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Discussion. Best way to use heat from HHO to generate electricity

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  • Power1 Post from OU (Post #94)

    Quote from: truesearch on March 09, 2011, 10:17:06 PM


    Thanks for your reply! I'd like to see what sort of measurable results I can get.


    great, please post your process if possible for others to see. I did not add heater etc, but one can build according to their specific need.

    thank you for your efforts, but please let everyone be Free, We are here on earth as individuals for a reason. Good job, please post your process if you are building too.

    Electric Wind, electric whirls etc are not well known, old books will hep you understand the effect, there are some patents too.


    • Power1 Recommended Books (Links to pdf files)

      (Paper) A Novel Low-Temperature Growth of Zinc Oxide Crystals

      A Treatise on Chemistry (1879)
      A treatise on chemistry - Google Books

      A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism by James Clerk Maxwell
      A treatise on electricity and magnetism - Google Books

      Elementary treatise on electricity and magnetism
      Elementary treatise on electricity ... - Google Books


      • Power1 Post from OU (Post #99)

        March 10, 2011

        Great job RAD, not to discourage you but everything that you msay ever need to know has already been done and published and readily available. ZnO crystals have been researched for many different applications, which is great as it will save us lots of time.

        For testing, it is best to use Air tight chamber and route gas to a small ICE, may be a small genset to power ultrasonic as well. It's a plus to develop speed reading, you can read all of the materials before hand so to have a vast library of your own refrences, it is best to work on your own so that you can observe what is happening without having others tell you of what they think, you can always look for the mainstream coined terms that best describes your observence.
        Thank you Slovenia, the back up files will come handy someday.
        Nature has remedies to aid with your dreams and manifestation of reality. Shaman uses them but I dont.

        Romo brought up a totally different route to making HHO from ultrasonic water fog, the process is called Influencing. It is a very effecient process where very little current is needed. This process is still utilized in powder coating today but it's wider application has been halted due to other complicated political issues.

        Anyhow, only the positive of high frequency high potential voltage is fed thorough spark gap, the negative is grounded. This spark is used to ionize large volume of air with very little energy input, and since our water is already semi gas, we can apply the same method here to produce HHO at very high effeciency. The ionizer is very simple to build and it is robust and realively free maintenance, it consists of a simple TT coil and rectify vacuum tube, no semiconducter is needed.

        Another method to produce HHO, thanks Romo.


        • Power1 post on OU (Post #104)

          March 10, 2011

          i have not tried gluing but heck, it's your creation, try and let us know. ZnO is pretty tough,don't worry.
          thanks for the new info. HHO alone is will raise ICE temperature unsafely, however the atomize fog acts as a coolant. there are already numerous sites that sells and explain effects of water fog injection kits, some have been doing this for decades successfully, but the ultrasonic HHO is an all new cat in the playground.
          I am not sure of the application that you had mentioned. The circuit I am talking about is 100 years old. TT, rectify tube, condensors, Ionizing chamber. Simple stuff. I do not care for new age discrete electronics.
          Submolecule water fog is easily nucleated and ionized to release HHO by white spark from positive charge, NOT the purple spark from negative. An auxiliary tubular condenser chamber will be suitable for this purpose as it can produce electric wind to move fog in and out of chamber at the same time dissociate fog with fine electrostatic force at controlled rate, preferbly 20-40% HHO only.
          If you still think that water is binded only by H2 + O then you have not learned a thing. Aether has properties, it can be made a solid out of water and the H2 and O that is why H2 and O is released FREELY
          This is a combination of already known work in Sonochemistry and Cavitation Nucleation. Analog circuitry is much easie to build and very robust, not to mention easily replicable and cheap.
          When testing your crystals, throw away the transformer that came with the ultrasonic fogger, wind your own transformer, for the single piezo, I run it at 36v, current not important. You can buy just transducer only and mount them yourself, they are $2 each, you need to cast your own housing, metalgury skills. Or better, ask to buy the ultrasonic fogger without power supply, that will shave off some $$.
          For automotive application, It does not make sense to run and inverter
          Your transducer needs to run at above 43 khz or you will not have combustible gas. My cells runs at 45 khz.

          I am not a guru, no teacher, no expert, I never ever wish to be one.
          I am next to Nothing as I'm just another man like you. Guys, follow your guru as you have not and may never learn self intellectual.
          Best of luck.
          Have a nice day


          • Romo post from OU (March 10, 2011)

            March 10, 2011

            My fogger arrived! Whoo! So, I can do my tests a week early!
            Unfourtunately, this is the only post I could really squeeze in before I'm headed off to the library to get work done. So, I havent been able to do tests with the crystals +Pizeo yet. Soon!

            Rad HHO, It strikes me that I do not know the vibration rate of my DK-24 Pond fogger. Do you know that of yours? This may be what made your crystals "not work" -- they might not have been vibrating fast enough. (For the pizeoelectric crystals, this means there wouldn't have been a strong enough electrical difference at short range -- so no HHO)

            I have not conducted any tests yet -- so this is an untested thought. I'll get back to you on this over the weekend.
            I have a couple of old microwave transformers laying around, (and my friends think it's nuts, but I dont care ) and was thinking about substituting the pond fogger transformer for the bigger one. Problem is, I don't know what the transformer is rated for.

            I was even thinking -- the transformer on the fogger is rated at 24V -- Could I just add another "step up" transformer between the fogger, and the stock-fogger-transformer to step it up a little bit more?

            Why are we stepping up to 36V? Is there an upper limit to the voltage that I should not cross Does increasing the voltage increase the speed of vibration of the pizeoelectric?
            If it is not the voltage -- how can we get the fogger to vibrate faster?

            I'm drawing a blank here you guys -- and I've gotta study and write a paper tonight. I'll pick up on these questions later on the weekend if no one knows the answers. If anyone does though, I would be much obliged for any insight!

            I will post everything I have done/tested over the weekend. Pictures of setup, Videos of making crystals -- everything I have done. I hope it helps others get up-to-speed.

            Spring break is here for me after my last midterms(tomorrow!) -- and will be able to go full time on this project soon. ;D

            The ball is gettin' a-rollin,


            • Case for Injector Body

              I use to build electrolyzers and we learned how to build them out of all sorts of materials. Large diameter pvc pipe or abs work very well and have all sorts of nice easy to assemble fittings available too. The material is rugged and fun to play with. It's a bit more expensive than the shoe box Power1 talks about but would be much easier for a regular guy to fool with maybe. The abs & pvc pipe is idiot proof and there are so many design variations possible.

              One of our electrical engineers designed a real cool water level sensor circuit for our Oz cell, and I'm trying to get someone to send one of them to us pronto. I've had several crashes and misplaced my diagrams.


              • Power1 Post from OU (Post #109)

                March 11, 2011

                The TT is the only Tesla Transformer that I utilize, pancake coil type and not the tower everyone uses to create spark show. Tesla confined sparks to prevent loss.

                The china ultrasonic uses transistor oscillator to tune oscillation frequency, just refresh your memory of Pierce oscillator circuit, tune your resonator to 43 khz. Just like crystal oscillators, there are many ways to do this, crystal angles, temp, voltage etc. You can use a network analyzer to conduct reading, I don fancy these things.

                There's a wealth of information out there on regular guys like us hacking just about anything that you will ever need to fine tune in this project. Other forums have hacked these cheap piezo and modify them according to their likings.
                Romo, please use your intelligence, it is not hard to steup up 12 to 36v?, simple transformer, MOT is overkill. All of the technical specs for your fogger is available online.
                Come on people, please be REAL.
                Anyone serious about this project, it is best to leave these forums and seek required knowledge else where. Google Books, Patents, published papers, electronic forums, chemistry forum etc. They are readily available.
                Forget about your Free Energy knowledge, Meyers, Boyce etc. You guys just need a CLEAR mind to see it.
                While the simplicity of Truth is not exciting, simple things do work best, no exotic myths and tales. Anyone that wants to save on their gas can use my little fog injector, you can also atomize gasoline into vapor, there's a great myth about the 200 mpg car, you can do it now if you wish.
                YouTube - Ultrasonic Gasoline Vaporizer by Sul-tech

                Anyhow, these things are real simple and easy to do. I hope you folks will find uses for them and see that there is no Energy Crisis, the only crisis is your Values and the false reality that you continue to perceive.

                Good luck to those people in Wisconsin that are standing up for what is right, and great job for those in Maine that fought for food sovereignty. You are what you eat people, you need good natural minerals to think and see clearly.

                What is in your food?.


                • Question from OU (Post #108)

                  March 10, 2011

                  Thanks again for all your help. A couple questions. I've seen TT coil and TT come up a couple times but I don't know what that is unless you are referring to a car HV ignition coil?

                  Question also about the Ultrasonic frequency. None that I've seen state their operating frequency. Do most of them operate above 43 Khz? Or will we need to modify them some way to get the higher frequency. While I have never taken one apart I assume there is a small oscillator circuit in them driving the ceramic transducer. I did build an ultrasonic transmitter from scratch about 40 years ago to demonstrate Doppler effects but it's transducer is not made for fogging or use in water. I think it is in the 25-30 Khz range. I do have a frequency reader although I'm not sure how to hook it up to a fogger as they look sealed as I expect they would need to be in order to be water tight. I did unscrew the top on one to remove a broken disk but below that it appears all sealed with no access to the electronics or output connections. Anyone have any ideas to know what frequency these run at or how we can get them above 43 Khz?


                  • Sul-Tech Video

                    Power1, thanks for sharing the Sul-Tech video. Very cool stuff indeed!!


                    • E2matrix post from OU (Post #197)

                      March 10, 2011

                      Response to Romo's last post.

                      NO! Do NOT use a MOT between your power supply and the fogger or you will destroy your fogger. You would be multiplying the voltage by about 15 to 20 times and MOT's can handle all the current you throw at them so you would potentially be putting about 480 volts at serveral amps into your little ultrasonic circuit = Instant Destruction! Like Altrez said MOT's are dangerous for many reasons and even if it wasn't dangerous for you it would be instant death for your equipment if set up like that.


                      • Power1 Post from OU (Post #111)

                        March 11, 2011

                        great efforts fishman, the technical data is widely available. A little hacking is all that's needed to tune the resonator or transducer or piezo or what ever one wishes to call it, have fun but be very careful!.

                        anyone working on increasing their MPG, this is a very good demo
                        YouTube - GASOLINE VAPOR COMBUSTION IS AIDED BY HHO

                        great job Peter is you are still out there.


                        • Power1 Post from OU (Post #112)

                          Quote from: fishman on Today at 03:41:33 PM

                          I have seen one fogger with frequency listing, it was (CORRECTION 30khz) for a single US transducer the volt listed at 24 volts. Multi-disk units listed 36 and 48 volts. Unfortunately i cant find that listing anymore to verify that. (I was able to verify 30hz @24 volts)

                          I assume you can simply raise the voltage and the frequency goes up also. The Power also mentioned that he has used a PWM. I'm going to figure this out myself this weekend with the help from a equal, Not A Teacher, friend i have.

                          Power1 Response:
                          great efforts fishman, the technical data is widely available. A little hacking is all that's needed to tune the resonator or transducer or piezo or what ever one wishes to call it, have fun but be very careful!.

                          anyone working on increasing their MPG, this is a very good demo
                          YouTube - GASOLINE VAPOR COMBUSTION IS AIDED BY HHO

                          great job Peter is you are still out there.


                          • Romo Post on OverUnity (Post #113)

                            March 11, 2011

                            Thank you for the quick replies, and the concern for saftey. I did not mean to come off as stupid, hasty, or unrealistic. I was kind of rushed for cramming for classes, and threw out a half solidified idea out there.

                            One of the things I meant to include -- (Yes, but no-one had known aside from me... ) was that I was trying to hack open (break open) the MOT, to try to scrap some of the coils to use in a smaller transformer.

                            It turns out, that even that wasn't too great of an idea, as the entire housing was firmly welded shut. If I had an HHO torch (which I hope to have soon) it might stand a fighting chance -- but as of yet -- that was mostly just a bad idea.

                            Like I said, thank you for the concern. We all learn things as we work -- I just learned I need to more thoroughly mull through my ideas before sharing them. :O

                            With that apology @ all, I will mention that I am not very knowledgeable (yet) about pizeo's or modifying them to be at a higher frequency. This one goes on the backburner for a few days for me.

                            Onwards, Powerme is leaving a lot of tangents around. I know they are all inter-related, and very important (from my perspective) towards the goal of thinking in "higher octaves" (as walter russel would put it).
                            I think this is the goal here -- because this would reflect what powerme is trying to teach us -- Self reliance, and the abillity to think through the problems at hand. If we can do that (No offense powerme), but we wouldn't need him -- nor to constantly ask him for answers.

                            As frustrating as that may be for the replicators -- as we want to first completely make a system work exactly as the inventor had it work -- thinking in this manner would allow us to further improve on a design, while we would see how it works.

                            While we may be thinking "OOh, Treasure!" for the system that powerme has disclosed to us -- I beleive that he wants us to look for something different. The KEY to the treasure is what he is trying to show us -- At least, this is what I think.

                            If you have a single key, to a single treasure chest, you are entitled to all the rewards within that chest. (Understanding the ) If you were to have, however -- the key to ANY treasure chest -- you have the potential to reap all the treasures of the world. This is to know the wheelwork of nature, so that we may tap it into every facet for adapt to our needs.

                            In this case indeed, the key to the treasure, IS the real treasure. That is, understanding why those matierals do that, is the treasure here.

                            The Problem is (for me) -- because I feel I am running out of time, and need to get as much done as possible -- the sheer quantity of tangents is almost overwhelming. This is not to say that

                            I CAN do the work over time, and learn about it -- but I feel that we are pressed for exactly that -- time. Regardless, I will start with what I think I am good at first.

                            I will begin with Powerme's little tangents he keeps leaving around. Thereafter, if no one else has presented anything about pizeo's, I'll follow up with more research about pizeoelectrics and see if I can help in that area.
                            Fishman, I look foreward to hearing what you find out.

                            It's the start of spring break for me, so I expect to be pouring a lot of time into this project. I'm also beginning fasting for a week of spring break -- so I should get more time in to read, because I don't have to prepare food.

                            Powerme's Tangents:

                            (Work in Progress -- will edit post by tonight)



                            • Great Job Romo


                              Thanks for focusing on the tangents Power1 has left all over the place. There are so many tangents he has left, that it makes my head spin. There are so many directions one could go and not enough time to do them all. They are all so interesting to think about. This piezo puzzle has become quite an interesting and intriguing exercise. We've come a long way from the crystals and yet me thinks there are a lot more secrets with regard to the crystals and different variations of them. Power1 left a hint back in the Bedini thread, I think it was, where he mentioned ingredients that were highly regulated and then mentioned some ingredients that someone should consider putting together to form crystals. I can look that up in my Bedini thread if anyone has interest there.

                              Anyway Romo, I too am very interested in all these tangents and am glad you are working on them too. You have a very fine mind.

                              Best Regards,


                              • Romo Post on OverUnity (Post #113 Continued & Updated)

                                This post takes off where Romo left off on his last Post #113 at OU.

                                I will start with what I think I am good at first. These are my thoughts -- I have read or seen most of this information somewhere (But I cannot recall usually where, so I cannot cite sources). If anyone has a response, or a further idea to these reflections -- I hope this sparks a discussion, so that we might help each other understand a little more.

                                Powerme's Tangents:

                                While you tend to upkeep your shop, earning your wage but Now know that Gold was not intended for legal tender, it's much more valuable within you

                                On this, I think he is talking about Gold's original purpose -- ORME's. ORME's were the reason that gold was coveted -- because of what it could be turned into -- not because the darned metal is a "rare, precious metal" in the earth at all. Not in its yellow-metallic state anyhow.

                                Think about this for a moment, Gold is not inherently worth anything -- it is just another bit of light/matter (whatever you wish to call it) -- it was attributed to have a worth between humans because many humans desired it.

                                Many people did not nescessarialy desire the matieral itself, but what the matieral would allow them to do.

                                I do not exactly know what happened to the gold molecules in order to get into the ORME state -- I have a vauge idea of what they must undergo to get into this state -- but I do not know why they must do that, to get to that state.

                                I know that in this state, they are "superconducting" -- they are pushed along an ion channel very easily by the "smallest" of potentials. If you think about this in terms of a music -- a lower, bass note octave pushes a whole lot of air to provide the pressure wave we experience as sound -- Kind of like a brutish, powerful primal thought. I liken this to "instinct".

                                A "higher" octave of the bass note, would be a higher pitch -- and would concequently be vibrating much faster. In order for your brain to be able to pick up all of the information embedded in the carrier wave (the faster vibrating rate) -- (connecting it here to the brain) it would need to be pushed along the ion channel easier. The mother lode of this is in ORME's -- superconducting. You would be more "sensitive" if your brain had superconducting elements in it.

                                Interesting -- because your brain ALREADY has those elements in it -- Traces of ORME's are in the grey matter of your brain.

                                Think about your brain for a moment. The finer, more inter-connected the neurons are, the more diverse/inter-connected your thoughts are. Very intelligent people suposedly have very diverse neural connections.

                                Does this sound at all like how powerme was saying "See how everything is the same" -- In order to do this, your brain must be pretty darned inter-connected. This would be, in part -- due to having ingested ORME's.

                                But I do not think you ingest the orme's raw though.
                                There were some papers I read a while back about the way that we currently farm. I beleive they were some papers done in the 40's in the US about remineralizing the soil, because the natural nutrients which our bodies NEED in order to stay healthy, were being leeched from the soil. This included ORME's. That was in the 40's. I cannot safely assume that the soils have gotten much better since then, as these papers were largely ignored by the general public.

                                There is a very subtle taste difference in organic food, and processed food as well. I notice it -- I think the food tastes full of life-giving-substance. Maybe that's just me.

                                I think the feeling of "satiated" with food, or being "full" is the sign that your body gives you telling you that you've tanked up on enough nutrients, and you don't need to eat anymore. Processed food doesn't even make you feel full (think of a box of lucky charms :O ) -- I always viewed this an extention of the lack of nutrients in those heavily processed foods.

                                It's almost like your body is telling you "Naah. Not much nutrients here." and won't give you a "satisfied" or satiated feeling. Eventually it will give your stomach the feeling of being "filled with mass" -- which is usually what people confuse for the upper limit of their eating capicity. They think that their stomach being full of mass = full. That, as far as I can see, is inadvertent gluttony. Part, from lack of self control, but also in part, due that they aren't treating their body right, with the right nutrients!

                                Monocultures are constantly leeching nutrients out of the soil. The soil actually USED to have trace ammounts of collidal gold, and silver in the 'olden days' -- plus some ORME (gold,Rhodium, Iridium) -- and potentially other "Precious metals".

                                (Ever wonder why they were "precious" metals? Remember, it's not due to the inherent quantity on this planet. Silver-ware? Used to actually be made of silver, so we would ingest silver!)

                                Before I go on -- ORME's are already present in your brain matter. Having more of them present in your brain, would allow you to "see" more subtle connections.

                                Would this also result in you being more "in tune" with your higher self? Or being more "enlightened", or more intelligent?

                                I do not know. To me, without going much into beleifs, it makes sense that superconducting elements in your brain would change the octave (frequency domain) in which you think.

                                and the elders may prefer mercury, but the wisest of all will not dare indulge as Nature is much more pleasant.

                                Ingesting ORME's directly seems to be a mistake that most people make. (At least, I think so -- this is a personal hunch.)

                                Ingesting these elements through your food -- would explain why "nature is kinder". If you were to directly ingest such a concentrated dosage of the ORME's, I think there might be some kind of negative side effects. I'm not sure -- but I don't want to really take the risk at my body's expense. Nature would be kinder.

                                It woule be the natural way to have your body asborb the minerals. This is also why Powerme has been so amandant about eating organic foods that you grow yourself. You could "dope" the soil with some of those ORME's, or precious metals from seawater.

                                Incidently, I have considered a similar process for growing my own spirulina, or kelp in my living room -- so that I could ensure also doping the foods with those elements to take care of myself.

                                Your thinking capicity is going to be limited by your body if you don't take care of it. this is where in eastern philosophies/practices, they regarded your body as a "temple". In order for you to have the capicity to think at this "upper level" (to understand the wheelworks, and interconnectedness of nature), you cannot be cramming your face full of burgers on a daily basis.

                                Hence also, "you are what you eat".

                                but the wiser would rather earn copper,

                                I think this is very interesting. I always thought wise people who were working in the now -- were saving up for the future. So -- put more work in now -- reap rewards later, kind of thing. Well -- why would we be saving copper for later, in the future?

                                As John Bedini showed in EFTV 18 (Transmutation) -- Copper IS gold, only it is just a "octave" under it. It only needs to undergo a phase transition, or shift in order to become gold. This seems to imply that we may undergo a phase transiton; that our bodies are capable of catalyzing this phase transition (Like us being able to make gold, into an ORME through meditation maybe?)

                                and the elders may prefer mercury, but the wisest of all will not dare indulge as Nature is much more pleasant.

                                I don't understand the mercury though.

                                Is this relevant to anyone? Does this help at all? I am writing some more things from his clues. This is really just a very small isolated tangent.
                                I would like to discuss these things otherwise though -- get some fresh perspectives to see a little more clearly.
                                Lemme know if these thoughts are too scattered

                                Best wishes to all,
                                (it was long, and more coming will be longer too...)

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