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  • Stanley Meyer's 9XB

    Good day,
    I tested the 9XB module with the following IC: NE555, 3*SN74LS90N and SN74F04N.
    In the appropriate position of the commutator i can see with the oscilloscope a signal on the pin nr.1 of SN74F04N. The NE555 works. And i also have output at pin 12 of SN74F04N coming from this NE555. In all other positions of the commutator the LED is turned off and there is no signal at SN74F04N nor on the pins of the SN74LS90N. None of them have signal on the pin no.12. Any idea why?
    Note how i'am holding the IC in my hand. The pins seem a bit oxidized. That's how i bought them.
    Also i had to modify the pcb abit by drilling a small hole in it and fixing the 1k resistor from the pin 7 of NE555 to pins 2 and 6 and then connecting a 10nF capacitor to ground.
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    No, i was wrong. It actually generates square waves but they are on a level of tens of millivolts. I have no idea if Mr. Stanley Meyer wanted the circuit to work like this.


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      I solved the problem. I double checked the schematic and it turned out that my pcb was also missing the connection from pin 3 of NE555 to pin 1 of the first SN74LS90N. Next time i have to be careful where i get my gerber files from. I spent almost a day thinking what may be wrong with this.


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        I have done some measurements with the oscilloscope, a Voltcraft 2040.
        These are the results:
        1) 3Hz-13Hz: (SN74F04N, pin no.1): 3Hz: 8Vpp| 13Hz: approx. 5.2Vpp|
        2) 13Hz- 120Hz: (same): 13Hz: 5.2Vpp| 120Hz: 4Vpp|
        3) 120Hz-1200Hz: (same): 120Hz: 4Vpp| 1200Hz: 4Vpp|
        4) 1200Hz-12.000Hz: (same): 1200Hz: 4.4Vpp| 12.000Hz: 4.4Vpp||


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          Originally posted by Buddhafollower View Post
          I solved the problem.

          Next time i have to be careful where i get my gerber files from.
          Yes I did the same thing with the box cutting measurement for the Bob Boyce hydroxy generator. It seems most of the files on the internet are incomplete, however your circuit is nicely done and simple. Keep at it and I find these adventures excellent fun. Charging water and adding laser (LED) light energy, magnetically charged water processing station producing a condition whereby molecule fall apart effortlessly.

          The one thing I have found to be one of the most important ideas surrounding the production of these gases is the fact that equal amounts of gas can have a low vs high output. The low energy gas of equal volume might be 1X power and this is good. The medium quality gas will be 5X more powerful for the same volumetric space and finally 20X quality gas is much better. So we are not talking about volume when we are increasing output.

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                Well, we have this circuit 9XB. It has four ranges: 3Hz to 13Hz; 13Hz to 120Hz; 120Hz to 1200Hz; 1200Hz to 12000Hz. All square waves. This is your starting point. This is the signal generator Mr. Meyer used. Basically from then on it's all a matter of resonance. Bringing the system at a point of resonance. I'am not sure we need power electronics such as high power thyristors and high voltages. I'am not sure about that. All those things, high power components, high to very high voltages etc. are quite good at best but in a way you still are forcing water to do what you want. Harmony is the Master Key. Do not forget there is no such thing as chaos in the Universe. All is governed by Laws. Order out of chaos.

                I sincerely hope and pray to Allah that such a thing will never be needed to power a car on HHO.

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                  I understand, like and very much appreciate Stanley Meyer's designs of HHO reactors. He was a bright man who had done a lot of research in the field, wanting to improve the whole world. He really had love for God's creation in general, not just for the ones created in God's own image. There are though several problems concerning his designs. The most important thing i would like to say right now is that i will use the 9XB generator. A truly concerning issue with his design is the power stage of the installation. It can consist of a MOSFET, a BJT or a SCR. All of them mounted on heat sinks and being power elements. In my own humble opinion, using power electronics is 'forcing your will upon God's creation'. We have been forcing God to do our way all along and this is why we have failed so many times or simply the results have been at times quite disappointing. Many able men of Science have been disappointed by their own creations at times, all because of this mistake. We have too big egos. Our egos take too much of our minds. We are trying to impose our will upon God and the answer that we get is failure or at best a partial or modest success. This is the situation with the dry HHO reactor, a partial success. It consumes a lot of power and in order for it to work well, previous experimentation has shown that it has to be supplied in low current but as high a pressure as practicable. Still the power will be big. It will draw a lot of current and the amount of gas won't be enough so that when supplied to an engine, the system to be able to achieve self sufficiency. For us to find the True Way of The Heavens of our Maker we have to think clearly not let our egos have the best of us. Forcing Nature isn't going to help. I came across certain reactor designs that were indeed a pleasure to watch. You could watch them performing for hours and feel like you were at a movie. Such installations may have 9 water cells completely covered by water in a transparent tank or tube. The capacitors may be tubular in shape and in design will be one within the other. The outer plates may be all tied together while the inner ones will each be connected to the drain of a power element such as a MOSFET. This power element is naturally mounted on a heat sink. There will be a total of nine inner plates each connected to a power element, each power element bolted to it's heat sink. Then the outer plates being all but tied together will serve as the common electrode for the positive potential of the power supply. Water will simply conduct between the two electrodes and energy will reach the power element which in turn may dissipate heat. Such a design can be further improved by the addition of a certain transformer with a ferrite core which will generate a potential of more than a thousand volts. Research has shown this to be an improvement in the direction of a free energy device. Maybe i will receive a bit of credit for my idea when i say that it may not pose a severe difficulty for the reactor to be in the form of a dry one with the exceptions that the gaskets should be rather short towards the center and maybe no more than 2 mm thin and the plates be electrically insulated from each other so water may not be able to touch and conduct between them. This i consider to be of great importance. Then a higher voltage i believe will have an even greater effect, when it is borne in mind that it is actually a high pressure with a high frequency and a square wave such as provided by the 9XB of Mr.Stanley Meyer. I in my humble education would also like to add that whenever there is heat dissipation, there is not much harmony. Harmony is the Golden Key in Electrical Engineering. Yow will see that a simple circuit with a diac and triac absorbs so very little power that it is unrecognizable. That is Harmony right there. The circuit does well, not to say it can't be done even better, but still a great amount of power is being controlled harmoniously* by a small component. Truly worthy to be noted down.


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                    This guys was kilt 4 having all the answers. Big no no. His Jesus dominion teachings got him put in the ground. He was poisoned for stepping out of line and speaking out of turn so one day he ran out of his local mom and pop eaten place with his hand over his heart Satan runs the show boys and girls, incase you haven't guessed. However this too will end in the near future. Wait for the clock.

                    Holy Cow it is Stan Meyers back from the dead.

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