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Is the HHO technology reliable?

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  • Is the HHO technology reliable?

    I believe that hydrogen generators assisted cars and trucks actually works, but from reading various forums I can't help getting the impression that most systems keep on breaking down again and again.

    Hopefully someone out there can put me right by telling me that this is a false impression I'm getting.

    I'm new to all this HHO stuff, so hopefully someone out there will be able to tell me that they've had no real problems with their system for the last 100,000 miles or there abouts. I'm not trying to insult any HHO enthusiasts but if this HHO idea takes countless ours of tinkering, altering and repairing after it's installed, then maybe the HHO idea is not right for me at this point in time.

    I realize that some people like experimenting with engineering principles and I tip my hat to them, but constantly repairing the same things over and over again just doesn't appeal to me.

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    If your truck has a computer good news is we have an open source proven gas splitter that can boost it and beat the computer. Just list what you want to boost (as much detail as possible)


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      Thanks for your reply Ashtweth but my van is a 1987 dodge 250, 518 cid or 5.2 liter with a carburetor, so I doubt if there'll be anything like MAP/MAF sensors O2 sensors or a computer for me to worry about.

      I've been reading lots of stuff about HHO generators and watching lots of YouTube videos, and there's two things that I've noticed.

      1. There's some very determined anti HHO naysayers out there who really seem to me to be... Well, shall we say that they just seem to be angry junk science merchants to me, so I'm kind of trying to grasp what the heck they're so angry about. (I've got my own reasons for studying the naysayers, but I won't go into that because that would take me off issue.)

      2. I see a heck of a lot of people hitting all sorts of snags with HHO technology, but I don't see a lot of HHO users who say that they've experienced no real problems. Maybe that's because they're happy with what they've got and don't have any real reasons to post comments.

      I kind of get the impression that installing an HHO generator on my van should be a breeze. Is it as easy and straightforward as it looks to me?


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        Dont worry about naysayers my friend , they say more then they do to prove Yes get your self a good dry cell and install, since its a carby you MAY need to retard the timing and idle screws TO OPTIMIZE the results. But other then that, its a breeze my friend and OPEN SOURCE. Check out Patrick's site or the panacea university my friend for the hydroxy course.

        Its chapter 10 at Pat's and the hydroxy course at the panacea university.



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          Thanks for the information, but my top priority is to research the naysayers and their motives for being naysayers.

          I'm currently writing and researching a book about the inevitable acts of totally unnecessary violence that naysayers cause in reaction to my chosen occupation, so I'm basically looking for a forum where participants can openly discuss the disruptive acts and motives of naysayers.

          I've been looking for a suitable forum to discuss such matters for the last fifty years, so I'm of course pretty damned pissed off that I cannot find such a forum anywhere.

          Apparently you are one of the many people who are prepared to publicly claim that HHO technology actually works, but I'm concerned about those who create totally unnecessary troubles and dangers for other innocent people by claiming that HHO (for example) doesn't work.

          HHO is only one of the many subjects or issues that politically motivated criminals can be disruptive about and cause dangers with, so my concern is that I don't see signs of any one else out there trying to deal with and neutralize such dangers.

          The objectives and commenting guidelines of this particular website and forum make it very difficult for me to exercise my freedom of expression properly without infringing the websites rules.

          It's not my intention to single out and blame the energetic forum, because I can understand the intentions of the makers of this site to create a forum where participants are expected to express their points of view respectfully.

          That's fine by me, but I'm looking for a forum where both opposing sides can be highly disrespectful to each other, because there's no way I'd agree to be respectful of the politically motivated terrorists that I wish to speak against.

          One could easily assume that the right thing to do is to leave it up to the police to investigate and deal with the sort of criminals I'm talking about, but in my considerable experience the police generally make a mess of such work, such that they very often make matters a whole lot worse.

          So here's my real question: Does anyone out there know whether the sort of website forum that I'm looking for actually exists?

          Here's another point for everyone to consider. If no such forum exists where naysayers and their opponents can express themselves honestly and disrespectfully to each other, then this state of affairs will undoubtedly lead to totally unnecessary acts of terrorism and acts of violence.

          Improper coercive use of force or threats is what I'm talking about, and I've seen such illegal coercion used a lot by extremists who only want their point of view to be heard at the exclusion of all others.

          Your response to me Ashweth was of course a perfectly reasonable one, but the reason you didn't realize my main priority is because I tried to express myself briefly.

          In my defence I want to point out that I'm trying to deal with an enormously complex subject matter that is difficult for anyone to understand or explain.

          I tried to keep my point brief because I was trying to avoid boring the pants off of HHO enthusiasts who might not be keen on talking about the motives of anti HHO extremists.

          I will research the information that you gave me and I want to thank you for trying to help, but now you know that my interest is in studying potentially dangerous naysayers.

          Best regards.


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            This is an interesting article about cheap catalysts for HHO production.
            ", highly customizable way to make a key component in a process that stores electricity by turning water into hydrogen fuel at a price they say is roughly 1,000 times cheaper than current methods for making that component."
            Cheaper green energy storage solution invented by Calgary profs - Technology & Science - CBC News


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              My experience with boosters has been good. A little more torque, engine runs smoother, little bit more mileage. And most impressively to me, the exhaust is REALLY clean. I would say boosters are reliable if you dont try to make them make tons of gas. Started messing with boosters about 6 years ago.


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                Originally posted by new water View Post
                Is the HHO technology reliable?

                This Gentlemen says yes.


                the gas engine (which is running on HHO) is turning the generator, the generator creates electric power, this electricity dissociates water into HHO... loop is closed
                plus there are 1500 watts left for another load

                hho is 10-16x more powerful than fossil fuel so it the I.C.E. needs far less fuel (hho) and much more air. I guess an engine can't burn ONLY hho because simply there is too much power in it...


                3.5lpm on 14v@30 amps = a running 125cc


                380V at 30 amps making 100 LPM PLUS

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