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Water Science, JoeCell, burning water and making oil

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  • Water Science, JoeCell, burning water and making oil

    Making a JoeCell the olde fashioned way.
    Look carefully at the Cell in the Video making Oil and Burning it password wizzzard777

    To make the Cell.
    NO Heat can be made to manifest in any piece of Stainless 316L seamless pipe. It cannot be cut to length by a cut-off wheal, electric grinder, power hacksaw, plasma or even a Lathe if its not cooled and done VERY carefully. Slowly with a hacksaw may get it done right but a Water Jet cutting mechanism works BEST. Next find the North Pole of each pipe length. It’s the “end” of the pipe that came out first, or find a good dowser. They all need to be at the top.
    Find pure natural rubber tubing for insulating the tubes from one another. No terminal will protrude from the bottom as its not needed, (to be explained in Splitting the Pos or Neg) SO a Stainless steel canister with FOUR concentric Tubes inside one another in a Classic JoeCell format. Like Alex shifflies says but no need for the inner tube to be protruding out the bottom…easy peasy.
    All JoeCells work best with just a 12 V Car Battery despite what anyone else says.
    Always connect the neg first and take off last when powering a JoeCell or it will just not work… It has to do with the Aether… but again not all in one post.

    North Pole energy Cleans and South Pole Energy dirties or RUSTS as in Oxidises. In another post I will state why oxygen is actually South Pole Positive Water Vapor and hydrogen is North Pole Negative Water Vapor. But for now read this spiel for more info…. to understand more on Polarity Field Creation and what it means per pH and Acid Alkali.

    This simple Aligned JoeCell has but 2 Fields, Either a South Pole Field by the Positive lead from the battery being connected to the center tube at the top like in the video or it can have a Negative North Pole Field by placing the Neg lead to the top of center tube.

    If one made the Alex Shifflier design where one had to connect the Negative Lead to the bottom of the Cell you have Split the Positive if the Positive battery electrode is placed there.

    So the 4 phases of Water or the 4 phases of Energy can be used to treat matter, be it rocks or sewerage or salt that’s in the Cell. Each phase imparts a new Memory to the water and one can control the Memory by dipping ones fingers into Diesel fuel and touching the cell and asking it to make Diesel (like at the 1.05 Mark in the video) and program the Cell to Make oil. Joecell experimenters were told to get to stage 3 but were never told of Stage 4 water. Perhaps Sputins will dig up the Master Bates story of Show and Tell of a JoeCell in a local school and what happened. Underground water requires a dominant South Pole Field to become OIL and its grade depends upon the dominance of pure Sth Pole energy.

    Alex showed how to build a 4 way Cell and no one thought of making it a 2 way Cell. 2 Extremes of Field Force Polarity. They were playing with “mixed” or middle Fields of the Equatorial poles.

    Explaining how water plus an antenna array plus car battery will run your VW Golf Diesel on pennies a day does not involve electrons. Nor Elements like H and O. And can explain Splitting Positive and Neg and not splitting them too. Its also a Lesson on how to create Neutral Center Devices with Neutral Plates creating a Field Effect with a flow of Energy to the antenna within Liquid Crystal Electricity, otherwise known as drinking water. Electricity is the purest Water there is. Water is Liquid Electricity with a crystalline Tetrahedron structure. No other atomic structure based upon Waves of Energy as in Russells Octaves or as Tesla said it Energy Frequency and Vibration will explain where the Carbon came from or disappeared if it’s a Neg Center Tube JoeCell.

    This is the science that makes a fisher and paykel motor over forever unity. Its how to get energy to and from the Aether just like the Sun does it, the Earth does it and its at the Center of every living thing… Keely’s Neutral Center or Zero Point…. Remember the Earth is Alive… Thales said Life is in Everything, he also said Everything is Water and he was right 3500 years ago and we are SOOOOOO wrong in our understandings of FREE energy. H2O is a brain dead fantasy.

    Any time anyone wants to visit Oz and donate to see this in person….. the email is joecell AT bigpond DOT com