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  • Energetic Forum Shutting Down!

    Hello everyone,

    It is with deep disappointment that I have to inform you all that Energetic Forum has been ordered by the Federal Government to be shut down in 72 hours due to alleged copyright violations that they don't have to prove.

    I hope everyone has enjoyed their time here over the years and have been able to benefit from all the sharing between members. Our aim was to make a difference but it appears that it is now too late and the other forums with similar topics, especially health and free energy related forums are also being ordered to shut down.

    If only we had enough members that would have actually contacted their state representatives to tell them to vote no against the SOPA bill, we would be permitted to continue.

    NOTICE: To avoid having a message like the above one posted, which can easily become a reality if the SOPA bill passes, TAKE ACTION PLEASE! Otherwise, open source will be flushed down the drain by bogus copyright infringement claims!
    Aaron Murakami

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    You had me scared. I just heard about this on the TV news last night. If it goes
    through they say that Canada will do a similar thing in the next few years. Hope
    it will not pass.



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      Thanks for bringing this proposed law to our attention. Wikipedia has also blacked out for the same reason. Every one of us needs to make it clear to our congressmen that this law is simply unacceptable to us.
      Roger D


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        Absolutely dreadful news, what a terrible state of affairs.

        I hope there is a plan to regroup elsewhere if this happens.


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          there will be

          Originally posted by soundiceuk View Post
          Absolutely dreadful news, what a terrible state of affairs.

          I hope there is a plan to regroup elsewhere if this happens.
          There will be always a "way" to get through the iron bars of this messed system.
          Time has proven such a thing.
          It is up to every sincere people here and any-other open free
          information members all around globe,but if things will get strict
          enough it will be more dificult and such will make our lives more difficult.
          That`s the so called NWO is trying to enslave populations
          so people cannot defeat them.
          But there`s hope guys.
          They will have epic-fail and some reasons are that religions cannot
          help regimes anymore,at last not that much as once upon a time.
          Reason being their sheep have abandoned the fold/pasture for obvious facts.
          You know what I mean ? Supression of freedom of speak and freedom of
          knowledge from big gigantic religions that dominated once the world.

          Now ? They use popular enormous media structures trying to modeling
          people`s beliefs and way of thinking,fearing them one way or another
          and so one.But its not easy for them even if they have world`s
          richness ,gold,money,porn-industries & similar things,list is long
          Folks watch out >
          One advice goes to everyone of us to be very careful on what we
          accept as truth and what reality is in fact.
          Don`t be scared people,that`s what their goal is ..

          Sorry for long reply but I felt it was useful in this case.
          Have nice days seeing bb & tptb fail their attempts
          << BP Ultimate + Shell-V Power + Allies (opec) = the Ultimate Power Aligators to Suck People`s Blood !-! >>


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            Please make a backup or offline version of the forum and release it to the community throught torrents.

            Do not let this information get lost.


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              It would be nice if this forum's contents were available for backup as torrent files. Or if there was an option to download an entire thread.



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                I did pondering about this posting above too, but gladly or fortunatly its -only- the worst Case what can happen, when they push the Sopa Bill trough and the Gov or any from the subdivisions use this junk Bill for her Pleasure.
                For this Copyright Issue anyone can cleary see how far this Nonsense go at Microsoft and other Companys, what actually more slow down free Developement with her Copyright fights as to make innovative Steps.

                Bad Shock for me, i came back online after 2 Weeks without Internet and had to read a Message like this first.
                Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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         siezed and shut down. This is no joke


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                    What the hell is going on with AMERICA??????!


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                      The Politicians Are At It Again

                      Will they never stop?

                      SOPA, PIPA Stalled: Meet the OPEN Act | PCWorld

                      Say Hello to OPEN, the SOPA and PIPA replacement.

                      Don't Tread On Our Internet

                      Internet Liberty

                      Internet Liberty | Facebook





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                        There are webcopier programs out there that will back up this entire site, and anyone can do it... just a thought.

                        In the meantime, like Aaron says:

                        Protest the bill.

                        Side thought:

                        I do web design and recently my server was hijacked by Russian SEO trojans that force redirects, making false pages on server accounts. These pages all contain links to illegal downloadable software. Under the new laws, that'd hold my clients, and me responsible. Not the real criminals: the Russian SEO guys' doing their blackhat tricks. How stupid would that be.
                        Alberta is under attack...

                        Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P


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                          which webcopier speifically?
                          0P3N S0UR(E 3NG1N33R1NG


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                            This is not only about SOPA.
                            SOPA is just the last action in a series that you, Americans, agreed silently or had a weak response to.
                            You had the 9/11 humongous lie choked on your throat by a hand of gangsters & traitors from politics, FBI, secret services and military from US and their 'saint' ally. You had Patriot Act which is a fascist document all over and against Bill of Rights. You let them invade countries on false pretexts, only because a hand of warmongers from Middle East said so.
                            But history proved many times that what goes around, comes around, and if YOU, Americans, don't act quick and make a swift cleanse where real evil resides, you will be the one living behind barbed wire fences in a brainwashed society.
                            All other nations are looking in disbelief at you and ask themselves "WHEN WILL THEY THROW IN JAIL THOSE PARASITES?" They are only a few thousands. You are hundreds of millions and armed. Do you really believe you will succeed by democratic means?? No way, they have the justice, the media, and the balls.
                            Why are you yellow? YOU have the moral obligation to start the revolution and all other countries will follow. We have our eyes on you and hope for the better. Don't disappoint us.


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                              So uhh....whatcha got in mind?