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Energetic Medicine system in body is quantifiable

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  • Energetic Medicine system in body is quantifiable

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a heavy foundation in the energy system of the body with 2 main vessels and 12 "organ" meridians.

    An example of this system is illustrated below and is taken from:
    Home . Touch for Health Education a great healing modality for beginners or advanced practitioners. I'm not recommending this over others. It just happens to be what I trained in but have been out of practice for a long time.

    Qi, Ki, Prana, etc... is flowing through the meridians mapped out on the map above. The life force energy is difficult to measure scientifically. HOWEVER.... the meridians have been PROVEN to exist scientifically for about 70+ years!!

    Many so-called scientific skeptics thing this is a bogus science and many MD's I have talked to tell me the "most likely" answer is that it is the vagal nerve and that is it and when acupuncture needles are used, it is utilizing the nervous system. This can't be further from the truth.

    I pulled this off of an old page of mine:

    "In the 30's, a Russian scientist injected sodium pertetnachate (radioactive tracer) into different acupuncture points on different meridians and used a gamma camera to monitor the migration of the tracers. Upstream from where the tracer was injected, a shocking discovery! The tracers flowed 100% perfectly inline with the meridians, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it did NOT follow the circulatory system, nervous sytem, (has NOTHING to do with the vagal nervous system as many practitioners like to claim), lymph system, skeletal system or any other system in the body. This meridian system was a totally unique and separate system in the body through which the energy can flow.

    Even more amazing that that Russian the 50's, a German scientist, Popp, discovered that by emitting light onto an acupuncture point on a certain meridian and putting a photomultiplier downstream from the light, the light would be emitted out of each point down stream showing that the meridians are also carriers of light! So, in my opinion, it hasn't been a theory for 80 years now since it was quantified so that it could be SEEN. It is fact that our bodies have this energy system."

    I'm looking for the Russian reference.

    It is the photon potential that is the life force energy moving through these meridians. Of course when there is movement, we can say the effect is energy.

    So, we are literally light powered beings.

    This is a great complilation of resources for scientific quantification of the acupuncture energy system of the body:
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO

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    "Light Powered Beings"


    This is so cool! We are Light Powered Beings. With the Chinese Energetic Medicine that I practice daily, I KNOW this is true! You still amaze me daily with all this fabulous information you keep giving us!
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      Niiiiice. I find the whole energy being such a comfortable fit. It just makes sense! I have so much more to learn and so little time.. I'm looking for places of study here in NZ, maybe I need to travel abroad Any excuse huh?!
      Live, Love, Laugh and be happy!


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        Light power Beings

        Thanks Aaron for posting those findings from the Russian and German experiments.

        It's great for people that are practicing different avenues of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as Qigong, Taiji, or even getting accupunture, to know that there is tangible evidence of the flow of Qi (energy) thru the human body.

        Especially for people that are new to there practice, or are thinking of getting into Qigong or Taiji. It's very hard for some to take it on faith that there is a life force within themselves that "is" tangible.
        Intellectually people can understand that there is an energy force working in themselves when it is explained to them. Such as; Western medicine knows that cells can divide and multiply, but they really don't know the force behind it. Eastern medicine calls it Qi. Energy, Universal Mind.

        When I teach Qigong and Taiji, I can get students to feel energy as an electro-magnetic force or as heat energy. More accurately they feel the effects of Qi. And with much practice students can eventually get to the point where they can generate and control the flow of Qi in their bodys. And then the effects become stronger and easier to create. So much so, one can emit, feel, see and some times hear the energy in themselves.

        All this is very good for health and well being. And it is good for evidence of energy to a person.
        My Grandmasters would agree that is good for the individual's body, and good for the communty as a whole to practice to stay healthy. But that is only body awareness. You must be mindful in your practice, because that "creates" the movement of energy that carries your body.

        But you must become still to know your "Self or your "Being". Because all movement is born from stillness. That is where your most powerful experiences with Qi will come from. Qi is action of thought.
        My teachers in China have been passing down teachings that are thousands of years old, that we in the West are just recently catching onto. They have been teaching Law of Attraction ideas for centuries, although not calling it that.

        For example, my teachers would always say things like:

        1. Practice an oxygen/energy sport, like Taiji and Qigong everyday.
        2. Take in good food to convert to good Qi.
        3. Most important: "Have a good Frequency" (Love, joy, enough money,etc.)

        This will change your DNA. Not only in the body, but cosmic as well : (fate, circumstances, etc.)
        They would say thought travels at the speed light travels. So if you can think, and if you can see light emmitting from your hands when practicing, you must also be as light energy.

        Thankfully praticing Qigong and Taiji gives one time to be in the moment, and let all the mind noise of the day to be released. It gets into allowing a person to be in the body, and then just be movement. And hopefully it gets us closer to just "Being".


        Northwest Tai Chi for Health, A component of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Program Authoring The Human Subconscious
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