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Forget Einsteins 'Theory', this ways easier

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  • Forget Einsteins 'Theory', this ways easier

    I learned how time travel is possible during my near death experience while in a coma.
    I myself have traveled time during my coma. Human Beings have the knowledge already, but haven't thought it in the expansion for time travel, and that Knowledge is knowing how a song and movie is recorded on tape.

    The Earth we live on is in a magnetic bubble, the core of earth has magnetic activity and covers all up to the magnetic sphere all around earth.

    For better understanding my Analogy is: The earth is as a VCR Tape Cartridge, the magnetic activity from the core of earth to the magnetic sphere all around earth is as the magnetics on the tape in a VCR tape cartridge, life on earth is as the movie on the Tape in three dimentions without the Atom made Tape, Rotation and Revolution of Earth is as the VCR.

    Einstein figured time travel out in a very complicated way in theory from his intelligence, I figured it out by memory from my near death experience, like playing a song by ear and never learning it by written music.

    In the Bible it says our time is different then Gods time, and that is because God is a planet of supreme beings light years from earth, and our time is in a magnetic bubble and works from Rotation and Revolution. This is how there is Prophecy in the Bible, and the Bible code, how people can be psychic, and why some people get those erie Dezivous like they have lived this moment before.
    When a person dies they go back in time and are reborn.

    From Jeff
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    Interesting theory,i"ll have to re-read it again to better understanding this explanation.


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