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Evidence of true meaning of life?

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  • Evidence of true meaning of life?

    Has the meaning of life been established long ago? Are we forgetting why we are here? Google Wade Welch Deal or No Deal. Answers are available. Leave the excuses behind.

    It is all simple basic math and science...sixth grade stuff. If you can read 20 pages and want more answers, discover why we are being mislead. If you want to know why the Kennedys were really killed, or why we really went to the moon, or if you just want to know what humanity has been doing for the last 50,000 years...oh don't really care about truth, do you?

    You do?

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    the nest step

    Once you have read Deal or No Deal, and you understand the basics of science in our dimension, and can relate to the negative verses the positive charges, and the resulting vibration, and either believe in reincarnation or are curious, read some more.

    My autobiography is quite popular, and a story you will not believe. The strangest stories are the true ones. Today I walk among those who are not wealthy. I have rejected money and normal society, as I live for my purpose and support the soul.

    I have 5 free eBooks online. Four of them are on many sites, while the last one is only on one site. It is important to read the four books first and then the last one...which is Origins of Truth.



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      So, I've only just started the first book, 40 pages shouldn't take a long time. Since the premiss seems to be evolution of self, I'm all for it. Alchemy's first step is the realization to do more then simply dream, but to break open and examine the content of and elevate through effort. Maybe these books will provide new material for my efforts.


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        Great! Feel free to post a reply here and give a review. And if you want a really strange true story, read my autobiography. Remember the Apollo astronauts Aldrin and Mitchell, who went to the moon, and a few years ago came clean about aliens. Not only is my story inline with theirs, it is connected. Truth is readily available now more than ever before, as our government has lost some control over their secrets.

        Sure, there are plenty more secrets that would change our persepctives, but it won't be long before we all know for sure. One of the main purposes in life is to seek truth, and to combine science with spirituality. We are now doing exactly that.

        This world is all about sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, and spheres. They all have vibration, and it is directly relative to the amount of negative charge. This negative charge is why we are here, and why the aliens are here, and why our secret leaders lie.

        Answers to our questions are written.