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Just Wanted to Share once again...

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  • Just Wanted to Share once again...

    Hello My Sweet Ones...

    I thought I would pop in here to share this wonderful site with you today...

    I found Dr. Michael Sharp's website several months ago and was very enchanted with it then, but NOW he has added MUCH more and I have a feeling that many of you will enjoy perusing it. Included here is his evocative "Parable of the Room" which I posted about last winter, but there are many other articles, free e-books and poems, (not to mention some VERY inexpensive e-books ) that are just as thought provoking and delightful. I wish you much enjoyment as you look to it!

    Here's the link: Join us for the Party at the End of the World!! - Dr. Michael Sharp

    With Much Love and Gratitude,

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the link Dear Pamela!

    I read the first ebook last night & will do some more exploring as soon as I've got a bit more time. I like his down to earth, no nonsense style!

    Love, Light & Blessings to You,
    Theta Healing
    Paths 2 Potential

    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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      I just wanted to 'pipe' in here. Thanks Pamela, I haven't been to Dr.Michael's site for a while. I purchased all of his books last Christmas and I agree with Sharyn, that he has a definite,straight forward, writing style.
      Dr. Michael Sharp is one of my favorite authors. I am going to have to reread his books (after Busting Loose) ........... Namaste Chet