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Combining science with spirituality equals truth

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  • Combining science with spirituality equals truth

    The downfalls of mankind; the suffering of individuals; the purpose of reincarnation...all are based on our purpose as human beings. Reincarnation is our chance to utilize the negative charge of this dimension to lower the vibration of our soul...allowing our true self (our soul) to stay on the path of light after death.

    All is explained and supported by the evidence that has been in plain sight for over 100 years. Just google my name with the titles of my five very short free eBooks. All my efforts are designed to make truth the foundation of this existence, even if a person is consumed by their ego.

    Are you capable of making truth a part of your life? Google:

    Wade Welch plus:

    Deal or No Deal --- explains the science and truth of our spiritual purpose

    Origins Of Truth --- discusses the truth of our country and our situation

    Home sweet Hell --- explains exactly what happens after we die and where we go

    Act of Giving --- Why we are wasting our time

    Who Am I? --- the story behind my purpose and the bizarre recurring events where the ugly secret people behind our government controled my life

    Can you handle the truth?

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    Are you strong or weak?

    Truth is inconvenient. Actual truth stands alone, while we selectively choose what we want to occupy our time and thoughts. Ego is the scientific result of the incarnation of the soul, as our universe is dominated by negative charge, because the electron is wild and unstable as it dominates the nucleus. Ego is what best defines all of humanity, but we deny it. That is ego.

    After we turn age 50 we may have a better chance of caring about truth and accepting our life's purpose. The vast majority will not want any part of truth, and when are confronted with it, embrace their fear and run away from it.

    I have one question...

    Are you brave enough to accept your life's purpose and make truth a basic portion of the foundation for your existence? Buddhism explains that nothing in this universe is permanent. We come here as souls that are incarnated into bodies...temporary bodies...while the soul is as permanent as we can comprehend...yet, we run away from truth, embrace fear, and live within the delusion of our ego. We are addicted to the ego.

    Again, one question...

    Are YOU brave enough to accept truth? Or, just make an excuse and blame me. I can carry the weight of all souls who deny truth. That is what I discovered in this 55 years. Death is takes a soul who has accepted truth and made truth the foundation of existence to a place where power is a tangible item.

    Here is the result of your choice concerning truth. Play the game as society has empowered us to do, and go back to where you came...Hell. What is Hell? Read and learn. Truth will take you to Heaven, where the power is in the "hand" of your soul. Truth is inconvenient. The ego is who you are, and is a lie.

    The choice is yours.
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      No Such place as hell or purgatory

      My dear friend there is no such place as hell or purgatory both places do not exist in the spirit world. It is a concept which is used to create a state of fear because being in a state of fear is a control mechanism which keeps the free mind or free spirit a in prison of dis-pare. It is a mechanism to control the masses through ignorance and when you discover this for yourself you will truly be free. Anything which creates a state of fear in any way, however mild or small is an act of terrorism to control you through emotion and fear of the unknown. I have not read your work nor do i intend to. Re-examine the sauce of your fear and understand the motivation which created that control construct and you will be liberated for ever. You will never be a slave to that control construct again and its power over you will be lost for all time.

      I can only point out the path I cannot walk it for you. You have to choose to take that journey your self.

      I have walked the path, the grass is much greener on the other side, the journey is worth the effort, but you have to walk the path, it is your path to walk, no one can walk it for you.

      Gods speed my friend, I will see you on the other side.


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        It is nice that you have formed an opinion that is held by the masses. To fit in and be accepted is one of the things that keeps us in line and helps us retain an opportunist position. Hell is not something you or your partners want, so it does not exist.

        You and your buddies have rejected a notion of Hell. Yes, the illusions held by the masses are just that, and do not exist as described in religions that are designed to simplify reality. The problem with making judgments based on desire is that science is truth...not desire.

        You have made a judgment about myself as well. You say I am fear-based as I agree with the delusion of the masses, yet my books say the exact opposite of what you have said. I state my facts through actions (writing) and they are backed by research and the fact that I have seen for myself.

        Jumping to a judgmental conclusion is common and predictable among egotists. This society is more than 95% egotists, and science is the reason I have written. I recommend that you see for yourself, rather than condemn all that disagree with you. You have displayed very well what the ego is, and now is the time to acknowledge that there is a better way to live.

        I recommend that you do as I have done, and walk the about truth. It is good that you want to reject the concepts held by the is the time to follow through with actions. Laziness is exactly what the masses do when truth is the topic.

        The ego protects us from truth, and unless we show through actions that truth matters, we can simply enjoy the taste of the friend.

        After we die, our souls have a path of light to follow. As we go down this path, we struggle to stay on it...since our vibration makes us unable to stay on it. Once we get to a point, we are knocked off of the path into the bands of existence in the darkness that surrounds this path of light. That is Hell, and more than 95% of us have reincarnated from this that we can discover through actions, the science of reality.

        Lower the vibration of your soul and go all the way down the path of light and you will reach Heaven. Walk the walk...actions...not words.


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          The choice is yours

          Assumptions protect the ego from truth. To combat the ego, and lower the vibration of the soul, and be able to stay on the path of light after you die, embrace your common sense...the closest link to your soul. Step out of your condition, turn around, and look at yourself.

          Edgar cayce:

          "The experience has come eight or ten times while giving life readings for individuals. I remember nothing of the reading, but have a very vivid impression of the following."

          "I knew my spirit, mind, or soul was separated from my body and that it was seeking information for another. I passed into outer darkness, so dark that it actually hurt-yet there was a stream of light that I knew I must follow, and nothing on either side of the light must detract from my purpose to receive for that other what it was seeking in the way of aid for itself."

          "As I passed along the line of light I became conscious of forms of movement crowding toward the light. Coming to the next plane, I realized that the forms of movement or figures were taking shape as humans...rather the exaggeration of human desires. Passing a little farther, these forms were gradually lost; still I had the consciousness that they were seeking the light-or more light. Then the figures gradually took form, continually coming toward the light."

          "Finally I passed through a place where individuals appeared much as they do today-men and women-but satisfied with their position [rather than crowding toward the light]. The number of individuals in this state of satisfaction continued to grow, and then there were homes and cities where they were content to continue as they were."

          "Still following the light, which grew stronger and stronger, I heard music in the beyond. Then there came a space where all was springtime-all was a-blossom, all was summer. Some were happy, some desired to remain, but many were pressing on and on to the place where there might be greater understanding, more light, more to be gained. Then I reached a place where I was seeking the records of the lives of people that lived in the earth."

          "Don't ever think that your life isn't written in the Book of Life! I found it! I have seen it! It is being written; YOU are the writer!"


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            I see both truth and falseness in your statements. However, I'm glad people are investigating. If you want more answers, go here and read on!
            Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to Become God
            - Kyle Herbig


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              I would be interested in what you deem as falseness in my writings. I am committed to truth, and I understand that the illuminati website is truth oriented, but declaring war, in my opinion, is not the answer, although I certainly understand. One reason is that nothing in this dimension is permanent. We are all living a temporary life in a temporary body, and this material existence is currently a testing ground for us to reveal our true selves.

              The fifth age of man is beginning, and this planet will change dramatically. I do not recommend illuminati, unless that is how you intend to reveal your true self. But, I do want to hear what you have to say.

              We currently enjoy movies and TV series about bad aliens coming to conquer us, and one of them is quite well presented, but it does not allow for the truth...which is that bad aliens are few, and have come here in the past, but the vast majority of good aliens have stopped them. History has the answers, and they are there for a reason.

              It is all about ego, and the illuminati are egotists.


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                The ego seems to be defined in different ways. It's been awhile since I saw this post, and I think I see things a little differently now. However, I see Ego as just conciousness. So yes, the Illuminati want more ego, but also for the ego to expand through the unconcious mind via intuition to the point of "gnosis" (aka - Illumination). I agree that ego with ignorance is what causes ruthlessness. From what I've studied, this is what their gospel is, and it is working in my favor. In the last month I've been inspired to sometime write a book that will solve one of the greatest problems in psychology; How to convert a mythos personality into a logos personality. Intuition is extremely powerful.
                I think you might know this, but i must clarify that this is not the "Illuminati" that is popular in conspiracy theory. What conspiracy theorists are really talking about there are those greedy bankers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, ect. They put out the name "Illuminati" for themselves as negative propaganda to keep people away from the real group.
                I have to check out your books too, you got me curious.
                - Kyle Herbig


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                  Our future as a species

                  Our Future

                  As we are here on a spiritual information sharing forum, and as human beings, we have a few issues that affect how we react to ideas. When we have something to say, readers are not always in a receptive mode. And we are not always on the same page regarding topics. Plus we have emotions that, no matter what, affect how we relate.

                  Timing is a prime factor. We simply cannot be efficient in understanding each other. I don't think we disagree as much as it seems. In fact, if we were sitting in the same room, I would suggest that before we left that room we would agree on 80% of what we discuss. We would be more receptive and it would be easier to adjust.

                  As a human being on Earth, we all share truths. Part of these truths are problems. Part of them are solved by a positive attitude, and part are more serious and require reality. A positive attitude is great for most things, but recurring problems that affect all humanity, and have to be dealt with at some point, get put off.

                  If we want to be a responsible species and be free, have wealth, not suffer, and solve problems, then we must operate within guidelines. EVERYTHING must have limitations.

                  1) Population- there has to be a limit. We can argue about the specifics, but it is not difficult to imagine a world that is wall to wall it almost is now.

                  2) Freedom- again, we can argue about specifics, but we have to have a limit on our ability to do whatever we want.

                  3) Health- right now we are obsessed as a whole with our health, plus we are lazy in how we deal with it. We take pills and overeat. No one needs to take more than one or two pills...and no one needs to overeat. Health should be something that resolves itself naturally. If we cannot achieve health in a simple fashion then we need to be able to change our life.

                  4)Truth- we need a system by which truth can be identified. Then we need a manner to inforce that truth, and adjust it as we discover more. And then we all need to accept it or invest our time into adjusting it. If we had a proper system, it would not be hard to do.

                  5)Definition- we must be required to define who we are and then have to live that way. It all boils down to talking the talk and then walking the walk. Our governments are corrupt, with no exceptions. We need to have 100% of people live their life within the lines, and then have a system that deals with those who do not. A properly effective system will establish precedents, and without precedents, we will delude ourselves and then lower the quality of our species.

                  6)Faith- as with everything we do, we must have limits. Our society must have a committment toward seeking truth, and science should also establish a spiritual division so that all of truth is part of science.

                  If we get our act together, the ego would be overcome. As it is, I do not think we can make progress in the definition of mankind. We will self-destruct again, and until we get our act together, EXCUSES will define what we are as a species.

                  If you disagree, then you should have a method to establish equity in how you feel. Our laws would constantly be improving, and if we blunder, someone will be able to point it out. As it is, we cannot even commit to what we are right now.

                  It is obvious that EGO is the factor that will not allow us to make any sense at all. Selfishness is what we are. And it is not our fault. It IS our fault that we do not learn, and right now, my words are telling the truth. Do you agree or disagree? Our current condition may be a primary factor in how you respond.

                  It is actually a simple process to do what I am talking about. It is also a simple process to accept blame for it not being simple. You are to blame, and that means all of us. Do something about it.

                  If you think we only have one chance to live on Earth, then you should also agree that is is not very important then. It is important if we reincarnate. So, why not live as a whole and commit to the only thing that can be important?

                  And if you have a better idea, who is stopping you from explaining it?



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                    I do automotive upholstery. The popular trend today is people coming in to have their factory material replaced on their seats with aftermarket material. The original fabric was engineered and designed to perform. The aftermarket was semi-engineered simply to look pretty. It has severe weaknesses and is not designed for automotive use.

                    The material that everyone wants is simulated Ostrich or Aligator vinyl. It will not last very long and is gaudy when overused in the interior, but that is exactly what they want. Truth and knowledge is not a factor. They WANT it that way.

                    Spiritual understanding is an awesome conquest. There is an honest expansion of the mind and overall potential when people are successful in achieving that understanding. The future can be almost unlimited when many people are in tune with the reality of spiritual awareness.

                    What people want the most is love and wisdom. They want to share it. They WANT it. It will not last very long because it is not the substance that this world was engineered with. We have a world design based on vibration which manifests itself in positive and negative charges resulting in gravity and magnetism. It is called science.

                    Our society wants money. Let's put that aside and deal with those who have some awareness. They want to drive around in a car surrounded by simulated Ostrich and simulated love. They WANT it.

                    We are here for a reason. Yes, we are required to seek truth and find spiritual consciousness. We need to realize the potential and what that offers. BUT, we do not get to reap rewards. That is not why we are here. We did not come here to remove the engineered quality of science and replace it with simulated love.

                    Once we have knowledge, then we have goals to achieve...that will lead to a future. That is our purpose...the future. When the lust that we receive from simulated Ostrich wears off in a few months those cars with the original material still provide excellent service. The simulated material must be replaced, or we may invent some new idea to obsess on so we again surround us with love.

                    If people had the ability to think clearly, we would go back to the start and think about it. If we would not overlook the obvious, we might realize that we must define our world and our intent. We would then think about the process of incarnation and the resluting situations. It is not difficult to make a plan that would reach a goal. But, is that what we WANT.

                    There is our dilemma. What we WANT always trumps truth. Let me offer some simplicity. Let's define life. Love is a nice goal for a life plan. If it seems that love cannot be achieved in a life, then we must consider a future life...if reincarnation is a reality. With consciousness we have almost everything we need to start this plan.

                    Again, we will begin by defining life. No? We would rather just skip right to the love? Why? Because we WANT it.

                    Consciousness, awareness, spirituality...none of this is the end product. It is simply part of the process. It simply gives us an effective method to seek truth. Oh my God! Seeking truth is necessary? We don't WANT that.

                    Once we are conscious and aware, we then need to begin. We are now finally ready to begin. And what is our goal? To understand the science of life in this world and find complete knowledge of EGO. We have to define EGO. We need to fully understand science.

                    Consciousness gives us a clean slate to begin. If we have a good basic understanding of all life offers, and knowledge of science, then we still need knowledge of the afterlife. We need knowledge of reincarnation. Scientific knowledge. Love is nowhere in sight. It is simply a goal...except for those who WANT it. Then, we can just be slackers sitting in the park smoking dope watching the fools walk by who are working on solving the problems in this world. Share the love.

                    If it is inconvenient and difficult, we don't want it. We want love and peace. Well, sorry folks, life in this world is inconvenient and difficult. We are here to sacrifice and if we are less than perfect...suffer. We are here to deserve the right to be here again. It is science laid out before us, and test us, to see if we have the substance that it takes to seek truth.

                    So, there you have it. Seek truth. It is right in front of you. What do you WANT?



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                      Edgar Cayce is still the definitive source for information for me. He gave us insight into Atlantis. They occupied a continent just east of America when there was only one race. They had the same technology we have now except a little ahead of us. They failed for the same reasons we will fail.

                      It has been obvious to me, and motivation for me to write, that truth is knowledge and power. I don't really consider any form of history politics. I see it as a spiritual journey. It is a perpetual story that defines who we are in this vibrating world. Spirituality is the knowledge that we are more than this. This all brings us to the apex of our purpose.

                      We are here, repeating the same mistakes, and will be back. The science of how this happens and why is the focal point of anything spiritual. Once we harness truth we can expand the definition of everything we stand for, including spirituality.

                      So, my point all along...Let's define our existence. Specifically. It cannot be about love. Love is the joy to know we are what we are. Now that we have a hint, we have a question...why aren't we doing anything to define?

                      That is why I wrote my books. They do not stroke egos and do not simplify this life so we can play games. Or share love. They help us consider our actual purpose.

                      The past is the key. It is the evidence that no matter how aware we become we are not any better than we once were. We are not special.

                      But, we have the potential to be special. There is my goal. To find people who are capable of leaving the safety of imaginary walls that protect us and keep us ignorant. These forums show exactly...EXACTLY...what we have the potential to do, and why we do not. We have the ability to be something new...invent...reinvent...who we are. Redefine.

                      I am not here to play a game or stroke my ego. I am here to find those who are better than me. And my odds are HUGE, that I will be successful if I do my job well.

                      Vibration. How can this fool who has lost his brain know more about our purpose? He cannot. Right now a fool is very important, because a fool is the hinge mechanism that decides which way we will fall as we reach the apex.

                      We are an experiment. Can we see clearly? We are obviously not the supreme beings we pretend to be. We are the science experiment. And our superiors know one thing for sure...the experiment has the potential to outperform them. And all it takes is one fool.



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                        Originally posted by soffty View Post

                        We are an experiment. Can we see clearly? We are obviously not the supreme beings we pretend to be. We are the science experiment. And our superiors know one thing for sure...the experiment has the potential to outperform them. And all it takes is one fool.

                        Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


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                          Well said Wade

                          'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened'

                          General D.Eisenhower



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                            the real deal

                            The trend today among spiritualists is to define reality. They have read books that attempt to establish equity in the ability of the mind to use intellectual philosophy to provide a conceptual reality that results in this physical existence being an illusion. They emphasize that this physical world and its science is an illusion.

                            Much of this perspective is egoic, even though the spiritualists have effectively identified ego. Ego is our illusion in daily life, and is our main focus in self improvement. Truth about our lives is based in science, while philosophy is a valuable tool to help discover the mysteries of life.

                            So, the spiritualists say this science is illlusion. That subparticles are mostly space, and atoms are mostly space, and the universe is mostly what? They say that our true existence is spiritual and is the what? That this life is meaningless. This seems to be a perspective provided to lifers in prison.

                            There actually is tremendous equity in the ability of the mind to philosophically perceive reality. The problem is that spiritualists routinely switch reality and illusion. They use their vast knowledge about truth to copout on this life and promote death.

                            My truth is influenced by common sense...the closest link to our souls. How we perceive and implement information is, at times, our common sense. Spiritualists have tremendous capabilities because they have identified ego and can effectively control it...sometimes. They are most qualified to help solve our worldly problems, yet they want to take the easy way out.

                            We are here for a reason. This reason is based on the science of this reality. The act of switching the words "reality" and "illusion" is an egoic attempt to simplify life. The combination of science and spirituality is the sum of knowledge. The resulting truth defines our purpose in life. We are here to harness the power of the atom to perfect the manifestation of the soul in this universe.

                            Our world maintains a balance in positive/negative charge. We all know that. Bring a purely positive entity here and a negative charge will attach. It takes knowledge to understand our purpose. Our focus is science, and science is the beginning and the end of reality...not the illusion.

                            When we can utilize science to its intended potential we will be able to embrace the beauty of humanity. To hold your beautiful wife in your arms and have her know that you understand her complete existence. The women carry the full load in this world. They deal with the male ego, serve him meals, provide him with beauty, and carry the unborn child. They nurture the child, and teach him/her to understand love. Give a child a bad mother and life will be tough.

                            When we can understand our purpose we can share. We can be a species who gives...who creates. We can become the future. We can harness the unlimited potential of the positive attitude and redefine the current use of excuses to be a concept we cannot visualize. It is the goal-oriented who achieve...not the intellectual philospher who makes excuses. Books are just a part of the process...they are not the answer. The answer comes when we physically manifest truth in this reality.


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                              Authentic spirituality which transcends subjective individualism is oriented toward truth. Science, at its humanly best (authentic science) is also oriented toward truth. There is no contradiction between them. Without adherence or orientation toward ultimate truth, which characterizes authentic spirituality, science becomes an exercise in existential absurdity, and a tool open to subjective misuse. We can see this in cases where the break between science and seeking of/adherence to truth is not present, leading to horrific experimentation on peoples, human cloning and other humanly destructive practices.
                              My .02 worth...