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The way of mystic science

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  • The way of mystic science

    Hi Friends experts.

    First of all I would like to report that I have long been passionate about the topic of free energy and I would like to introduce a new avenue of research that suggest not to despise or dismiss their religious principles. I would like to talk about the power of the Cross from a technical standpoint, ie from the mathematical sciences which show a hitherto unknown quality that has the geometry of the Cross. When you can see the qualities that I point you might conclude that all this could have a more practical use to magnetism. My short experience in this field I suggest changing the numerical values for a corresponding value in mH, place these values in a fixed support and test with the magnet for the center usually equivalent to half the sum of the two conflicting values, allowing a possible magnetic balance, in this case may have the possibility of rotation of the central magnet suspended indefinitely.
    I share my knowledge and short idea for those who want to bet on something new and significant so far not studied, because if they want to be able to share again can you explain why the Earth's rotational motion.

    La Web homenaje a la Santa Cruz

    Best regards