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Earth power under your feet

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  • Earth power under your feet

    I would like to propose a free energy project thats very cheap should not be effected by sun flares that concern people and is readily available to every person on the planet .being cheap and keeping it small to find just the right configuration it could be scaled up from there .so for you guys who aren't doing anything at the moment .here it is you know the term water wiching ? Or dowleing where you just get two coat hangers and a soda straw and been the hangers out strait and bend the ends at 90 deg and use the draws as sleave bearings .the idea is a out of balance wheel set on a key line or under water stream line every body has them when the rods inter the power field they will spread out and coming from a different angle they are drawn to gether this could power a out of balance wheel .its the right configuration and finding out a way to get this effect with out humans holding the rods .when the wheel intersects the earth line it would spread the rods but one rod is secured making the other move away causing the out of balancing effect .this power is everywhere so even you could use it .it would run day and night and could be amped up in size and power ..what do you think ?.the soda straws could be replaced with ceramic bearings or magnetic bearings .to make it even more effective