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HHO Tubular Browns Gas Build

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  • HHO Tubular Browns Gas Build

    "sharing is caring"

    Back here to report on my latest build findings on a tubular style Browns gas HHO device and to try to do a running Log of build progress.

    HHO, Browns Gas, or Rhodes Gas, are 1960-70's US patents for the idea of "neutral plates." That in-between the 2 electrodes connected to a power source, were several neutral non-powered plates not connected to power but created a series cell of added voltages. So a 6 cell can be run on 12V DC power source, not requiring only a 2V DC to create water electrolysis.

    Tubular HHO design has a center pipe/rod as one electrode (Pos.) and the outer pipe as the other electrode (Neg.). Instead of the "flat cell plates" HHO units currently on the market.

    See attached photo of my 6 tubes HHO design. Nickel plated (for low amp. units), stainless steel 304 0.065 thick tube sizes 0.5", 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.5, and the 2" outer tube 24" long enclosing the HHO unit.

    Water enters one end, circulates through the 5 series cell tubular unit and exits the other end with the collected HHO gas. All re-circulating by a water pump to a gas separation chamber, where the HHO gas rises to the top and is used to fuel gas engines, and the water electrolyte goes back through the tubular HHO unit to collect more HHO gas.

    So far some tests show it can run car engines on 100% HHO gas. More to come.

    Checking to see if photo uploads...

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    Here are some additional photos of the unit.

    - The 3D printed End Caps coated with epoxy
    - The 6 tubes nickel plated, 2 sets
    - Input for water/electrolyte Pos. end 316 SS nipple in 3d form prior to epoxy + cement pour
    - Output of water and HHO gas


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      Attached are more photos of the new tubular HHO cell design inspired by Fred Wells. In 2019 he emailed me crude drawings of his 2012 design and said "sharing is caring" so now I am sharing it with you all.

      Fred has been running his cars and demonstrated running 50kWp generator with only water added into his 8 foot tall cell design back in 2018, so it looks real to me and so I am recreating his small 2 foot unit.

      The End-Cap cell encloures are cast in a mixture of epoxy and portland cement and poured into a 3d printed form/shell. One end has to be a dielectric insulator for the 10-300A DC input for the center positive electode. Both also needs to withstand +80C water temperature, and to be able to hold 65 PSI water pressure for the recirculating pump I got off ebay"

      "High Pressure Marine 12V DC 60PSI 5.0 GPM Water Pump on Demand Boat"

      Check out the linked Youtube 2013 video of his 18" cell being installed in a "900HP Camaro car" as the guy describing the complete setup is instructive.


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        For those interested, I am posting more info on this Tubular HHO design over at overunityresearch forum.