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  • Good Samaritan Thread

    I saw this news story about strangers rescuing a woman :


    I love to celebrate when humans do good things. Maybe we can add some more to this thread.

    XO Jessica
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    What a great idea Jessica . By focusing our attention on the positive acts of kindness & compassion carried out by individuals & bringing it into our awareness allows more to be created.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could alter the ratio of bad news stories to "good " news stories presented on the various media. So that eventually we actually reached the point where "good news" was the norm & all that needed to be reported.

    Here's another report that I remember seeing, that even reached our News stations over here in Australia!

    YouTube - Good Samaritan saves man on subwaytracks(

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      I love hearing stories about how people help others when they need it - and sometimes when they don't.

      My feeling is that we all need to practive offering random, and not so random, acts of kindness, whether strangers or not. I'm not just talking about the daily niceties, but deliberate acts that make people really thankful.

      I have a few, but I'll share a 'smaller' one.

      Usually when people approach me on the street or in parking lots asking for money, I most often refuse. Sometimes, if I have a small amount of change in my pocket I'll give that up. However, when I see someone who obviously is just waiting for a drink or a fix - I won't give any money. That may sound cruel, but I really don't think enabling them to get that next drink or fix is the best, long term, course of action for them.

      However, after speaking with them, if they tell me they are a vet, I'll usually give them something. Well one day an older man with white hair and beard approached me in the parking lot of Whole Foods and asked for money. I was kind of in a rush, but something about him struck me as odd. He was dressed better than most beggers, not completely disheveled, his clothes were neat, albeit old.

      I told him flat out I wouldn't give him any money, but I would buy him a sandwich in the store. So, after a monets bit of consideration on his part, off we went back into the store (I had just purchased a sandwich for lunch for myself) and up to the counter. I told him to order whatever kind of sandwich he wanted. He was nervous and sheepishly asked if he could have cheese - I told that was pushing his luck too far - JUST KIDDING, of course I told him it was ok.

      Whle we waited, I asked him how he came to be in this predicament. He explained that he had been laid off after many years at his job, his wife left, taking his kids and everything else, and he just fell apart. He was now living in a park some 4 miles away. His speech and thoughts were clear, he did not wreak of alcohol or stink at all. He seemed to have fully accepted his current lot and showed no outward signs of remorse, shame or any other 'negative' feeling. In fact, he was quite congenial, intelligent and coherent. And, he was so genuinely grateful for the food.

      I've made the same offer to others but was rebuked because they simply wanted money for drink or drugs.

      The sandwich cost me about $6 - a small price to pay to see someone smiling ear to ear with gratitude.

      Not all of us can singlehandedly make the world a better place for everyone, but when the right opportunity comes along, think quickly and act as generously as possible within your means - maybe you can make your corner of the world just a little bit better.
      Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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        Wow that was quite a story. I'm not sure I would have been able to do what that man did!


        That's a great idea to offer food rather than cash

        XO Jessica
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          Super Secret Santa
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            Secret Santa Strikes Again :

            Secret Santa's legacy lives on - Yahoo! News
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              This is a bit long but worth reading, this man is truly a Good Samaritan!

     News - GI Saves Iraqi Boy in Long-Shot Adoption
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                Morning all,
                I would like to share a few good Samaritan tales.
                I used to own a trailer park in N. Georgia & had to travel about 60 miles from my home a few times a week to administer to it. I would travel up the freeway almost to South Carolina & then another 17 miles or so north to the town it was in. (this is relevant to the story).

                One evening after a long day of collecting rent & hauling trash I arrive at the freeway & stop to get a cup of coffee at a chevron station. While walking in I note a VW bug with the hood up and an an obviously broken fan belt with the owner an elderly black woman, talking with a police officer.

                I get my coffee & when I exit I see the cop is gone & the lady is looking a bit forelorne. When passing I ask her "fan belt broke"? (I know, Heeeres your sign ) She had asked the cop for assistance but that wasn't his bag.

                Anyway, in brief I ended up calling around & found her a belt 17 miles up the road in the town that I just came from & went to get it & put it on for her in the rain.
                I wouldn't take her money and told her I was going the same way as her shortly so if she had any problem, just pull over & I'd be along.

                She was on her way to a revival in Atlanta & was convinced I was an angel sent to keep her on the way lol...

                As money allows we like to contact local pastors (preachers ) and ask them to recommend families that can use a helping hand. We purchase good sized prepared Turkey dinners and add some of our own items (French Silk Pie, Sweet buttered corn & fresh muffins) and drive around and deliver them on Christmas eve. The incredible emotional connections you make this way with total strangers is really very rewarding .

                A few weeks ago I was in Carson City at a gas station & when leaving saw an indigent old fellow standing in the cold wind with a sign, need food or something like that. I didn't have much money really but I felt for him (there but for the grace of god go i) so I stopped at the Micky D's down the street and got 2 double cheeseburgers and two chicken sandwiches off of the dollar menu the went back to where he was & waved him over. He was shuffling and could barely walk. I gave him those & $1.25 for a drink and as I pulled out to the light I watched him sit right down and dig in. I was gratified and a little sad.

                I feel pretty good about those things I think because it's so random and welcome
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                  Wow, somehow I missed this thread when it first started.

                  I this Jessica!!!

                  As Glenn mentioned...sometimes I look at the big picture and think there is nothing I can do that will make a dent....but I quickly remember, I am not responsible for the big picture...just for what is around me.

                  I firmly believe in treating others as you would want to be treated. I am also consciously grateful many times a day for the life I have been blessed with.

                  This gratefulness is the seed for desiring to help others.

                  A consistent focus that Mary and I have had for a couple of decades is helping out orphanages. The need seems endless, but the help we are able to give to the few, literally changes their lives, and ours also.

                  Glenn and Ingrams experiences of being aware of situations we may encounter in daily life have been an inspiration to me to be more aware on a daily basis.


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                    Good Samaritans are all around us!

                    The Good Samaritans are out there! The negative media often ignores them. Good Samaritans are a big part of the dream!

                    Be the dream...

                    "But ye shall receive power..."
                    Acts 1:8