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Romanian Renewable Energy Association

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  • Romanian Renewable Energy Association

    Our team offers:
    1. consultancy and design for projects in renewable energy sector (SHP, Wind and Solar);
    2. project management as long as the project is in progress:
    providing all the necessary approvals for carrying out the project;
    technical studies in all phases of design;
    beneficiary representation in relation to local authorities;
    recommendations regarding possible partnership;
    financial and risk analysis of the project;
    3. consultancy regarding energy efficiency (decrease energy consumption, providing the latest equipment, etc);
    4. locations for SHP;
    5. external financing in order to develope energy projects;
    6. innovative security system, specially built by the Israeli army to secure photovoltaic parks;
    7. ready-to-build PV projects.

    More details on our website: Acasa ROREA ROREA!