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  • Green Ideas for green future .....Going Green

    Every green idea contribute to reducing global warming and energy loss.Imagine the world without traditional fossil fuels. Is human being sustain this energy loss and what bad impact on environment as well as human beings will face in the future; we need to discuss and overcome with conservative solutions ,so that we secure our green future.
    Concernergy suggest you energy conservation ideas and advance energy saving techniques to minimize energy loss.

    Looking for more ideas on energy conservation.....
    Concernergy : Exploring Ideas for Energy Conservation

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    Engines of resoruce dispersal

    As a veteran I feel that anyone who can see the killing of other human beings simply for the right to exclude all other individuals from access to a resource by force is mentally ill, and needs mental care. My reasoning is simple and directly to the point. It is not the Grey beards of countries' polity that are giving up their very lives; it is the babies and children who are forced to focus upon dying for their elders. Is this not exactly opposite of what elders and children are supposed to do?

    The problems start with how the world perceives it should allocate its resources. We rightfully recognize that human beings have social duties that transcend personal profit. Thus we try to take advantage of those economic engines of resource dispersal, companies, corporations, trade economies; by providing those individuals who have the ability to get the best opportunity cost, the ownership (right to exclude all others from the use of a resource).

    In my view this is the wrong way to take advantage of human creativity and production. We all hear in America how each of us is equal, and that color or the geographical location of ones birth does not confer more or less right to an individual. If this is the truth than we need a social labor law, that defines economic equality for the polity.

    This means that instead of imbuing individual ownership rights to individuals all resources are owned by the consumers. Instead of companies attempting to produce a profit for a few individuals, the corporations are competing for the ability to produce more for its labor sellers. So lower opportunity cost is still the economic goal of our engines of dispersal of resources.
    Once the executives have determined that a job is necessary for the company's goal of production, then the labor seller has earned equal rights to the profit. This is the only way to really provide freedom for everyone.

    It is in my view also the only way to relieve a significant number of our wasted resources, prisoners, guards and police. Every year we put people in prisons because their actions have demonstrated that they do not agree with the idea that someone has more access to resources than they do. If everyone in a civilization has equal ownership of the products, goods, and services, then the need to compete violently for the use of those same resources is eliminated. Babies need not die for the ideas of our elders, and sustainable peace becomes an economic light towards the end of violence and oppression.

    For my rough draft I would like to broaden the readerís thinking in light of the National Press Clubs challenge to Congress and Senate to oust the illegal acquisition of the politiesí finances through black ops that have oversight of data necessary for the survival of all consumers on planet Earth. The sudden realization that the human race as a whole is not at the top of the social economic food chain does not have to be greeted by the tantrum of a race of frightened children.

    Alien consumers have a right to be at the very least treated as equal. Greeted by Here I am, and I see you instead of; I got here first so this is mine. An understanding and Recognition that beings have equal rights to the allocation of resources for economic growth and prosperity. An epiphany recognizing that beings are the greatest resource of the universe, and as such represent the direction of economic peace through economic equality.

    That is my dream for myself and humanity. If I am wrong correct me, so that I might benefit from your knowledge and understanding. This is going as green as it gets. Think of it. equality substantiated by economic reality.

    Denver L. Mason
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      Good Ideas!!

      there are many good ideas to take care the mother nature..
      there is something that i like so has been used in big companies and small houses..

      i want to share an idea that take the enrgy from the sun and can heat the you can see how it works...
      .: Green Products-artistic individual unique piece to be appreciated :.


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        Some people think that going green requires more effort but what they do not know is there are a lot of simple things that we can do to help save our own world. Simple things like turning off appliances that are not needed and unplugging them, using green bags, recycling etc. These things aren't hard at all but it will help save the world for us and the next generation. - l_schultz
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          Its been good to know ya!

          Hello mathewrobert.

          Support all the way. Planet unable to recycle Carbon Dioxide. Rising rate of Carbon level and no Earth model to draw upon. It aint the same it was a few million years ago. They burnt the trees to boil water and when trees ran out they turned to Coal. Destroyed the converter and now make the end come quicker by pumping out Carbon Dioxide. Australia now has legislation the Government shall not allow the rate of overdose be any less than 80%.
          Australia also has law you cant do harm no matter how popular the product. However soot has got in Government eyes. They cant see where to sign the the Court action. However Australians did do something they said hey! what about not boiling water? Its the last liquid you boil if you want a gas. Its too expensive to to do with anything bar Coal and thats killing us. Climate Change has only one definition, not for the better! Why change a climate suited to man. What you do is you grab the Carbon Dioxide and shove it in a pipe and seal the end off. Anything a Steam turbine can do it can do better, Cheaper by half, Greener its burns nothing, Cleaner no Coal has to be shovelled. The eccentric behaviour of Carbon Dioxide is perfect for a Hydro or Gas turbine. Go near it with a candle and the whole house lights up. Add a bit of stick with a dip in the hot water tank and a City lights up.
          Silent and domestic at 20* Celsius/Room Temperature. Out of luck at minus 10* Celsius. Home made and even better if you know a plumber. Its not fairy dairy land its the technology of today. Nothing has greater power than one vote. Is burning Coal worth dieing for? Are there other than Coal miners on this Earth. Its the children who sort things out in Australa, grown ups are pissed off because it works and they have no say in it! Web available temperature phase graph Carbon Dioxide, and Steam. Not the forces to temperature. Note the heat need! Note the cooling need to regain liquid. Note Carbon Dioxide wants to freeze. It acts like Water when is a gas!. So a Hydro turbine is best. Domesticated modelincludes Water to stop any freezing. If the forces of Carbon Dioxide were Steam they be Classified.

          Those forces are 7,000 atmospheres at 100* Celius while Steam 550* Celius is stillclimbing past 175. Playing with forces of the Atlantic trench. Metal cutter and a welder does the job.

          Cheers Peter


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            Hello friends!
            As far as i think recycling is the best process to get fuel from wastes.


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              take care of nature

              we should take care of nature. and something should be done we need some more tactics for this.


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                I hate to be the one who sounds a dissonant note from the back of the choir but man-made global warming is far more political myth than fact. In fact thanks to charlatans like Al Gore It's become an urban legend on steroids. The Earth is 4 billion years old and the climate has waxed and waned with ice ages, volcanism, plate tectonics, meteoric collisions and Sun-influenced weather alterations that no living thing can change let alone control. What can be controlled in the minds of a tiny nucleus of true believers is other humans. Humans are not that important in the climate picture and besides, do we really need 10 billion humans? The solution is not control the behavior of other humans but to reduce human populations to more manageable levels. Global warming is a good tool for this as it has been of all other living things since time began.


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                  We already know that there are some techniques on how to save our Mother nature First is try to organize and make a discipline first by using the recycle things. Moreover, We should take good care our mother nature for the better future.
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                    Banking/Oil Cartels are the main Prob

                    In my opinion we have already been given the amazing inventions of Tesla, Meyers, Hubbard, Rife, Priore and MANY more... energy, medicine and irrigation/farming should be really easy as IF They allowed the technology to be released, we would already be in a situation where so many trees would never have been cut down, if they allowed Hemp (Not THC) for paper/oils/food/fibres the earth would not have been fertilised so much etc etc NO Oil wars as oil would never have grown to the level it has, the air/seas would be so much cleaner as more trees to clean air and add is all mad, because MADMEN run the show. When w have SANE ppl as our leaders we will be able to sort the problems out, huge ozone generators at the poles to add ozone to the atno (Maybe) No more cutting down rain forests and poisoning oceans. It's all doable, just need sanity.


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                      Originally posted by mathewrobert View Post
                      Every green idea contribute to reducing global warming and energy loss.Imagine the world without traditional fossil fuels. Is human being sustain this energy loss and what bad impact on environment as well as human beings will face in the future; we need to discuss and overcome with conservative solutions ,so that we secure our green future.
                      Concernergy suggest you energy conservation ideas and advance energy saving techniques to minimize energy loss.

                      Looking for more ideas on energy conservation.....
                      Energy from Magnets by converting the Poles into (AC) current and Wardforce into torque, US patent # 7531930 an Energy Producing Magnetic Converter.

                      Don't you think YOUR children should know that part of the Magnetic Field has been isolated from the Poles? With a better understanding of the true cause and effect, we can make better choices.