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6 * URGENT * Updates for 2013

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  • 6 * URGENT * Updates for 2013

    It's been a while since our last update. We survived 12/21/12 and are already through the first month of 2013. That date never really meant the "end of the world" but more of the start of a new era so let's help usher in some things that can help catalyze the new beginning in the best way possible.

    SUPPORTING ERIC DOLLARD is a great way to support the energy field. He is one of the few living legends, if not the only one, in the alternative energy field that actually comprehends exactly what Telsa was doing with the wireless electricity technology. Not only is he a regular contributor to Energetic Forum, he has freely shared an absolute compendium of information relating to his theories and ideas of electricity and much he has experimentally proven to work. Over the years, Eric has encountered many hardships and resistances to his efforts to bring forward the truth about many Tesla related technologies and he has personally paid the price for this. Learn more about Eric Dollard here and if you want his work to continue, you can always consider making a donation to his work.

    I LIVING APPLICATION is one of the newest on the scenes self help tools that can also help to boost your abundance and turn your phone into your own personal ATM Machine! The OFFICIAL LAUNCH is still a day away, but in the meantime, you can learn more and stay ahead of the curve by visiting this website: iLA

    THE QUANTUM KEY by Aaron Murakami was the first publication by E.S.M., which is the non-profit organization that started Energetic Forum several years back. Next month is yet another anniversary for Energetic Forum. Over the years, The Quantum Key has evolved into a type of cult-classic. Recently, Aaron Murakami released the 5th Edition of his book and it rocks the cradle in a fairly disruptive way. Not only has his Aetheric model been expanded, he shows proof with elementary school math and junior high school equations that conventional thermodynamics are false at face value. Over the last few years, not one single person has been able to mathematically refute these claims. To learn more, visit:

    To get the original paperback published several years back, you can go here: - just click the book cover - these make great gifts!

    PATHS remains the leader in "quantum" based mind technologies that not only works, but exceeds the benefits of any other technology that makes similar claims. The powerful synchronicity module remains one of the most popular amongst PATHS members. The synchronicity module is based on an interesting meditation/mind technique developed by Aaron Murakami called the Time Travel Meditation, which you can read here:

    Now imagine the power of this concept was available to you at very high power AND it was practically on autopilot? That is what you would get with the PATHS Synchronicity module. It is an experience that is not able to be described by words - you simply have to experience it for yourself to know. Try it out at the discounted price and you will instantly know it is what you've always been waiting for - there are no coincidences!

    THE BEDINI SSG is the most replicated "free energy" device in the world. Over the years, only a very small percentage of people replicating John Bedini's technology has accomplished the same results as him. Peter Lindemann and Aaron Murakami released a new book with John's blessings called Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook, which lays out the entire "how to" on the SSG with John's own personal specifications that he uses to build his own. This is the most comprehensive publication on the Bedini SSG to date and is the only one that John Bedini has stated is accurate. To get your hands on this highly-acclaimed book, go here:

    If you happen to be someone that doesn't want to build everything from scratch yourself, you can always get one of the new Bedini SSG Energizer Motor kits here:

    And if you're not sure what any of this Bedini SSG stuff is all about, then get this free document here:

    THE NEXT BEDINI-LINDEMANN 2013 CONFERENCE is coming this summer. At the end of June, this three day event is sure to be empowering. Last year's event was only 2 days long and for the same admission fee, you get an extra day this year. You'll get to personally meet and mingle with some of the "free energy" living legends like Peter Lindemann and John Bedini while learning the things that any free energy enthusiast can appreciate. Learn more here:

    ESM & Energetic Forum

    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO

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    Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed part2

    Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed part2 - YouTube

    Revolution has begun : Free Energy exposed

    Revolution Has Begun : Free Energy exposed.swf - YouTube

    True working repeatable device original patent of Colman from 1956
    using 100% non radioactive compound in 45mm lonf glass tube and 5mm diameter inside.

    That puts new light to my Lithuania experiment wher Aidas Arunas and I Wesley have been extracting electrical energy of subsequently 60, 150, 600 and 1 kW of power.

    The secret of replication yoke device is NOT enough power was delivered to activate yoke.

    I have successively validated Colman patent and
    There is need only for 25W or more at 70cm band from cheap ham radio transmitter.
    Composition if 30miligrams of compound is in original patent.

    Supporting material is also included in
    1 Army 1988 ferrite transmutation experiment
    Institute for Exploratory Research, US Army Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703, U.S.A.
    Received 22 December 1969. Available online 6 May 2004
    due to secrecy act
    Examples Ferrite replacement of metal compound in within the ferrite by ion caused by FREQUENCY!!!!!
    at the same time energy level of ferrite has changed. everything is done by changing frequency of oscillation. - Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids - Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of Mn55 in the Mn substituted hexagonal ferrite Ba2Zn2-xFe12-yMnx+yO22

    2.Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer effect
    3.PowerPedia:BetaVoltaic - PESWiki
    Army Research Lab did betavoltaic testing in 1954 using dissimilar metals. In one device not much larger than a car battery they were successful in achieving a 70 watt output
    4.Betavoltaics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The device works
    Based on eveidence I see direct connection to John Hutchison transmutation and antigravity experiment as both uses source of power.
    and Dr Judy Wood revelation to 9/11

    The technology does not contaminate and lives no trace after energy level is balanced.
    Based on my personal opinion is safer than your home microwave.
    And all it needs is proper enclosure


    Legal statement :
    I'm not responsible for your action
    never touch it ,never try it

    mote not associated with first one

    he he he he he he he he he

    for info visit youtube channel stivep1


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      Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube
      Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube

      I do apologize taking stand in this section but I strongly believe that this is the right direction to go.

      You expect NEWS and I have news and the best of all NO SECRETS

      new development:
      Quote from: x_name41 on Today at 05:31:11 PM
      hello stivep and congratulations for your successful experiment, but would you explain is there a some connection between your conception and that of the Andrea Rossi and his reactor of cold nuclear fusion?, thanks in advance!
      The Magic of Mr. Rossi
      The Magic of Mr. Rossi - YouTube

      Yes I see connection between Andrea Rossi and my experiment.
      Andrea Rossi stays about secret ingredient additive for his device to work
      Andrea Rossi use aluminium foil around his device- from the perspective of Calorimetry in terms of heat conservation, this foil is a joke so what would be another reason to use aluminium foil well resaonable suspicion would be Beta radiation.
      By that token if say compound (substance) is non radioactive that Colman 1956 would be explanation for it .............
      because Rossi and original patent of Edison in my video Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part 3 shows nickel as part of compound used by Hendershot.
      Colman does not use Nickel - different method of extraction -that is only what you looking for essence of it.
      And I have seen it as early version of Hendershot later Colman stating that 110V at 10A= 1.1kW for 30 milligrams only!!
      is to be extracted from glass tube of 5mm inside diameter and 45mm long with assuming 14 layers of compound
      If cobalt is one of initiators of this process along with phosphates (phosphorus based)
      Than if it happened that we take Coleman heat eruption ( not utilized by Colman) as factor of Rossi process but triggered by Beta radiation than we have answer to Andrea Rossi secret.
      Worse it comes that if the secret additive will be proven as not included in the patent than he is in trouble.

      But maybe he hided secret ingredient being afraid that before he gets big money his patent will be in denial by the reason to Colman priority rights.

      By analyzing Rossi and Colman we might see just different way of extracting energy
      That explain different structure and different additives to the compound
      For Rossi Temperature is dominating factor.


      Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze

      Recent edition that might help to identify not only Rossi but TK as well
      There you go - here is your Beta radiation supported by evidence of aluminium foil used to stop it.
      look at video link you will find it.
      in overunity forum I added 3 pictures:
      first picture is ludlum from ebay
      the two last are Rossi toys.
      I hate to ruin anyone business but
      It looks like Rossi will have problem with money earning
      by patent rights priority of Colman.

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        Originally posted by stivep View Post
        Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube
        Revolution has begun Free Energy Exposed part3 - YouTube

        I do apologize taking stand in this section but I strongly believe that this is the right direction to go.

        You expect NEWS and I have news and the best of all NO SECRETS

        Hi Wesley,

        Thanks for the video. Below is reference material.

        Harold COLMAN & Ronald GILLESPIE : Power Generator ( Cadmium, phosphorus & cobalt + High frequency EM )

        A new apparatus for producing an electric current - Nu Energy â„¢

        Patent #GB 763062:


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          Aaron, I can not access the links for the mind power book or the Quantum Key. It says that it can not find the server for white dragon press. I also tried to access the document that explains the Bidini stuff and could not access that either. Not sure if there is an issue with the website, or with my computer. Thanks,
          Real products that activate dormant spiritual abilities


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            Thanks for sharing this information!