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Master-Key System by Haanel

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  • Master-Key System by Haanel

    I finished reading (and doing the exercises in) this book earlier this year.

    I still feel like I am figuring out how best to use it, but it was definitely worth it.

    One thing I am getting out of it is about visualization. . .now this is my own thinking after reading the book, not something it specifically said, so keep that in mind.

    In order to truly allow our minds to make use of a new level of thinking, we must completely drop all of our current ways of thinking.

    So in visualizing what you want, I don't think it is best to try to continually focus on your goal. I know that sounds strange, but what I am saying is it is more important to focus on quieting your mind and letting go of every thought you can.

    Then you get to (or close to) that zero point.

    This is the true power, this allows your subconscious and whatever parts of your mind to work their true magic.

    See, when you try to hold a goal in mind, your thoughts are still focused within the framework of how your mind currently works.

    Thus you are trapping yourself inside your box of old way of thinking.

    First focus on letting go of everything you know, think, feel, etc.

    The last exercise says something about after letting go of everything else, allowing yourself to appreciate the wonders of life.

    But keep in mind, that is the last exercise. The others leading up to it were largely about letting go of thoughts.

    XO Jessica
    Keep your mind on the aether