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  • Whisper of Words ~ New Price!

    The book Whisper of Words ~ Along the Path by Maggie Crane has had a change in price!

    Maggie and ESM have been inspired to make this book more obtainable so that as many people as possible can experience the joys of her poetry.

    It is because of this that the price has been changed to $9.90!

    This book is truly inspiring in it's feeling and content. Her Poetry portrays a spiritual connectedness that is expressed flawlessly and reveals and encourages a deep sense of peace and belief.

    Here are what some people are saying about the book:

    "Your words are like angel food cake. They are so soothing and smooth.
    I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do.
    -Jessica Miller

    "I was most fortunate to read Maggie's collection a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away.

    "It is thought provoking, inspiring, and humbling. It took me several days to read...sometimes you just have to stop and "chew" on some of the inspiration witnessed.

    "Oh, and there is some stunning photography and great paintings by Pamela Sweda in the book also.
    -Kevin Pirolo

    "This book is the type of book that you will go back to again and again. You can flip open a page and read one of Maggie's poems that will just resonate with you in the moment.Often answering your current questions. Also, you can tell that every poem has come directly from source and is completely inspired writing!!! She is obviously a very gifted writer!"
    -Keoi Lani

    To read more about her book, check out these links:

    Whisper of Words

    Book by Maggie Crane

    To order,
    click here

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