I have created a brief PDF outlining Oliver Heaviside's method of solving differential equations in electrical engineering.

I have recently been learning about Oliver Heaviside's operational calculus method of solving differential equations related to electrical engineering. In the PDF I have applied the method for solving differential equation to derive four generic formulas related to how the current and voltage change with respect to time in RC and RL circuits.

It should be evident from the PDF that this technique can be applied to analyse the same circuits under the action of different stimulus wave forms. The technique could also be applied to any other problems which involve differential equations of the same form (given that it is fundamentally a purely mathematical technique) not limited purely to electrical engineering.

From a theoretical standpoint it is a very practical and useful tool for electrical engineering given that using the technique only consists in substituting things into a formula and then solving the resulting integral. It is also interesting to note that no initial conditions are required in order to solve the differential equation discussed within the PDF.

I am happy to answer any questions about what is contained within the PDF or the fundamental mathematical techniques which are required to understand the content of the PDF.

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