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  • Book By Keoi Lani!

    Keoi Laniís book, Secrets of the Psychic State, is coming to the ESM Online Store!

    Here is some info on her book:

    Secrets of the Psychic State, a book by the gifted psychic, Keoi Lani, is a groundbreaking, yet easy to understand guide to tapping into your true psychic self.

    Her explanations of the different levels on which we function, the factors involved in developing a psychic state, helpful affirmations and exercises, and the importance of trusting ourselves, work together to create a straightforward and foolproof handbook for realizing your psychic existence.

    Here is a piece from the introduction:

    "It seems that the hardest things for us to learn are the simple things. We feel that if something is worth having, then it should be difficult to get. This is not always true, as with the subject of the psychic state. I am going to show you how truly easy it is to connect with your psychic state."

    TRUST is one of the most important factors in reaching your psychic state. The person that you need to learn to trust is you. Trust yourself and do not get caught up with the small details. The secrets of the psychic state are hidden behind simplicity. You will find that with practice and self trust you can learn to master your own soaring eagle."

    Secrets of the Psychic State will be available in the ESM Online Store within the next few weeks, so look for our announcement!

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    So, I recall on an affiliate call not so long ago, that I heard tell that PATHS affiliates just might be accorded some sorta discount on this here book. Or'n we all a'gonna git one fer free?
    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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      I'll buy that for a $1. I believe that is a quote from some show I have seen at some point in my life.

      I will gladly pay whatever the price may be.
      Marnyka Z. Buttry
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        Congratulations Keoi!!! Can't wait to read your book!

        ~Viviana -
        "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba


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          Thanks guys

          Well...the truth is that you will be getting a much lower price here at ESM than it is at Amazon. Also, I will be giving a special reduced price for the classes that are based off of my book for everyone here as well. The classes will begin sometime in March and I will keep you posted here when all is ready to go. Why, because I think you are all so special!!! Oh and Glen for you there will be a very very special deal my dear! LOL!!!!
          So if you are all ready lets together
          Blessings with Aloha Keoi

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            Can't wait!!!

            Hi Keoi,
            I am so looking forward to your classes. Having had a sneak preview of your book has only enticed me more. I just know that with your teachings and the exercises, those who take part will discover or remember a part of themselves that may have been hidden previously.

            Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy,
            Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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              How exciting! Two new books to order soon...I can hardly wait
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                The book, Secrets of the Psychic State, will be in the ESM online store in the next week or so.

                When it is, we will do a post here letting you know it is available.

                I was fortunate to read a copy of it about two weeks ago. WOW!

                It was an interesting, informative and very nice flowing read. It is more than just a good read, it contains lessens for developing (or rediscovering what we all had as children).

                Being that I have been TRVing for many years, I found the book particularly thought provoking. TRV is a very structured and almost un-naturally induced psychic state. Practicing what is taught in this book opens up a whole other arena.

                This is a very exciting opportunity to learn and grow.

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                  Thanks for the review Kevin. Now my interested is even more piqued
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                    well congrats and Oooo this sounds very interesting... look forward to reading it.. and classes... that is great also look forward to hearing about about when , where and how...

                    awesome, have a great day...Love and Light..Adrienne
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                      You are soooo awesome!! You know I want to learn more about psychic abilities!!

                      I just started the intuition module (finally, lol) and I have had some very cool experiences. But I feel I have no control over when it comes or even know when it is working or not. I find out later in most cases that there was a reason why I made certain decisions.

                      I can't wait to find out more about that part of my mind with your guidance. Mahalo kahuna

                      Keep your mind on the aether


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                        Thanks Pammie,Adrienne and Jessica. I am looking forward to watching you both amaze yourselves Oh and Kevin thanks for the kind words
                        At the moment here we are in the middle of a big move. So, I will be updating you all about when the classes will begin, as I said they should be starting in March. Just so you know they will be on line live, and I haven't yet decided yet if I will do a dedicated conference call or via skype. I don't want to make each class to large because it is better with a smaller more intimate group and much more fun!!! Can't wait to be able to connect with you all very soon!!!
                        Blessings with Aloha Keoi
                        <a href="" target="blank">Secrets of The Psychic State</a>
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