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Turbina sapiens in Its Natural Habitat (Siemens)

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  • Turbina sapiens in Its Natural Habitat (Siemens)

    Investigating the Shoulders

    The Netherland's Vos moves out of the three-pack to capture the gold, though a windmills's cousin, wave energy, is the subject of this message. Having just completed a bicycle trek from Ft. Collins, Colorado to Madison, Wisconsin, it is evident that cyclists can do what RV owners can do: mount a micro wind-turbine on the roof of the vehicle. A set-up at rest stops using such things as homemade micros akin to the Marlec Rutland 913 used in Denmark to charge fences, would not have to be 30 feet from the ground: central Nebraska, for example, sports a wind corridor that moves into Marshall, Minnesota. You use methods to stabilize the mill, such as a bicycle trailer. Working out the details of charging, electric-assist, especially through Iowa and Nebraska (wind and hills) will help thwart petroleum addiction, the first step from which is to admit that one is such a thing.

    Yet, a more exquisitely charged battery of the future may be wave-energy-charged bicycle batteries. For a view of current design problems in this technology, one could do worse than Sarah Caraher's awesome cutting-edge thesis which can be retrieved from Edinburgh Archives.