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  • Muammer Yildiz

    Muammer Yildiz

    I am very pleased to have met the inventor in person on the 20th of april 2010.
    (Technical university Delft Netherlands as shown in the Youtube video).
    I have attended this meeting and i am in contact with the tue Eindhoven in the Netherlands (Duarte).

    As it seems the community in the Netherlands have invited Muammer Yildiz to go on with his project with help from us.

    My opinion on what he has shown yesterday :

    He is not lying .
    The motor does what it claims to do .
    Nothing is hidden as far as i could see.

    In the near future i would like to meet Yildiz again in my own home town Eindhoven at the T.U.E to take a second look at his machine and discuss further on measurements yet to be taken.

    Greetings from Holland (not only tulip's wooden shoes and windmills)

    YouTube - Tesla komt na 100 jaar toch weer om de hoek


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    Not convinced.

    Although well machined, there seems to be an awful lot of space between the magnetic poles and the rotor. If I have learn't anything in my years it is that the air gap it critical to performance, as flux prefers to travel in anything metallic rather than air.

    Alarm bells ring whenever I see sealed canisters, and the use of dissimilar metals is enough to provide galvanic electricity in itself.

    I have to wonder if this guy is trying to sell a patent on a device - and make a quick exit before he is found out.

    There has to be simpler models to prove his theories.
    If this is truly a magnetic motor - why the complicated start-up procedure ?

    Anyone measuring a motors capacity to do work is interested in one thing only - torque! - why all this confusion over using wind speed as a measuement ? - Seems to be slight of hand if it is a diversionary tactic.

    Oh well - at least he gets to stay cool this summer


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      Here's one with views of the Rotor design. It appears to be a Turkish TV news report.

      YouTube - Muammer Yildiz Free Energy Device(HQ).flv

      If it is "real", the actual torque of the output would matter very little: Ever see old photos of the first ammonia-based refrigeration units for ice houses? They were the size of a house themselves, and put out about the same as a window-mounted air conditioner today.... at probably about 1% of the current efficiency (...even without Rotorverter tech ).


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        May be is Energetic Forum a place to talk about the patent. In other forums it's only about Yildiz is a cheater Yes or No. OK, again:
        Looking near to Yildiz claims in the patent, he writes about an inner stator, the rotor as a hollow cylinder, and an outer stator. In his drawings you can see this principle in fig.11 in fig.17a and very clear in fig.21 and 22. I think that is the crux. There is a certain order of magnets on all of those parts. Using an hollow rotor and within a core stator is genial. It makes as if the rotor runs on magnetic bearings. Fig. 22 shows how this construction works as a tri-force rotor and maybe as a Halbach array. Fig. 21 explains more about the set up of the magnets and the polarization.
        His approach in ordering the magnets is for sure very original.


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          Appears True

          It does appear true...
          Where is the proof
          "But ye shall receive power..."
          Acts 1:8


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            If this were some sort of con, would all those boffins filmed in the Dutch university video be so stupid as to fall for it? They did get to examine the motor after it was dismantled so, surely they would be able to tell if something was shady or underhand.

            or maybe people think all of those scientists were in on the scam? lol

            I think this is real, my gut tells me so and if proven then what a fantastic machine it is!

            what is he doing when he hammers something to get it started? it looks like he is tapping a pin of some sort into it

            Best regards
            The history of science shows that theories are perishable.With every new truth that is revealed,we get a better understanding of Nature and our conceptions and views are modified. - Nikola Tesla