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Can Tesla effect be produced on the quantum level?

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  • Can Tesla effect be produced on the quantum level?

    I hope no one minds if I bring this issue up for discussion.
    I have just completed a screenplay where my main character creates free energy by employing Tesla's theory that everything has a resonating frequency which, if reinforced in the right way, will cause it to shatter like a wine glass does when exposed to high c.
    I am curious about the logic of the science behind it. Does anyone think it might be possible to employ this effect on the quantum level? Could it be possible to get a helium atom vibrating to the point where the vibrational wave in it grows because it is reinforced and the eventually 'shatters', releasing energy?

    I have set up the following facebook page to have this (and other) discussions regarding this issue and the screenplay.

    Porn Stars And Stripes Discussions | Facebook

    Please help me out if you can and give me your input.
    Also, since the purpose of this screenplay is to try to raise awareness about the beneficial change free energy will have on our society, I urge you to click the like button to show producers that you would support a film made about this subject, (of course I don't think it hurts that the screenplay has porn stars and strippers in it).

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    ACE Effect

    Well, either people here really don't know that much or the effect I described above could be possible. Therefore, as the person who first conceived it (as far as I know) I am calling it the ACE (Amplified Controlled Energy) Effect. I thought of it. I get to name it.