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Secrets of the Psychic State ~ New Price!

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  • Secrets of the Psychic State ~ New Price!

    Keoi Lani's Book Secrets of the Psychic State has had a price change!

    Keoi and ESM have decided that the pricing of this book should more reflect our desire to get it in as many hands as possible!

    With more people in tune with their true psychic selves, we believe the world will be a much more peaceful place! (Project 1 World at work?)

    So... We have changed the price to $9.97!!

    This book is a guide to helping you find your true psychic self. With the easy exercises, affirmations and simple, yet profound, explanations of our innate psychic potential, harnessing your true psychic self has never been easier!

    Here is what some people have said:

    "I was fortunate to read a copy of it about two weeks ago. WOW!

    It was an interesting, informative and very nice flowing read. It is more than just a good read, it contains lessens for developing (or rediscovering what we all had as children).

    Being that I have been TRVing for many years, I found the book particularly thought provoking. TRV is a very structured and almost un-naturally induced psychic state. Practicing what is taught in this book opens up a whole other arena.

    This is a very exciting opportunity to learn and grow."

    -Kevin Pirolo

    "I am so looking forward to your classes. Having had a sneak preview of your book has only enticed me more. I just know that with your teachings and the exercises, those who take part will discover or remember a part of themselves that may have been hidden previously."
    -Maggie Crane

    To read more, click the links below:

    Secrets of the Psychic State
    Book by Keoi Lani

    To order, click here!

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