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Free Energy: 12 times more output than input, dual mechanical oscillation system

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  • Free Energy: 12 times more output than input, dual mechanical oscillation system

    Hi All,
    here is Mr. Milkovic,
    who has invented a great new mechanical oscillation system,
    that seems to output 12 times more energy than inputed into the system !
    Very convincing video demonstration !

    Maybe this is also one effect Bessler did use in his wheel ?

    Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - A Mechanical Amplifier - Veljko Milkovic - Official presentation

    44.MB Video at

    or here:

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    Dear Sir Milkovic,

    I'm very sad to see that nobody left you an answer to this day, since lots of people in here are aware and very enthusiastic with the pendulum you showed us all.

    Maybe it's because this isn't the right place to post about it : the 'Renewable Energy' subsection should be more accurate for your post. This 'Energetic Science Ministry' subsection is far less followed by the people really interested and admirative for your invention.

    Whatever, I'm flaterred that I can be the first here to congratulate you for such cleverness and open mind with this invention which delighted us all. This great idea is so simple to keep in mind after 1 viewing only, that I'm sure that everyone knowing about it has it inside his amazed mind, just waiting to have a real need for it.

    You can browse the 'Renewable Energy' by yourself to realize that you've been quoted many times with major respect.

    Just in case you'd not have already been told : you're very welcome, and tons of people have been amazed from the start by your invention.

    Good job, Sir ! Such a rare and efficient one ! We're all in your debt. Get blessed for you shared it for free. Thank you so much.
    M.E. Who else ?...


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      YouTube - Milkovic's Pendulum Replica video 10 (KG 1340 PENDULUM)
      YouTube - Milkovic's Pendulum Replica video 11 (KG 310 PENDULUM)

      It is obvious that teams from Italy, done only a preliminary investigation. New energetic tehnology! Better results are expected in the future. It is independent replica.