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Discussion. Best way to use heat from HHO to generate electricity

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  • Archived Files Update

    I'm working on some new files for everyone. The pdf file compiled from all the
    Power1 entries on OU got pretty big and cumbersome to be a useful document
    anymore. It's still readable, but it's so big that it's hard to find the
    master's stuff. There's just to much interference in there, so I decided to
    make an easier version for myself and I will share it with everyone when it's
    done. The new version will be comprised of all the threads dealing with Power1
    information and broken into three distinct documents. The first will be a
    compilation of all of Power 1's posts dealing with his device. The second will
    deal with all Power1's post dealing with higher self and learning. The third,
    will be a compilation of all of Romo's posts dealing with the Power1 device.
    Romo is a very enthusiastic player and has added a lot of information that is
    very interesting and useful to this project. Anyway, I just wanted to give you
    a heads up. I'm still here but working on other things including this Power1


    • Slovenia

      Good to hear from you Slovenia. I have been busy with other things also. Still
      it is nice to see an occasional post from you.



      • Tip of the Iceberg

        Hi George,

        Nice to see you posting also.

        I think what Power1 has shown us so far is only the tip of the iceberg. I think what he wants to show us is impossible to understand without first understanding these basic elements he has been trying to teach us, (i.e.: making the zinc crystals; understanding how they fit in the equation; and then all the individual nuances of the cells itself). I can't wait to hear about the electric wind and how it fits into the equation. This is very exciting stuff.

        Best Regards,


        • Power1 Post from OU (Post #348)

          Hey Romo,
          Great job, observe well and Nature will reveal all there is to know.

          I hope everyone has made an effortt to read the suggested books to gain a true understanding of electrical waves. There are many ways to do this project, very simple coils can be build wit common materials, you can control your frequency in many different ways, they are very simple, really!.

          The leaf is a discrete electrolysis method using well known element polarity properties. PEM is done real cheap with common elements, do not believe the hype that you need expensive noble elements. There are lots of publications already covering this field, the Russians had many great findings both in PEM and Sonochemistry, Sonofusion. Study your elements and their electrical properties. Nature works hard to keep our balance, in this method, you would have to alloy elements to obtain desired property. As Tesla had said, matter does not contain energy, energy comes only from the enviroment where it is abundant. Keeley had done a fine job describing Matter and Force.

          The Sun provides us with abundant amount of energy daily. These are all waves, many wave lengths. Nature does produce HHO daily, enormous amount of HHO. This may not be practical for closed loop automotive use but one can make some space and you can produce all of the HHO that you may ever need just by using natural crystals, quartz etc, you just have to size your crystals proportional to the wave that you wish to harvest. By alloying or doping crystals with other elements, you increase the effeciency of the crystals

          Man creates artificial obstacles that nature breaks down with atomic decay, but if you create according to Nature's defined pathways, you will allow the force of Nature of oscillating waves to do useful work that we call energy instead of decaying unorganized structures tthat Man loves to create. What is the size of the waves?. Size your collector accordingly, use known geometries to govern waves. That is how you harvest energy with PbS.

          If you understand Nature, hopefully you are starting to do so, you will see that everything is abundant. That is why we are all Equal, all of the wealth that Man desires is right in front of him, but One that can See will find it very silly to care for such nonesense and worthless things.

          The only thing of Value is life it self, and perhaps the Stone but a Man that can See will grow tired of it soon.

          Good luck all and have a nice day.


          • Power1 Post from OU (Post #349)

            March 28, 2011

            For what it's worth, crystals is Nature's designed circuit to generate/ harvest waves. There is nothing else that you need to do, Nature does the work for you. What is in a Leaf, Lattice, this is biological lattice of tuned crystals.

            You are the creator, you can create anything according to your liking.


            • Power1 Post from OU (Post #351)

              March 28, 2011

              Thank you for your continued efforts.

              YouTube - Dr. Daniel G. Nocera
              Very good video on MIT electrolysis material, at the end, he does tell you the elements that they use, there's also an element that will allow self repair of your crystals. These are common elements that you can find everywhere. We are doing sonofusion here where we create fog and HHO for ICE fuel .

              If you are want just straight DC, then electrolysis is the way to go. Your crystals will work there also. What is going into the water through electrodes?. Waves. What is the plant absorbing through it' leaves?. Waves, BUT, you can harvest a wider array of the spectrum than what a plant can.

              Quote from: Slovenia on March 28, 2011, 12:27:54 PM

              It was very good to see you post again!! I'm glad you are still with us.


              • Romo Post from OU (Post 355)

                March 28, 2011

                @B_rads, Thank you for your suggestion about surface tension in the water. I'll give it a test to see if it modifies the HHO rates when the epoxy dries on the tupperware.
                In regards to your PDF, you have an interesting way to think about the subject -- but I have one question.

                This may seem like a basic question, but Do you think the bowl is suspended in the air, or the water?
                To me, it came across as though your bowl covered in the zinc oxide crystals would be in the air -- which I beleive to be the incorrect setup.

                To anyone who thinks the bowl should be in the air -- I ask, how would the ultrasonic transducer propagate the waves to the crystals? I think "in the air" bowl could be a viable option, if you tweak the entire setup. As powerme has laid it out so far -- this does not seem to be the case -- instead to be laid in the water where the waves can readily make the crystals vibrate very quickly.

                If the effect were soley due to temperature -- why would we be shooting for 43 KHZ, and not use the 1.7 MHZ fogger? 1.7 MHZ produces more "heat", but not more HHO with the crystals.

                As far as I can tell -- the reason that the crystals are destroyed in my setup have been due to too MUCH heat/vibrations from the ultrasonic fogger -- They should stay stable while they are around their resonant frequency, or slighty above it @ 45 KHZ.

                I am only trying to clairify, to see if I can set any potential "group" to be in a similar direction. I don't want anyone to be confused. I would love to hear your theory after you've put some tests out to verify that that is the "effect".

                My results seem to currently indicate that it is not the thermal dis-association of water as you would suggest, which produces the dis-association. Temperature may be a symptom that we can see relating to cavitation, but it would not nescessarialy be the cause. I think the effects of the cavitation, were what powerme knows how to use/altrez working to use to produce power.

                If I have mis-understood what you meant -- Can you please clairify it further? I'd like to encourage as many people as I can to work on the project -- but I would not like anyone to give up frustrated, because they had a hypothesis which was not clearly, or completely formed.

                I do not mean to dampen your creativity, but I simply do not think that you have considered all of the factors contributing to this particular setup. Powerme told us in his posts it was pizeoelectric -- If you can prove it to be thermoelectric, that would be very interesting.
                So far, my setup seems to be pizeoelectric, and I'm thinking it will be more so pizeo-electric when I get the correct frequency correct.

                Cheers mate,


                • Romo Post from OU (Post #358)

                  March 29, 2011

                  There we are, it was just a mis-understanding from my part.
                  Thanks for clearing that up.

                  I was going to be a physics major in college, so I know a little bit on about how we view the world. I have only become more intensely interested in older theories, and what people could do in "olden days" science.

                  It sounds then, like you might be going along a similar thought tangent I had a while back.

                  This may just be food for thought, but these are questions which helped me better understand (what I think) is going on here. If you have not already considered these:

                  What relation does electricity have, compared to temp.?
                  What is temperature/heat?
                  How are we using that to our advantage with the crystals? (I already may have shared that with the "doink" push of the crystals)

                  And finally -- If all of these do have a relation to one another, then why are we adding Magnesium to the crystal structure?

                  You are simply describing that that resonant frequency creates the cavitation bubble effect. I got a little confused when you were talking about temperatures/cavitation bubbles being (as I interperted it, to be) the cause of the crystals vibrating -- not the "symptom", or effect of the waves moving through the water.

                  There is a subtle difference.

                  Glad to be able to compare notes.


                  @All I am not an expert at the setup, and my fogger has not yet arrived, so I cannot accurately say whether the bowl is better suited in the water/air. It is, (until I test it), my opinion that it should be in the water. I want to be clear about this, so that everyone is open to testing their hypothesis-es.


                  • Romo Post from OU (Post #359)

                    March 29, 2011

                    It doesn't have to be too pretty -- I stuck the pizeo inside by cutting out part of the top of the fuel tank. It will be epoxied shut when I no longer need access to the inside of the container.

                    This one was taken as I was making it. You can see the little circle cut out on the back for the black fuel-line hose. Soldering iron in the background, as well as an old audio amp I'm taking apart, and some of my batteries for the project.

                    The white tubing is the "in" tubing to connect to the fan. the chamber is the fan which I will use (It is large enough for overkill of both the fogger, and the fuel-atomizer). The pizeo is inside the chamber.

                    This one shows the tubing hooked up to the intake manifold. This is where the air filter was on the engine -- and you can even see the filter + screws below it just after I took it off. I am pointing to the junction where the tube goes to the engine.

                    It is before where I am pointing, that I plan on making a 3 way junction, with an on/off valve -- like in this picture.

                    I plan to duct-tape a trash bag to the fan (labeled "bag"), and then use large aquarium tubing to connect the air-pressure bag to BOTH the gas atomizer, and the HHO/water atomizer (Labeled "HHO Gen" in picture).

                    Then, get two "Ball Valves" in front of the HHO "Gen" on the the output lines, so that by opening or closing the valves slightly, I can modify the ammount of either side of the fuel-input.

                    If you don't know what ball valves are google it.
                    Here you go:
                    ball valve - Google Search

                    The whole purpose of this post, is to show that the setup doesn't have to be pretty, or very expensive. Probably the most expensive part of this setup was the epoxy (they're five dollars per tube -- and I liberally apply epoxy to be on the safe side of sealants), and the fuel cans -- 10 bucks or so (nescessary to be gasoline-resistant).

                    These are my ideas for a prototype -- this prototype will not be very mobile, but should be functional, and should allow me to run tests on the engine.

                    I'll keep you guys posted when the new pizeo head comes in, and what I'll be doing with that.

                    Powerme, I am researching the Lead Sulfide effect which you had mentioned as your next project to share. It is looking like the "Epitaxial" process of laying down the lead sulfide vapor over a silicone surface would form the crystals we are looking for -- the timing, and very precise weight measurement would allow us to see what size of crystals we are growing. Putting it over the silicone surface, as well would form some type of "diode" junction for the "power out" which we would obtain. (I am assuming this is why you mentioned silicone refinement with an HHO torch -- so that we could do it ourselves at home to make the pure silicone slab/sheet)

                    I asked what kind of equipment I might need to make the crystals, because I am under the impression that this process will require a little bit more intense equipment -- such as a vacuum chamber, or a high heat source.

                    If we do require these things, then I need to start to look for someplace outside of my apartment to do my experiments, now, as this breaches my contract with the complex. I would also need to look where I can find such machines to establish the conditions, under which the crystals will grow to the proper size.

                    I do not mean to prod here, but I have done a lot of work recently without knowing exactly what is ahead. Because what you have said so far has made sense to me, and I have regonized it to be true -- I have been willing to take those risks. I do not mean to come across as unwilling to work, or unwilling to research, and look to you for an easy answer -- But I have been taking risks that could have been a little smoother if I had a little bit of a heads up before hand. With more expensive/dangerous equipment, I need to know as much as I can about it. In order to research this, it would be nice to know sooner, rather than later. I don't think this is entirely unreasonable. If you are unwilling to share any information -- I understand. I would like to know, because I am "on board" for future project information which you might share -- and could be getting a "head start" on it. I am eager to work.

                    Like I said, I feel that I need to act quickly in order to change things. I am ready to act.

                    I do not know the procedure which you have planned, or machines/matierals used to make this project. Anything would help. I will make a post later tonight about everything I know about lead sulfide and the expitaxial depositing of lead/lead sulfide, so that you do not have to explain everything.

                    Like I said, I am willing to work dilligently -- and I am listening carefully to what advice you give.
                    Thank you for everything you have been sharing.

                    In regards to the virtues, I have been reading over the list often, and I feel more resonance in my heart from it -- I feel happier, and kinder towards others, and more sincere. I think the word is "heartfelt". Perhaps "coincidentally" related, but I understand more concepts from walter russell now.

                    I am currently reading the book you suggested on electricity.

                    Thank you,


                    • Romo Post from OU (Post #362)

                      March 30, 2011

                      Allright, so funny story. I slept last night with my computer on -- I crashed before I posted this, so my bad on the late post. In an odd turn of events, when I woke up this morning, I poked around a little bit, and found this little bit:

                      Lead sulphide-gallium antimonide heterojunctions - Sharma - 2006 - physica status solidi (a) - Wiley Online Library

                      It's cool, because this was one of the first articles I looked at this morning, and it seemed to deposit lead crystals in thin films. Timing, in letting the solution sit, would determine the length the crystal film deposited.

                      Lead oxide:
                      IEEE Xplore - Electrical and Optical Properties of Lead Oxide Single Crystals
                      Describes lead oxide crystals grown by sodium hydroxide, at high pressure, using "hydrothermal techniques". So, they're using some kind of "hot water" techniqe to deposit the lead. This is straight from the summary -- at the very least, this is a way to get information about potential production methods.

                      Seems to be a similar "wet/liquid" deposit-ing techniqe.

                      This is the secondary process seems much easier, and I am currently investigating what would be a solution which would make either (lead sulphide/oxide) dissolveable. I am investigating this, in hopes that you will contribute a little more information where I am missing it about the general guidelines of the procedure. If not, I understand that you do not wish to disclose information before we are ready to work with it.

                      I am only sharing what I know, and my speculations about the upcomming project.
                      That is just it -- speculations so far. I hope this informs you, or gets you to think a little bit about this stuff. I definitely think it is worth it to at least invent the time to consider it as a possibillity.

                      The tangent: Epitaxial Lead Sulfide crystal Photovoltaic:
                      epitaxial lead sulfide crystal photovoltaic - Google Search

                      Epitaxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                      Quote from:

                      Epitaxy refers to the method of depositing a monocrystalline film on a monocrystalline substrate. The deposited film is denoted as epitaxial film or epitaxial layer. The term epitaxy comes from the Greek roots epi, meaning "above", and taxis, meaning "in ordered manner". It can be translated "to arrange upon".

                      Epitaxial films may be grown from gaseous or liquid precursors. Because the substrate acts as a seed crystal, the deposited film takes on a lattice structure and orientation identical to those of the substrate. This is different from other thin-film deposition methods which deposit polycrystalline or amorphous films, even on single-crystal substrates. If a film is deposited on a substrate of the same composition, the process is called homoepitaxy; otherwise it is called heteroepitaxy.

                      From this, we'd need to lay down very thin layers of the lead sulphide to grow the microcrystals. I would assume that we would calculate the size of crystals by the timing of the vapor.

                      Powerme, How do you calculate the exact size of the crystal? I understand that smaller crystal resonates at a faster frequency -- but I do not know how to calculate what frequency a crystal will resonate at, given its size. Is this a function of its geometry(crystal shape?), or atomic makeup (matierals used)? At the very least, where can I find this kind of information?

                      As a note I know lead sulphide can be cross-searched, near interchange-ably with "galena". This is probably what tesla might have played with this "back in his day".

                      Galena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                      Quote from:

                      Galena is a semiconductor with a small bandgap of about 0.4 eV which found use in early wireless communication systems. For example, it was used as the crystal in crystal radio sets, in which it was used as a point-contact diode to detect the radio signals. The galena crystal was used with a safety pin or similar sharp wire, which was known as a "cat's whisker".

                      the "small bandgap" is describing a property of lead to "resonate at a wide range of frequencies"

                      What I find interesting, is that you mention using different chemicals interchangeably to create the same effect.
                      I have seen a lot of papers on Zinc oxide, and Zinc sulphide -- effectively in thin crystal layers, which are also photoelectric. I note this, because we are using similar crystals for pizeo-electrics. What properties of the

                      "Natural lead = galena"
                      1951AuSRA...4..569L Page 569

                      This page is also very interesting. It gave me a little more information about "the cat's whisker". Also, it reviews thermo-electric efffect (think about the wavelength -- Infa-red).

                      "This is not taught in school" -- I asked some professors, and they actually did not help me with even finding useful tangents, or information about this stuff. Whatever it is -- books, and internet have been my two sources so far in investigating what I could.

                      A treatise on chemistry tells a little bit about the preperation of Lead oxide and Lead sulphate -- neither appear to be in crystaline form, and were described to be a byproduct/waste. Otherwise, some different ways to manapulate the lead industrially.
                      Lead oxide (pg 284), grew in crystaline form on the positive anode due to a galvanic current.
                      I am not sure if this is actually "growing" a crystal, or if it is electroplating the lead form in the solution.

                      "this knowledge is not new nor exotic, Photovoltaic effect of Lead Sulfide was first disclosed in 1904"

                      When I look at how we would produce lead oxide, or sulphide "today" --
                      Colloidal synthesis of lead oxide nanocrystals for photovoltaics - Chemical Communications (RSC Publishing)

                      Lead sulphide:
                      Lead sulfide nanocrystal: conducting polymer solar cells
                      Basically is teling us the same thing -- lead sulphide is photo-voltaic.

                      This patent was one of the most informative:
                      METHOD OF PREPARATION OF LEAD SULFIDE - Google Patent Search

                      In a nutshell -- I've posted the most useful links I've found -- overall, from what I have gleaned from all these processes -- in order to finely control the growth of the crystals -- I think I'd have to control the ammount of vapor, to control the size of the crystaline film over the stuff I was growing it on.

                      This would be the option with a bunch of fancy equipment -- and I've got a hunch there is an easier way.

                      This post is winding down, and Hence I have my questions about the process. We need lead, sulphur, and some way to deposit it. If I could not purchase sulphur -- it is present in the air, or the seawater -- I could extract it myself if I had to.

                      I noted this about nitrogen/ammonia -- if I could not, for whatever reasons, get my hands on the stuff -- I might be able extract nitrogen from the air with a semi-permiable membrane, and store it with a small air compressor, and make ammonium myself.

                      I have recenly begun to look at things around me, for all of the potential uses they could have -- or walk through a junkyard and look at all the golden peices I can find for various projects. It is effectively, looking for the ways in which the objects/parts are useful to me.

                      I don't have a vacuum chamber, or the vapor-depositive facillities available but could investigate this, if you were to say what we will need. I am looking to work now, for it to pay off later. Thank you for your help powerme.


                      Thoughts anyone? Any ideas, aside from the two procedure types? How could you be making these things yourself?

                      Hope this gets the wheels turning in the right direction.


                      • Power1 Post from OU (Post #368)

                        March 31, 2011

                        Thank you all for your continued efforts.

                        You can oscillate those low cost transducers at your desired frequency. Please translate your search phrase to Chinese and search on taobao, you can find many transducers there, some already tuned to our desired frequency. You can also find toroid and many other things there at low cost.

                        Atomize your gasoline as well, someone is doing this with 200+ mpg

                        I am trying hard to show you the way, I applaud your efforts but please learn to see with sincerity. Heat and brute force DC are medium paced waves that are wasteful, observe well and you will see. All matters observes the same law, control the binding force and elements will separate freely. Pay attention to your frequency, PbS lattices is best constructed cold.

                        I must not share the knowledge of Nature as One must earn their passage by learning to understanding. Entire populace were reduced before us due to ignorant inheritance and misuse of the great force.

                        There's free ebooks on Lucid Dream, the easiest way to your higher self. Many years ago, when I started to transform my reality, it starts with your physical body. I jog for miles in the early mornings when the dew is abundant, push yourself further and progress daily and you will be grown wiser with the life force. Your manifestation will be enhanced greatly. The breath will come to you naturally, break through the limiting barrier and the rest will be easy. Your body needs Natural elements to oscillate and tune to the Higher Realm.


                        • Power1 Post from OU (Post #370)

                          March 31, 2011

                          Please do share your experience with us if you have the time. Tesla always visualize his creations in Dream like state, perfecting all components and their operations before he lays hand into physical creations. It is a very useful process, I at times also call in help from prior memories in learning the properties and working of things.


                          Hey Slovenia,
                          Maxwell had only theorized Henry Cavendish's work, knowledge of the 18th century that was further adulterated and legalized causing our current Reverse of wisdom as some have called calls us the lost generations. My way of self learning is by speed reading, funny that I would finish a book and wait patiently for the mortal mind to finish absorption. I only pick out what makes sense. There is a lot of dis-information and you need to avoid parroting.

                          The only way to understanding nature is to replicate those old experiments from the old books, wind many different coils, use many different elements, create effects such as ionization, high electric winds with different geometries, spheres, needles, tubes etc. and observe the result. Transmute elements with chemistry, learn how oscillating waves governs the state of matters.

                          Nature is the opposite of what is taught, phases of elements such as Zinc and Lead are most occult kept secrecy, but one can easily learn by mere observation. There is no Law in Nature, what we use today in modern electronics are really stone age technology, entire circuits can be build easily at home just by controlling the phases of matters, complex nano structures and alloys are not so complex at all. But what is worse is that these enormous energy machine are also highly destructive un-creation machines.


                          Ormus is an easy way of harvesting life force elements, use morning dew as your base but know that your extracted ormus must be purified by plants or better, fill and cap a half full glass bottle and place it in the ground. After many moons, you will find transmuted crystals that has been prepared all by Nature that is good for hum-man consumption.

                          Please see energy for what it really is, forget photon and the other jargons.

                          Good luck and have a nice day.


                          • Video

                            A very interesting video from jetijs using a fogger.

                            YouTube - ultrasonic gasoline

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                            • Thanks

                              Thanks for sharing that FRC!!

                              Many Cudos Jetijs!!

                              Originally posted by FRC View Post
                              A very interesting video from jetijs using a fogger.

                              YouTube - ultrasonic gasoline



                              • New Power1 Archived Files Available

                                NEW Power1 Archived Files Available

                                Well guys, I have a complete compilation of all of Power To Be's posts in one place now. I have uploaded them to Scribd and you can download them at the following links:

                                Power To Be Complete Compilation of Posts to date:
                                Compilation of Power1 Posts

                                Romo Complete Compilation of Posts with regard to Power To Be Project:
                                Compilation of Romo Posts