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Working free energy machine from UFO in the Bible

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  • Working free energy machine from UFO in the Bible

    Subject: Working free energy machine from UFO workings in the Bible

    I found how to build a simple working free energy machine from UFO workings in the Bible


    It was in Ezekiel 1:16 where the workings of a UFO are described as “a wheel in the middle of a wheel” that helped me discover how this technology could be used to give us free energy. Because we merely substituted pulleys for wheels in this Bible Verse, and this gives us a way of getting free electricity, as we are causing it to generate itself, I could find it easier to understand how motors within motors could cause a vehicle to fly.

    Subject: I made my wheelchair into a working free energy machine from the Bible

    - I have a working free energy machine in my house
    - it is my electric wheelchair, and it could be any electric wheelchair
    - that has had its settings switched to max torq(sm pulley)+ max speed(lrg pulley)
    - which I will eagerly demonstrate to anyone at any time.
    - please, just email me at
    - and we can set up a time and place to demonstrate how this works

    This experiment was one that anyone could repeat, as long as they had a working electric wheelchair that was programmed to have 100% power and 100% speed. The reason that I speak of this experiment was the significance of the results, mainly that it proves that we can have a simple free energy device. This free energy device, that I truly believe has been given by God, works on simple mechanics and electronics that could be reproduced at any scale and size.

    I was hoping that this device, which I not only discovered, but I then published on the web at: I heard that this means that this device would be free for all to use and modify. I was hoping that you could show me how to build this circuit on your simulator, or maybe even build this circuit yourself, for all to see and use. I wanted this Gift to me be for all to use freely, so that many people will be able to use this technology to build all of the electric toys, tools, or gadgets newly powered with this free energy power supply in it.

    I have a working free energy device in my house
    it is my electric wheelchair, or any electric wheelchair
    which has the driving settings changed to
    max torque,(1st gear) + max speed,(10th gear)

    Subject: working free energy machine from the Bible
    ATTENTION all of you back yard mechanics,,,
    I did an experiment, where I let my electric wheelchair act as a free energy device
    where I gained the power to go an additional 20 feet up a pretty steep hill
    each time I travel up the hill at maximum speed, (10th gear)
    and then back down the hill at a slow speed, (1st gear)
    I repeated this test 3 time, gaining a total of 60 feet before stopping the test
    Then I repeated the test a few days later, gaining the same 60 feet
    This was proof to me, that we have discovered a way of gaining free energy
    Free energy device found = it is any electric wheelchair
    I also made drawings of how to build a stand-alone mechanism
    That I believe should be a way of gaining free energy power supplies
    On this website:
    if this site does not allow URLs then
    search for “free-energy” and “yolasite”

    Please note = to convert a wheelchair into a free energy machine
    you must first program the settings on the power chair
    so that your motors run at highest efficiency for this use, (motor+generator)
    you must make sure that you have highest torque settings = 1st gear
    as well as the highest speed settings = 10th gear
    so that your chair works most like the ten speed bicycle
    in the Vision that our Father was so Gracious to share with me
    of first going up hill in 10th gear, and then back down in 1st gear
    The slower the speed that you travel down the hill
    The more power that you gain every trip
    If you traveled super slow, breaking hard continuously
    Moving extremely slow, as in inches per second
    You might end up over charging your battery


    I figure that if you keep adding output generators to the belt
    then you would eventually generate enough power
    to make up for the power that you are putting into the drive motor
    as well as any losses due to friction
    until you add enough output generators
    to have not only a self powered machine
    but you can get an excess of power as an output
    = free energy =(

    I hope and believe that my drawing is a correct representation
    Of a stand alone free energy machine for our power hungry world
    But even if it is not, that just means that we will have to dig deeper
    Into finding out how my electric chair can be used as a free energy generator
    I found a lot of people just pass it off as a by-product of over charging
    or heat changes to the battery, and it was just shortening the life of a battery
    But I don’t accept this, as I believe that I could go on forever,(excluding wear + tear)

    Your are multiplying the energy by using pulleys
    To multiply the rotations of the motors and generators
    Through simple geometry you are multiplying rotations
    And with electricity, more rotations mean more AC electricity
    So, you are in effect, multiplying the electricity that you have already aquired
    Where you are getting the initial electricity to multiply
    By simply turning the large pulley by hand
    this initial start of electricity is then multiplied
    into a continuous stream of self multiplying electricity

    I hope that others will repeat my test, (with any chair set at max speed + max torque)
    To prove that this is truly a free energy device
    Just think about the massive increase in rotations
    And it seems obvious to me, that this increase in rotations
    Means you are multiplying an increase of electricity
    It could be a way of paying off our dept
    By converting everything to free energy
    Like taking the gasoline motors out of our automobiles for a start
    Which would not only increase jobs in our economies but

    The massive multiplication of rotations is where we can gain the energy. The idea is to put power into the torque of rotating the large pulley of the DC drive motor, which is converted into massive amounts of rotations of the output generators, as we can connect tens if not hundreds of output generators through simply increasing the size of the belt that drives them to accommodate the increase in the number of small pulleys. The vast amount of multiplications of rotations gives you enough power to not only power itself, but cover any loss due to friction, and actually generate an excess of energy. The idea is, to use simple geometry(size change of diameters) to create an increase of rotations through massive circumferential differences. In effect, you are multiplying the power.

    I know, it`s so simple it seems too stupid to work, and if it would work, then why wouldn’t someone have thought it up earlier.
    I figure that if you keep adding output generators to the belt
    then you would eventually generate enough power
    to make up for the power that you are putting into the drive motor
    as well as any losses due to friction
    until you add enough output generators
    to have not only have a self powered machine
    but you can get an excess of power as an output
    = free energy output generator

    Here are a few of the reasons for this system to work miracles
    - The massive circumferential differences between a large drive rotor
    o You put power into turning a motor only once-(lg)
    § When the power out generator(s) spin hundreds of times faster
    · Each rotation gives you power to put back into the system
    - Then you could add tens of these output generators
    o All of these would be turning the many hundreds of times faster
    - Them you could enlarge the drive motor pulley to the max
    o As well as shrinking the size of the pulleys on the output generators
    § this would increase the multiplication factor even more
    - So lets see, you are putting energy into the high torque motor with a large pulley
    o And then through extreme size differences in pulleys
    § As well as the simple addition on 10`s if not 100`s of generators
    · You get your many generators to spin many rotations
    o That you are getting power out of
    § While your input motor only turns the once
    · You have to make power
    and this should be obvious
    - Only thing is, you must have faith
    o To try it and see if it truly does work
    § This is a Gift from Jesus, + the Father
    · Delivered by the Holy Spirit
    o Who Works through me
    § He showed this to me about 10 years ago
    · Which I put on the web right away
    o + nobody has got back to me

    You need one DC motor as an input motor
    Then you need at least one AC motor as a generator
    This is one of the easiest way to multiply your input power
    By adding additional output generators
    on the same belt as your input DC motor with the one large pulley
    Or, you could change size of the pulleys is another way to effect your multiplication
    by shrinking diameter of output generator(s) pulley
    or increasing diameter of DC input motor pulley
    are other ways of increasing you multiplication
    the drive motor and all of the generators could be any voltage
    as long as they are of the same voltage
    you might need to use voltage regulators
    to keep this contraption running smoothly
    Maybe this mechanism should be called an electricity multiplier
    As you always need the initial amount of electrical power
    To be multiplied into your gaining of free energy
    Which can be initialized by giving the large pulley a turn by hand

    this is a Miracle from God
    yes, it does indeed work
    using size change in diameters of pulleys
    to multiply the rotations of your input motor
    by the large change in circumferences of the pulleys
    as in, the multiplication factor is due to
    the tens if not hundreds of times the circumference changes
    I just don’t like the idea of somebody blowing up a battery
    And maybe even catching fire

    Now, most likely you will not be interested in this Spiritual part
    But I discovered this by praying and asking the God of the Holy Bible
    for a way to help us earthlings, the Tribulation Saints mostly
    Especially during the 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation
    Where they will need a way to survive our cold Canadian winters off the electricity grid
    Don’t believe in Satan or evil forces
    Please explain why this simple idea
    Of using change in size of pulleys to multiply power
    Has not been discovered all ready
    I give God all the credit, for the Vision I had of the 10-speed bicycle,
    Going uphill in tenth gear and then back down in 1st gear
    This was because the image popped into my mine
    Right after I asked God if there was a way for me to help the Tribulation Saints
    Later I noticed that this free energy machine was explained in Scripture
    It was in Ezekiel 1:16, where the workings of a UFO are described as
    “a wheel in the middle of a wheel”,

    to all Who are in the Family of Christ
    this is for the Tribulation Saints
    how else do they stay alive + hidden
    in our cold Canadian winters

    WARNING = the pre-Trib started on March 14th, 2012
    as in, the Tribulation MUST start by or before 2019.1 =

    joe lynch
    Joseph Lynch (one_christian_warrior) on Myspace