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Parallels of energy between mechanics and demographics.

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  • Parallels of energy between mechanics and demographics.

    Reading posts about different attempts to create mechanical devices such as "evert rotor tech" and others, which have an "surge of output" at different points in their oscillation, reminds me that the same holds true for different societies, in terms of building infrastructures, creating art, and sadly, mounting wars against their neighbors. The last mention (wars) very often seems to precede the decline of infrastructure, and creation of art. Wars also often seem to precede a general loss of artistic variety (see WWII German art), as well as a great loss of individual freedom in the countries involved.
    Is it possible that solving the problems involved in creating new technology to better our world and revive our environment and the planet will depend on a "surge" of energy that results from each of us being unafraid to show our excitement with new and fresh ideas, and to communicate these ideas to our fellow human beings, in a way that applies to the areas where their interests lie?
    I remember, when I was growing up, how many of the adults of my parents generation stated that they did not want their children to have to go through the hardships that they had to endure in their earlier lives. I don't hear those conversations often from my peer group, and it seems like many people have a 'gloom and doom' outlook concerning the future. Is it not the task of us who are (more) optimistic to help our fellow citizens to see beyond this negative outlook and remember that we are not just living for ourselves, and that every choice we make will affect the lives of future generations?
    Is it not possible, that when we as individuals open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking, and conduct our lives in a way that sees the importance of the continuum of generations, and communicate our excitement to our fellow humans, that these actions could lead to a "surge" of development of new social mores, and improved technologies, brought on by our genuine enthusiasm for the task?

    I think: "YES!" and I hope there are two or three more that are inspired to think the same, and to communicate it down the line.

    Possible scenario: 1 (individual):3 (trio):9 (nonet):27 (class):81 (busload) 243 (hamlet): 729 (village): 2184 (town) and so on.....
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