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    i have been looking for wave form that Bob saw when testing his boat anomalies

    why im asking is because if this was both diod failure is sould be "elevated" sinewave
    if this was one diod failure it sould be "elevated" and hi or low part of sinewave

    so what exacly was the that?

    after watching this video

    i think i have got it

    so alternator have 3 phases, each is separetly recified but in his case one of the phases rectifier went short so we got elevated sine wave

    something like this

    but one more thing gets me thinking if the frequency is arround 42.8khz and we want to add some harmoniocs to increase effect we sould multiply this frequency like here, or base frequency is 10.7 and 21.4 and 42.8 are harmonics?

    looking at bob puls modulator here i see that this will only put positive pulses on top of dc but what about negatives one? maybe they are not needed?

    well i have found few patents similar and there is only one that have only positive pulses on top of dc but rest of them uses both positive and negative pulses on top of dc ....

    what you guys think?

    cheers from poland

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    Originally posted by wojwrobel View Post

    i have been looking for wave form that Bob...
    Have you checked out this? :

    Chapter 5 and Chapter 10 will interest you.


    (p.s. I am pretty sure that you need octaves, not harmonics).


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      but there is one more thing that dont fit !!! its the frequency as Bob said 42,8 khz or arround

      ok engine drives from arround 700 to 7000 rpm so that is 7000/60=116 rps then it drives an alternator thru belt gear 1-4 max so we have 116x4=464 rps at alternator wich have 15-18 poles at rotor that represents that each round will generate 18 cycle/round per phase max so 464x18=8352 cycles per second which is herts ??

      so my question to Bob how he could reach 42000hz when alterantor can get only 8352hz???

      i think it may be some harmonics that he later discover but on that video he says that when he connected the boate to oscilloscope he saw 42000hz??? how ??? maybe somebody have other ideas??

      cheers from poland

      Ron Poul 2012

      fcuk romney!!!!!
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        Originally posted by wojwrobel View Post
        but there is one more thing that dont fit !!! its the frequency as Bob said 42,8 khz or arround
        You should read Patrick's massive mega-work. it is all laid out
        precisely and in detail.

        The frequency comes from an electronic package which generates, I
        believe, 42.8khz, 21.4khz and 10.7khz i.e. the frequency expounded
        by John Worrel Keely, 42.8, along with one octave down, and then
        another octave down on that. All three frequencies get thrown at
        the water which is fractured into hydrogen and oxygen. (Strictly
        speaking, this is not electrolysis; the molecules are broken).

        Please note: no mention of harmonics.


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          i agree , i also have read this document

          but You have to agree that something is wrong, from mechanical point of view , he cant get so hi frequency (42khz) out of standard alternator.

          Dont uderstand me wrong i not trying to disprove the effect i just want to understand it more !

          i assume that he had some good results with lower octaves like 5300hz but propably he had the best results at 42.8 and 21 and 10

          im about to replicate the effect shorting diods from one of windings at alterator just to see what wave form it produces, why?

          because in alternator has 3 phases each "delayed" "wound" at 120 degress out of phase from each other so when you have two of them rectified and one is not they might produce "unique" different wave that i think!

          like i said i just want to understand it more!



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            ok i have tried with one phase shorted and i have to say its imposible to rotate the alternator it stops imidietly!!! so its not possible that its dead short on one phase

            ok second step i took i have burned the diod and after diod is burned (it actually explodes) there is no connection meaning singnal from phase dont go any further than shorted diod

            but each (phase) windings have two diod when one of them is burned (no connection) the other is still working and the phase on oscilloscope is EXACLY AS YELLOW PHASE except it has both parts positive (negative part is on top)

            the funny thing is that it doesnt matter which diod is burned it always showes the same effect

            cheers from poland
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              Originally posted by wojwrobel View Post
              i agree , i also have read this document

              but You have to agree that something is wrong, from mechanical point of view , he cant get so hi frequency (42khz) out of standard alternator.
              He doesn't. He gets his 42.8khz from an electronics package.
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                im awere about his electronics

                but what i was researching is how he got there !!

                here is a video that he describes exacly how he first noticed this effect


                about his circiut- i think there are easiest ways to produce the same effect but not using transformers which have their own hysterises especialy with high frequencies!!! thats why it takes fine tunning to strat the process and tunes out very easy when production starts as density of electrolyte changes....



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                  Bob Boyce Back From the Dead

                  A few years back I talked to Bob and he lost his wife and daughter
                  then he was so sick, he thought he was going next but he recovered.
                  THEY couldn't kill Bob Boyce. Look for Part 2 and part 3 next.

                  I still have all your stuff Bob.

                  Bob Boyce™ presentation at the Tesla Tech Conference 2017. Part 1



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                    100% Fueled by Hydroxy Gas

                    Special pulsing circuit to separate water apart.

                    Motorbike runs fueled by 100% tap water!



                    Greek inventor and electronic engineer Petros Zografos presents here
                    an application of his patented method for oscillatory pulse catalytic
                    hydrogen (HHO) extraction from sea water to be used as fuel.
                    A miniaturized model of his generator is adjusted onto a motorbike,
                    without modifying the existing engine, and HHO is fed into the
                    internal carburettor from a plastic tube.
                    Note that the driver does never touch his right hand on the wheel gas
                    socket, but only uses it to rudimentary regulate the flow of hydrogen
                    from the device into the engine.
                    Under direct video recording, the motorbike travels about 10 kilometres
                    along a scenic seaside highway, having consumed only a small fraction
                    of the water in the tank.
                    The inventor explains that mass production of his invention will insert
                    in motorcycles only a small box, 30 cm x 30 cm, and not this large
                    prototype he uses in the video demonstration.



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                      Boyce TPU

                      Boyce pulsed TPU hitting a battery and supercap.

                      I guess Bob never met anyone he could explain his system too.


                      Pleiadian Records
                      Published on Feb 11, 2017
                      hi just wanna show you my closed lopped free energy device and
                      what the Bob Boyce coil can do, i'm running my laptop and the
                      machine on free energy please share!!this is a great breaktrough 2:1
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