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Dr Streven Greer crowdfunding: Overunity research lab

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  • Dr Streven Greer crowdfunding: Overunity research lab

    Dear fellow clean energy enthusiasts,

    Does the name Steven Greer ring any bells? If not, you must listen to his long but insightful talk on Youtube. He is a medical doctor with alleged firsthand evidence and testimonies from hundreds of ex-military black ops people to come clean against unacknowledged research projects involving the cover-up of UFO and related technology. This last is of particular interest to us since it concerns precisely the kind of inventions referring to scalar magnetic wave devices, and overunity machines.

    He has released a documentary called Sirius (available on vimeo and soon on Youtube) and is now seeking crowdfunding for his next project to release a new documentary and book at the same time in the fall. Last but not least, he is getting his lab materialized for the funding of these new energy inventions.

    So check these links and support the truth. Our system is so very corrupt that it would either take pitchforks across the nation or a technological revolution so big that it would destabilize the powers that be financially.

    Dr. Steven Greer | the campaign that ends illegal ufo & free energy secrecy

    Sirius Disclosure

    Youtube links
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