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"The book of life of the Lamb".

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  • "The book of life of the Lamb".

    Hello everyone,

    Being inclined to have faith in God, since particular moments in my life which confirmed He was there and for me too, as well as for everyone living from Him, I'd like you to know of the existence of a particular book, which I think that everyone should have been given a chance to read it.

    Having been baptised as a Christian when I was a baby, I have anyway turned my idea of God away from any Church dogmas since long, but have found myself to wish with my heart for His manifestations. Though I'm not affiliated to or visiting any church, and always considered myself as a free mind.

    Nevertheless, looking after Him through books from diverses origines, in needed search for spirituality, I always found that what was explained in them was quite unclear, and always left me with no real directions. Or for the understanding of which books I should have acquired a faith more... But one faith is enough, isn't it ? It's sufficiently hard to get one in our present world organization...

    I had to forge myself a personal perception of the Great Character. And it's still under construction.

    But, one book has had a real power to help me to know the real directions to follow with my heart, which I must say they finally always have been my intuition. It's been such an healing balm for my soul, really making me quiet as soon as some times after I had read it, that I can't resist to submit it to you today. Although it's written in very simple and accessible French, understandable by children, it's awaiting, as the Ancient Scriptures were, to be translated by those who have the real desire to share it in their own idiom.

    I've spend an hour on helping Google to offer a better translation of the first page of the site which holds it. But, it doesn't seem that it helped that much.

    Anyway, as you here are inclined to spirituality and conciousness, here is the link :

    Voici le Livre de Vie de l'Agneau : Le manuscrit ( the book of life of the Lamb )

    You can buy this as a real book, for just the print fees, but it's mainly offered as a free e-book that you can consult in pdf format, or in html on the site (that's better for those who 'd like to use an online translator, although some gibbebberish may appear often. But the main idea, very simple and appearing to me as very true, may still hook your mind and soul strongly.)

    Make yourself an idea of it, you're free to give a look at least. Now it's up to you.

    May this book open and heal your heart and soul, as it did for mines.

    Sincerely yours.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    You did very well, much better than I could have with my two years of high school Francais. Thank you (merci) for the link. We all have much to learn, mon ami. The more places we can go to learn, the better, n'est ce pas?
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      Thank you, ImBill, for your support and open mind. Although I deserve nothing for this.

      "Emmanuel" alone wrote this book for 20 years, always trying to simplify it more and more. He says that truth doesn't need to be complicated , as truth only is obviousness and has the power to free us. He's apparently a 60 to 70 years old (elder) man now. I think the book was released during 2000.

      This Emmanuel is said to be retired now, living poorly, demanding for nothing. He won't ask for any royalties for this book, which is mostly released for free, and which is his present to us, after he's been commanded by God Himself, says he. The friends he has around him helped the book to be available, and I'm sure they surround him with love, as he cares for us all with his simple but powerful and loving words. He had all the visions which he patiently transcripted for those of us who have or want circumcision. This circumcision is not physical. It's about the heart. That's where we are the human family.

      No superstition with him. No witchery. No hyper complicated or manipulating science. Only words of truth.

      I don't know if we can meet him, because he and his close friends are feeling a real danger for him. Can the History be repeating again ?

      No sect behind this. <strike>No contact adress to join no one (*)</strike>. No meeting to meet to. Only the words directly adressed to us by himself for our understanding about God's goals. So many of us will reject him anyway. But that's in The Creator's Masterplan.

      It's a rare chance to know about this book. I only hope the most of us all will feel concerned and touched. This book is for our own sake. No more proselytizing than what I'm doing here is allowed. Though this book can explain so many things ... I have no pride with talking about it. But I couldn't wait anymore for you to find it by yourself, because the remaining time may be so short...

      I only feel lucky that I had my eyes on it. Now can you be too, if you want.


      (*): I could reach the team in charge for the website. See later posts.
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        Thanks for posting. Looks interesting. Any suggestions on how to get it into English?

        My French extremely limited...
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          I'm very sorry, but I don't have a clue, to this day, of any copy in any other language than French. I just sent an e-mail to try to know.

          The site has been updated since my previous visit. It says that Emmanuel left us last year. May his lights be our Manna.

          Any public translation should be reported to them.
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            Here's the answer that I've had after I sent an e-mail to the team in charge for the site :

            "... We don't know of a possible English translation of the book, and we have no budget for this task, which requires a professional ability.

            Emmanuel always argued that such a translation is each nation's duty. Maybe you know of someone who can help ?

            I could reach the team from their site. Emmanuel transferred his rights to them, for the purpose to keep the book in a pure form. It's no question about royalties.
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              Google translator

              Thanks Marseye,
              Google has a translator. Not sure how to enable it for a book...
              "But ye shall receive power..."
              Acts 1:8


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                Hi wpage.

                First, thanks alot for you've posted "welcome" to me in the new members' area.

                Google can approximately translate from simple words to whole sites from the interface that you can find from google 's front page, up the left corner, more/even more/translate. Here's anyway a shortcut :
                Text and Web - Google Translate

                Then, if you submit an internet address, it will translate the content of the site's particular page , and possibly most of the links inside.

                Here's the link to the Googled version of "" :
                Google Translate

                From there, you can surf the site. Some links in the left frame are not rendered correctly. Try then to click on them in the genuine page in french, then copy and paste the address bar's content to Google's translator. But, as they are fragments of the book, try to read the book directly.
                Down the home page from the google'd version of, you have a direct access to each chapter as html. That's how Google will translate them on demand. Just follow the links.

                As I already said : still lots of gibberish that way, but it should be understandable.

                Hope for someone offering a better translation soon. It should be easier with this kind of help. Because many things can certainly be kept "as is". The style written by Emmanuel is really simple French, hardly misunderstood, and the online translation systems should be quite at ease.(edit : mmmh, one really need to work hard for a correct translation, because Google is not a smart translator at all)


                Hint : Lots of "point" that are bad translations (after the front chapters). In French, it's a style linked to the Ancient Scriptures, where it means "no / not".
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                  Thank You


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                    Maybe my very last post about this subject

                    Good Fellows,

                    If I've been long to manifest again in this thread, that's because I really didn't know how to handle any thanks. Since I really deserve nothing for this info, and I only think that it's right to push it forth to you all, because I agree with the book of life like never before any other book. I say: it shakes up and transforms its readers. Because of the nonetheless truths it patiently argues and which eventually reveal in front of their readers' eyes.

                    In my opinion, the only one that you should thank is The Father who allowed you to know about this 'prophecy'. Ok, it's a trap for the ones He'll have to leave alone, so that pretending that one couldn't read it can't be an excuse. Though, whatever the mean that made you realize about the message in this book, it's a blessing for those who wish to live well. Don't wait for these news to spread more ahead through the world before you decide to give a look at them.
                    Because they deal among essential explanations, which nonetheless are :
                    -how and why the Bible announced this book
                    -why this book is the unique direct following of the Bible (I personaly wasn't a Bible follower before...)
                    -how to be able to definitely understand the Bible
                    -why is the Bible in fact intended for nowadays
                    -what really is "the snake", how it's our life's source
                    -who we are, and where's our just place
                    -why the four colors of the human race
                    -why we always feel unsatisfied, why we're already (breathing) deads
                    -where we're going, what's the Eternity, how to embrace it for sure
                    -why this book talks to each member of any religion
                    -who really are Angels
                    -how the whole universe works
                    -what's the living electromagnetism
                    -how our solar system was born, hence how it testifies brilliantly of these explanations
                    -how our home planet works and lives
                    -why there's a living world around each star
                    -why our many space brothers won't talk to us
                    -why there's no random rules hidden behind The Creator's rules
                    -why we are always being lied to, why the human sciences are mostly craps
                    -how God's Science is the one and unique science, not to be introspected too deeply
                    -why the magnet is our next and free energy
                    -why a major change is needed (it's announced since the Bible, and it won't be delayed further)
                    -why the money can't survive this change
                    -how and why one is "born again" once one knows

                    .... and many many many others very essential things. All expressed in nowadays language, in the most demonstative manner, with no essential info hidden.

                    The more this books calls me for reading it again and again, the more I'm amazed because of the obvious truths that light me up. And they heal me more deeply each time.

                    I am sorry if you may think that I argue too far. In fact, I'm just testifying about the positive thrillings that this books had upon me. Because when one reads this book, one changes invariably, in the best manner. And when one feels the truth flow in himself, that's the real and only fuel for a Life that's real.

                    Here may be my very last contribution to this thread. I just now hope and wish you know enough. The book tells it all.
                    I recognize that I often greadilly come to see how many of you read this thread, since I estimate 10 percent (max) to understand and agree. But, any few we are, that makes me gratefull to The Lord. His paths are really powerfull ones.

                    On the other hand, I do need to thank you all, and especially you Bodkins, who inspired me so much in the fields about renewable energies... That's another of my personal quests. And the magnet is already a major center of research, right ? Here is really a great place. For that too, I'm gratefull.
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                      Long time no see here...

                      Here's a French book that was perfectly translated to English.

                      Not the same as seen above, this book came first, and is a living confirmation, for those interested.

                      (In case the link would become invalid, the book is : "Revelations", wrote by Michel de Saint Martin. I even couldn't find a French copy... Despite it's hardly available as a printed book. Again, be thankful to the Lord only, please.)

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                        Yes that is True even i have Experienced it ,his presence.


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                            Originally posted by marseye View Post
                            Here's a French book that was perfectly translated to English.

                            Not the same as seen above, this book came first, and is a living confirmation, for those interested.

                            (In case the link would become invalid, the book is : "Revelations", wrote by Michel de Saint Martin. I even couldn't find a French copy... Despite it's hardly available as a printed book. Again, be thankful to the Lord only, please.)

                            That translated book has some good insight into it, but as for the 'trinity' I believe it to be largely inaccurate.

                            The key points in which it is dead on, are the reincarnation based on how ones choices in their prior life.

                            One must reject wealth and riches to attain eternal life. Very difficult for some...