between these 3?

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  • What is the difference please, between these 3?

    I would love to know the basic difference between Remote Viewing, TRV, Theta Healing and Chinese Energetic Medicine. Ok so that's four! Sorry! I am getting confused! It all sounds fabulous. But what is the difference between theta healing, CEM, and TRV? Are they all to do with remote viewing? My poor brain fizzled out. Because I haven't learnt how to do any of them, I don't know how they work! I've read the websites so I know what they can do - but actually what happens, how to do it, so what makes them different, I'm completely in the dark. So, if someone (like me ) wanted to learn, how do we know which one to learn? I'd love a few basics please! Pretty please, I know it's a complicated one so ANY ideas would be FANTASTIC!!

    (I hope I posted this in the right part)
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    Originally posted by S.J View Post
    I would love to know the basic difference between Remote Viewing, TRV, Theta Healing and Chinese Energetic Medicine.
    Hi S.J.

    I can tell you that TRV is not a healing modality. TRV is a very detailed method of finding out information about any subject that you'd like to. It follows a very strict protocol and is used to gather information. It does not treat anything, although if you used it to get information about a health challenge, it might give you information on how to treat it, but it would not treat it in and of itself. I'm sure Kevin will correct me if I'm wrong about this.

    The term 'remote viewing' seems to be used most often to describe a method of psychically 'viewing' a distant person, place or thing. Unless the person has highly developed psychic powers (and sometimes even then), the information they get is colored by their own filters and interpretations. It is not set up to be as technically accurate as TRV. As for being used as a healing modality, I don't know for sure, but would say that it is also more of an information gathering tool rather than a healing modality.

    CEM and Theata Healing, on the other hand, in my experience, are healing modalities. Grace can obviously give you more information on CEM than I can, but I believe it uses muscle testing to determine weaknesses and then makes energetic corrections based on the test results. I think of it as more of a yes or no question followed by a correction that makes the answer yes. This may not be exactly how it's done, but that's the impression I get from it.

    My experience with Theata Healing was that communication was done between the practitioner's higher self and my own, in addition to Source. A form of remote viewing may have been involved, but that wasn't specifically mentioned. Questions, answers and permissions were definitely involved. That is really all I can say about Theata Healing as I don't know what the practicioner was experiencing or using to facilitate the healing.

    As for which one to learn, I would suggest that you go with the one that you feel most drawn to. After reading about all of them, which one excited you the most? Also, there's no reason you can't learn all of them, is there?(not all at once, of course!)

    I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will chime in with answers, but maybe this will tide you over until then.

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      Thanks SO much!

      Hi Ann

      Thanks so much I am so grateful for your reply. It clarified a lot of points Two are ways to receive information, two healing based on yes or no. And muscle testing. ok. This is so helpful, thanks! I was taking a bit from one, a page from another, and getting totally confused! Maybe it's better if I try to learn as much as possible about each one individually, and thanks for pointing out that potentially I could learn ALL of them - that's my lack showing Of course I could learn them all

      I have got it clearer, thanks hun, any more ideas or info gratefully received. I feel very much strongly drawn to this.


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        Hi Ann and SJ,

        Ann - thanks so much for your explanations - very helpful indeed!

        SJ - I am also drawn to all of these, but my feeling is to start with CEM, then start the long journey to TRV (you need several hundred hours of practice to start getting 'good' and 1000-3000 hours to become an expert - Kevin, please correct me if this is wrong).

        Whatever you choose to start with, I wish you success and happiness!
        Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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          Hi S.J. and Glenn

          You're both very welcome! I was glad to help if I could.

          S.J. - have you checked out the ZPoint Process? I learned about it from Nlivened (Peg) here on the forum and really love it. It's very quick and easy to learn and I've already seen results in just a couple of weeks.

          You can learn about it here -

          ZPoint Process

          Don't ya just love all the wonderful things there are to learn these days?!

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            Hi Glenn, yes I agree I too am majorly attracted to CEM. I am hoping and intending! Thanks for the good wishes, right back at you

            Hi Ann, Thank You! I will certainly check this out - yes I agree! There is so much out there, I am really enjoying the journey of seeking out ways to expand

            It's wonderful to travel our life paths (no pun intended ) together here, isn't it! This forum is such a blessing, I can't say how much it means to me to be amongst such like minded folk! And also to know I can freely ask such questions, and I feel confident and "safe" enough to ask

            Hugs xx