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Keoi Lani's Book is Now Available!

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  • Keoi Lani's Book is Now Available!

    The Book by Keoi Lani "Secrets of the Psychic State" is now available in the Energetic Science Ministries Online Bookstore!

    This book is a guide to helping you find your true psychic self. With her easy exercises, affirmations and simple, yet profound, explanations of our innate psychic potential, harnessing your true psychic self has never been easier!

    Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

    "It seems that the hardest things for us to learn are the simple things. We feel that if something is worth having, then it should be difficult to get. This is not always true, as with the subject of the psychic state. I am going to show you how truly easy it is to connect with your psychic state."

    TRUST is one of the most important factors in reaching your psychic state. The person that you need to learn to trust is you. Trust yourself and do not get caught up with the small details. The secrets of the psychic state are hidden behind simplicity. You will find that with practice and self trust you can learn to master your own soaring eagle."

    To read more about her book, click here.

    To order this book, just click here!

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