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    What Mr. Lunkster comments that for years he has been studying magnetism, magnets, and clearly comments that he seeks an improvement in motors with the strength of magnets, that magnetic energy is already there permanent and seeks to take advantage of it with a minimum of application of energy, how strong is in permanent magnets.

    And to be able to take advantage of the magnetism and have a movement or displacement on a rotor, use some electromagnets with an air core, applying 25% of energy.

    There is a proposal, an idea, a project, whoever wants to do it or test it, can do it, and test if it works as it is theoretically proposed, or realize that it is not operational.

    The principles that he uses and his proposal are not new, so his prototype is novel because it is his design that he proposes.

    He open many that. they will study his proposal, another will invalidate it, or validate it, but I think that few will use a simple reply to see the results.

    Most of this forum does not build or experiment, they theorize a lot (it is valid), but from pure theory you cannot solve everything, or give accepted conclusions.

    Other users wait for the prototypes and results and videos, some accept those demonstrations and their results, and others do not accept anything, not even with tests, but if a prototype that uses the principles or ideas that has been given in this forum, they will find it in sale already manufactured and I pay for it, there if the prototype is valid paying for it.


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      I respect Mr. Smith and his work. I know that a lot of people smarter than me have been working off of his work and that they all have been doing great things. I currently do not have even a power supply for a lab. That will change this Christmas.
      I did post this same information at another forum and someone has purchased that parts and is building the prototype motor, so it did help to post my information. The tank circuit I came up with to work as part of the motor, I thought was original, but later found out other people were doing the same thing. So for me, coming up with ideas that other people have already had means that there could be some truth in them. I will take your advise and start testing a little more and posting less. THe reason I have been sharing, is because there are several posts at these forums and people do not read them all. It is good for the information to resurface so the newer people can see how other people approach these things. I am at about the same age as my father was when he passed away. THey say you can not take it with you, so before I leave this world, I thought that maybe there could be one thing in my book that would trigger another thought of another person that would help them in their research. But I being a blue collar worker should have realized that my mind can not even come close to thiers.

      I really do enjoy every comment I receive because I see some truth in each and every one of them
      So thank you all for your comments.



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        That's right, sir,. Lunkster your publication first I saw it in another forum, and it's good that someone is already building your prototype.

        In his proposal I see, as I said, some alternatives to what has already been built, and return to that to try new things, and it is good that the accumulation of his research and study shares it with us.

        Now it is up to any of us to resume work and build or experiment with your proposal, and if there is to modify or improve it it would be valuable, it is what you propose, thank you for sharing it.

        Although I am in another project, I will carry out some simple tests, to check the displacement as you propose, from the simple I will build to the more complicated.

        The first test will be to put the magnets and the electromagnet in the minimum as in its first illustration where it explains its principle of operation, since I have some doubts of operation, in the magnet attraction, since it is also between two magnets that also attract, (at what point will it stay), how much current will I have to apply to the coil to attract the magnet (since it is attracted by another magnet) the generated field should be stronger to attract the magnet, etc, that's why you have to Do the tests.

        And so I am doing tests, and testing what works.

        There are XT pc power supplies, you can get them from discarded computers
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          I tried to bait you, Lunkster, and you passed the test. I would kindly direct you to the bistander thread. Two veterans of this forum have been dueling it out for a long time and were relegated to their own niche on this site because of the name calling and other bad behavior. Even so, they both have a lot of good ideas AND actually build stuff. Since some of their builds are close in concept to yours I think you would find it very interesting. Good luck!
          There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


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            As I was working the second shift last night, I thought a lot about what you wrote to me. It made me realize that I do need to make changes to my book. I will be removing the three legged transformer legged generator circuits because they are to close to other peoples designs. I may use the either the two legged transformer of Low Torque Generator.

            I will also make it very clear that most of my writings and drawings are in my opinion what I see as working. I will also place a disclaimer at the beginning at the book that explains that the theories I have in the book have not be tested and that I have not done a thorough search on the internet for other peoples work before showing my work. This will not only protect me, but other people from thinking that my work is fact instead of theory.

            Again, I want to thank you Alexelectric for pointing these things out to me, You have made a different in how I will present my material in the future.

            Thank you all for your comments,
            Please forgive me for not seeing these things before.



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              From what you commented


              As I was working the second shift last night, I thought a lot about what you wrote to me. It made me realize that I do need to make changes to my book. I will be removing the three legged transformer legged generator circuits because they are to close to other peoples designs. I may use the either the two legged transformer of Low Torque Generator.

              Lunkster,I suggest that you do not change anything, what you can do put the reference of your research, leave it like that, any reference serves to have more data and information, and they are important, take as much of what I tell you please, do not feel that this Taking ideas from others, it is valid, just clarify and put the reference, all investigations are like that.

              And where you create or have a new idea of ​​yours, clarify that it is your proposal, a new proposal, and if it is based on someone or something, just put the references.

              Lunkster your contributions and data, and the information of your ideas, are important, whether they are functional or not, you have a spirit to investigate and create, you can get your ideas right or you can fail, but the most important thing is to try, and go ahead.

              Every researcher sees something previous from other researchers, and tries to improve it, it is valid, and may have principles of others, but there are electromagnetic principles that are of the very nature of objects or materials, and those do not have patents, prototypes do, if they were pantomimed.

              I am studying your proposal, to see that it is viable, and if it can be improved, or it can be used to adapt it to other prototypes.

              You have to carry out the tests, because from the notion and theoretical proposal, sometimes it is far from the functional, and it is until it is verified when you validate the theoretical proposal.

              From your project and some of this forum we have spent experimenting on magnets and their magnetic use, hopefully someone else will take up something from your proposal and perform tests.

              We will continue in contact informing and exchanging information.
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