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Consciousness, Unity, the Swastika and the Gravity of the Situation

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  • Consciousness, Unity, the Swastika and the Gravity of the Situation

    This is the theory in rough draft.

    gravity intelligent design swastika | Search Results | Alternative Thinking 37

    Clearly a theory that links the evolution of consciousness to what gravity 'is' should be entertained as an idea that could lead to a unification among all mankind.

    Why isn't it being discussed, why do I find myself like Newton talking to the walls because most of you can't follow along?

    Sadly I have come to the conclusion that most sheeple subscribe to the following quote;

    Oh and by the way, can I suggest that folks stop wasting copper wire, wrapping VBM coils that do nothing as claimed, and instead learn how to meditate in anticipation of 2017?

    What is going to happen in 2017 according to the Aztec and Hopi?
    Actually it is more real than the Maya 2012 event sheeple had prepared for.
    It concerns itself with two stellar events everybody on earth can relate to.
    Total solar eclipse and a celestial pole star alignment concerning Polaris.

    2017~ CPSM ~ Celestial Pole Star Meditation ~ RISE UP | Alternative Thinking 37

    ...and the galactic center is where exactly?????

    see what I mean?
    Polaris and our own sun and moon (total solar eclipse) are more accessible to our psyche.

    Patanjali the author of 195 Yoga sutras, in fact had three (3) sutras that focused on the SUN, MOON, and the POLE STAR ... in that order!

    “…the constellation of the Bear is made up of seven stars
    which constellation is the cause of communication and unity among men
    and not merely traffic”
    – Geoffrey Ashe quoting Philo of Alexandria in his book The Ancient Wisdom page 114
    shhh tell two people please
    .... the Great Bear rotates around the pole star AND the Lesser Bear!

    AHA maybe IF the sheeple learn how to meditate ONE of ye sheeple will be chosen to receive a cosmic download from ? and the KEY to unlocking the 'overunity' blueprint that most of ye are coveting?

    selah V

    Raphael Sage Of The Age

    Yes I can prove that Raphael is the sage of the age.
    I can put my credentials or should I say results of my investigations up against what Eric Dollard has thus far offered to the real world.

    What I AM clearly claiming is that I can put more useful applications on the table promoting the 'solar swastika' as our benevolent benefactor than Eric Dollard can promoting his hollow sun theory and promoting Tesla technologies that he has done little with in fact.

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