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Malcolm Bendall's Thunderstorm Generator - GEET Ripoff or possible scam?

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  • Malcolm Bendall's Thunderstorm Generator - GEET Ripoff or possible scam?

    I'm a subscriber to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project channel on Youtube, which is headed by Bob Greenyer. For those who aren't familiar with the channel, it focuses mostly on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction and Plasmoid/EVO research. I'm of the opinion that the majority of what MFMP look into has a degree of credibility. Naturally, I watched a couple of videos of a device that the MFMP currently appear to be focused on, called the Thunderstorm Generator. The first video I watched relating to the technology was at a presentation in Zurich:

    Looking further on Youtube, I came across the following video from a channel called Alchemical Science, lead by a man named Jordan. This video shows a prototype of the Thunderstorm Generator:

    After watching this video, the first thought that popped into my mind was "This looks a lot like GEET". I've posted images below of both technologies for you to do a comparison:


    Thunderstorm Generator.png

    As you can see, the two generators/reactors are very similar. Where the Thunderstorm Generator differs is that:

    - There is a "Pre Ionization Chamber" that forms a part of the air intake. This device supposedly irradiates the incoming air with Ultraviolet Light. In the Alchemical Science video, the "Ultraviolet Light" appears to be nothing but a Warm White light bulb.

    - The Bubbler has been replaced with a "Plasmoid Generator". It it is claimed that the Plasmoid Generator creates Plasmoids through the cavitation of micro bubbles.

    - The reactor on the Thunderstorm Generator has a similar construction to the main reactor of the GEET Reactor, except with the addition of a spherical chamber. Bendall claims that the reactor must be properly sized/tuned or the reaction won't take place.

    From what attempts I've come across the GEET Reactor over the years, they were largely unsuccessful in achieving any fuel savings. In terms of what information I've come across relating to the Thunderstorm Generator, I am skeptical that it works as claimed, given that:

    - The theory behind the operation of the Thunderstorm Generator has taken elements not just from GEET, plasmoids and cavitation but Western Astrology, HHO, Protium, Rodin Math and Tesla.

    - Referring to the Alchemical video. While it is claimed that Thunderstorm Generator needs to be precise, there are parts of the Pre - Ionizer and Plasmoid Generator that appear to be misaligned.

    - The videos I've come across so far focus mostly on the exhaust output of systems utilising the Thunderstorm Generator. The load test videos I've seen so far still use hydrocarbon fuel.

    - Prior to the Thunderstorm Generator, Malcolm Bendall was a would - be oil explorer. He claimed to have had religious visions of oil being located in Tasmania, even though there has never been any oil or gas drilled in Tasmania. Malcolm Bendall has been making claims about exploring for oil in Tasmania since the 1980s. He has had tens of millions of dollars invested into his oil exploration efforts, the most recent company being Empire Energy Corporation, which has been mostly invested into "Data Collection". No oil has been produced by the companies he has been associated with, and it is believed that his oil exploration efforts are a scam. Here is a clip of Bendall trying to promote Empire Energy Corporation in 2009:

    I hope my suspicions are incorrect, but I also expressed similar concerns regarding Andrea Rossi and the E - Cat. If the Thunderstorm Generator does turn out to be scam, I just hope that those who have decided to invest their time and energy into it, such as Bob Greenyer, aren't burnt too badly by Bendall.

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    One of many articles claiming that Malcolm Bendall has been running a scam for years: